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Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 14:07:01 +1200
From: Michael Freedman <freedman@ihug.co.nz>
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V1 #26

Exegesis Digest Fri, 28 Jun 1996 Volume 1 Issue 26
From: Michael Freedman <freedman@ihug.co.nz>
Subject: Potential and Latent Aspects

If I might first amplify my post on the 5HAS, 7HAS, HAS, 10HAS, and 11th Harmonic Aspect Series,

My delineations should be taken as "work in progress". Even such excellent "astrological cookbooks" as Robert Hand's "Planets in Youth", "Planets in Combination" and "Planets in Transit" can be no more than that. Social and cultural changes over the years mean that even excellent interpretations of one generation can seem lame and halting to the next.

While "Keywords" by Paul Grell is an excellent if old-fashioned source, I find the use of bare Keywords or short key-phrases limiting. Nevertheless, they make a start to interpreting an unfamilar link between any pair of planets. Books, such as those I recommend [Ebertin, Munkasey, Hand] will be even more useful than keywords.

I myself do not make use of "Planets in Combination" by Lynne Burmye, and I am not sure why. It claims to be based on "Jungian, Gestalt, TA and Ericksonian" principles. It looks useful, and I cannot say I have been let down when I have looked at it. Nevertheless ... I find the others *more* useful. Have a look at the Burmye book it for yourselves, and make your own judgement. In this case, and in the case of my delineations, follow the what has been called the primary axiom of High Magic: "Believe nothing. Test everything. Discover the truth for yourself."

"Work in Progress" is a term even more applicable to my delineations of the Latent Aspects, from the 13HAS to 37HAS. I intent to upload my working interpretations of these Harmonic Aspect Series here.

Like John Addey, I have found it a fruitful exercise to begin with certain symbolic images associated with the numbers in the Western Mystery Traditions. I am fortunate to have been linked, for about 40 years now, with a tradition that has inherited from Medieval and Renaissance European sources, a well worked out set of symbolic correspondences to numbers - particularly those up to the number 37.

In case, some are wondering, this tradition has no links with the Golden Dawn or any of its successors, but traces its origins to 12th century France and Spain, thence to Italy in the 13th to 16th centuries.

However, the symbols are but a beginning, a "handle". Practical experience in working with the actual horoscopes of clients has always taken precedence over any symbolic meanings. Like John Addey, I have found that the principles [archetypes is too strong a word] underlying the symbols *do* reflect the actualities. Generally speaking, if I use the term "In my experience" the delineation which has had its origins in my astrological re-writing of the formal symbolism behind the number of any HAS has already been modified in the light of actual horosdcopes and the lives of their natives. I will always make it clear where there has not been enough experience to make the delineation much more than speculative.

I am hoping that as astropsychologists on this mail list do some work with the Potential and Latent Aspects, a body of knowledge will be built up that is as sure as our understanding is of the Major [1HAS, 2HAS, 3HAS, 4HAS, and 6HAS] and Minor [8HAS and 12HAS] Aspects.

Having made those preliminary remarks, here is my delineation of 13HAS.

THE THIRTEENTH HARMONIC When analysing a horoscope, it is not customary to analyse the aspects of the 13th Harmonic Series unless they draw attention to themselves in some way, because there are many of them, or because of their presence in the symmetrical patterns known as Midpoint Structures, or because they are unusually powerful.

There are six aspects in this series, each of which is a multiple of 27deg 42' 33" degrees of arc. The orb allowed for 13H Aspects is 55' 23" of arc.

SYMBOLIC IMAGES Symbolic images associated with 13th Harmonic are the number One or the Unity; a Door; the Tarocchi Triumph called the Empress or the Queen Mother; Death; the cosmic symbol represented by the astrological sign for the Moon; and the duality of Fruitfulness and Sterility.

Brought together here are various images associated with change and transformation. The image of Death represents one of the two greatest transformations undergone by any being, namely, from life to death. The other is from non-being to being through Birth. The Moon, which moves every month from New to Full to New again, apparently dying and coming to life again, here symbolises the cyclic nature of the changes being undergone. The Tarocchi image which is of a pregnant woman seated on a tombstone captures the idea perfectly. This figure is sometimes called the Doorway between Life and Death and Life once more.

Underlying the whole symbolism of this Harmonic is its deep esoteric links with the Unity. It is as though, in each life, we pass through existence symbolised by the numbers One through Twelve, and begin again at the Unity [Thirteen], now with a richer and more mature understanding. In this metaphor, there are said to be twelve cycles of Twelve.


According to Seymour-Smith, the 13th Harmonic Aspect Series says something about our likely attitudes towards death.

Hamblin accepts this, but extends it to include one's attitude towards both Life and Death.

A vital part of the process of individuation is coming to terms with our own mortality. Many people achieve this most fruitfully through a belief in some form of continuing life, especially in the more sophisticated versions of the reincarnation hypothesis, in which each life is one stage in the overall learning process that leads from Manyness to Union.

It is my experience is that 13H indicates various ways through which we can achieve self-integration and union, especially through the transformations of various kinds we have undergo during each lifetime; and, for those who believe in reincarnation, from lifetime to lifetime.

Be blessed. Michael Freedman, S.G. <freedman@ihug.co.nz>


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