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Exegesis Digest Fri, 28 Jun 1996 Volume 1 Issue 26


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 11:51:59 +1200
From: Michael Freedman <freedman@ihug.co.nz>
Subject: Potential Aspects

Several people have asked how I interpret other aspects than the Majors and Minors.

I suggest yiou look at David Hamblin's Harmonic Charts; and Seymour-Smith's The New Astrologer, for interpretations slightly different from mine. I use Ebertin [CSI], Munkasey [Midpoints] and Hand [Horoscope Symbols] for help in the interpretation of planetary pairs.

5TH HARMONIC ASPECT SERIES - QUINTILES POTENTIAL TALENTS AND ABILITIES Quintiles [1/5 or 72 degrees]; and Biquintiles [2/5 or 144 degrees] do not function at the obvious level of visible personality traits and behaviour patterns, but they are among the most overt, influential and powerful of the Potential Aspects.

Known as the 5th Harmonic Aspects, they have a lot to say about the potential talents and abilities indicated by the planets they link.

The Quintile Aspects are generally more intellectual than the Deciles or 10th Harmonic Aspects which they otherwise resemble very closely. If any Quintiles or Biquintiles in your chart are strong, the potential talents will probably surface readily. However, if they are weak, then it will take deliberate, conscious work to bring them to fruition. Planets linked by quintiles say a lot about the stylised patterns of behaviour you might adopt in life. When powerfully strong, they can even be expressed as compulsive behaviours and attitudes. However, experience suggests the principal effects of quintiles relate to talents and abilities and that it is only when they are handled badly that they lead to compulsive or obsessive behaviour patterns. The Biquintile is believed to be a little harder to handle than the Quintile.

7TH HARMONIC ASPECT SERIES - SEPTILES POTENTIAL TO INSPIRE. The 7th Harmonic Series includes three aspects:

Septile (51 deg. 25 min. 43 sec.) Biseptile (102 deg. 51 min. 26 sec.) Triseptile (154 deg. 17 min. 9 sec.)

Ideas that have been associated with the 7th Harmonic Aspects are the potential to rise to the occasion when needed; potential to receive inspiration from higher worlds; and, linked with the latter idea, potential for involvement in religious or spiritual matters. Some say the Septiles show what the individual needs to "turn them on," i.e., what conditions are needed for the individual to operate with both enthusiasm and effectiveness. Septiles can show in what areas the individual has a capacity for achievement.


POTENTIAL CAPACITY FOR PLEASURE There are three Aspects in the Novile or 9th Harmonic Aspect Series: Novile 40 degrees; Binovile 80 degrees; TetraNovile 160 degrees.

Noviles express our potential capacity for the enjoyment of life. Hindu astrologers use noviles in connection with proposed marriages. Noviles appear to indicate the areas in which we can potentially find pleasure, especially in relation to the way we work towards achieving our desired ends. Some astrologers say that the novile aspects in a natal chart show the characteristics of the person who will best fulfil our true needs and aspirations. Trines are members of this Series. Like the Trines, Noviles are not difficult to handle, unless the pair of planetary energies linked by the Novile are not compatible, e.g. Saturn and Mars.

10TH ASPECT SERIES - DECILES PHYSICAL POTENTIALS AND TALENTS The Decile (36 degrees) and Tredecile (108 degrees) Aspects are similar to the Quintile aspects, in that both Quintiles and Deciles have a lot to do with our potential abilities and talents.

Such difference as there might be between these two series of aspects lies probably in the rather more physical nature of the Deciles and the somewhat more intellectual nature of the Quintiles.

Potential talents indicated by Deciles are probably harder to develop than those linked with the Quintiles.

Talents and potentials of a more creative or inspirational nature tend to be indicated by the Septile aspects.


The basic principle underlying the 11th Harmonic Aspect or Undecile Series of aspects is the need for a capacity for reconciling opposites or dualities; and, when handled well, the potential to develop such a capacity. When handled badly, the Undeciles are associated with a tendency to react strongly, even excessively, to ambiguous or double-bind situations, either with excessive enthusiasm or excessive opposition. A double-bind is when you are getting conflicting messages from people or events, and you are in a dilemma how to respond. Strong undeciles present in your chart bring the possibility that, when confronted by such situations, you plunge ahead on one side or the other, rather than seek to avoid or resolve the conflict.

The presence of strong undecile aspects in an individual's chart is often to be linked with the practice of ritual magic. Much of the work of Ritual Magic deals with the balancing or reconciling of polarities and dualities, which are often very ambiguous in nature. Unless practised at a merely superficial or superstitious level, such as is found in popular books on the subject, the field of magic is filled with double-binds. A principal requirement is to be able to go ahead on your journey and maintain your balance, despite having only ambiguous maps as a guide and travelling through shifting mists and over unsteady ground.

Be blessed. Michael Freedman, S.G. <freedman@ihug.co.nz>


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