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ex-e-ge'sis, n.; pl. ex-e-ge'ses, [L., from Gr. exegesis, an explanation, from exegeisthai, to show the way, to lead, to explain; ex, out, and hegeisthai, to lead, guide, from agein, to lead] 1. the exposition, critical analysis, or interpretation of a word, literary passage, etc., especially of the Bible. 2. in mathematics, the process for finding the root of an equation. [Obs.]

Exegesis Information

Exegesis is a mailing list discussion group focused on astrology. This site is the web archive of that discussion. Every so often the current issues are formatted for html and posted here. The formatting is automated and occasionally mistakes will pass through to the web undetected. If you encounter problems please send a note to the moderator to have the problem corrected. Also note that all participant email addresses have been stripped from the site to avoid automated address 'harvesting' for advertising purposes (the moderator has a deep dislike of advertising).

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The Proposed Charter for the Group:

  1. Subject: Theory, history, philosophy and culture of astrology.
  2. Limits: No personal attacks or evangelism.
  3. Hopes: Please be as thoughtful and forgiving as you are able.
  4. Dreams: Let us form a unique focal point for astrological topics on the internet. When the history of astrology in cyberspace is written, let this place be seen as the seed for a thousand important flowerings.
  5. Reasons: You have all of these amazing thoughts and experiences, share them. Nobody else will do it, it is up to you.

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Exegesis is moderated by Fran Kostella.

A number of people deserve special thanks for their assistance in bringing Exegesis to life:

First, to Ken Perlow, who, during a long email discussion concerning astrology and skepticism, neoplatonism, the scientific method, and early music (among other things), constantly encouraged my idea of starting this group until I said I actually would do it. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

Thanks also to Joanna Ashmun for providing encouragement and a temporary Web home for Exegesis. Both she and Ken provided not only encouragement, but feedback on my ideas. Joanna is one of my favorite people to talk to and is both wise and strong, and always worth listening to. Besides, we share Taurus Moons. I hope she'll restore her excellent Astrological Literature pages.

When all of my local ISPs failed me in my search for a listserver home for the group, Dermod Moore not only made space available at Metalog, but went the extra mile, not only in attending to the gritty details required to make the list possible, but in making moderating the discussion a joy rather than a chore. His Metalog web site is the resource for Astrology on the Web--if it concerns astrology, you'll find it through Metalog.

Last, but not by any means least, Roger L. Satterlee has been my unintentional teacher, burying astrological gems in his sometimes dense but always stimulating writings. Roger keeps me on my toes and always gets me to look at symbol in a new way. Roger's writings are always worth a second (or third!) reading, and he has a few of them posted at his web site. Rog, you've just got to write that book!

Thanks also to Patrice Guinard for providing a temporary Web home at CURA for the archive when my ISP was unable to function as an Internet Service Provider (failing on all three words). CURA is well worth a visit! Thank you, Patrice!

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