Archives GAUQUELIN Return
(6th Edition aka 50th Anniversary Edition)
Gauquelin's Professionals Complete Database
(22,747 Complete Birth Data)
© Patrice Guinard, CURA, 2020


I have spent days, weeks and months on this database in 2001, 2002, 2009, 2015 and now 2020, reworking the files that Françoise had entrusted to me for publication. On the 31 files of Gauquelin's data (A1-6, B1-6, D6, D9a-c, D10, E1, E2a-h, E3, F1-2, G1-2) available for free on CURA, the ten files with names (A1-6, D6, D10, E1, E3) have been slightly (but not fully) corrected and will be no more revised after this 6th edition. The other files will be revised if necessary. The continuation of A1-6, D6, D10 (Dx), E1 and E3 files is this complete revised database. As I've wrote in 2001, all the ancient files are remaining online, as they are, for statistical investigation.

For this 6th Edition (50th Anniversary Edition of the first publications of L.E.R.R.C.P.), I have prepared a complete revised database with names and corrected a large amount of errors (in the previous CURA's editions but also in the L.E.R.R.C.P. books at the origin of the database). Names, birth Dates and Times, Places, Codes and Accents have been corrected and unified (some from other sources that the Gauquelins books, and notably from Arno Müller's Astro-Forschungs-Daten).

The new version of the database includes the volumes A1 to A6 (Professional Notabilities), D6 (New famous European Sports Champions), D10 (Successful Americans), E1 and E3 (New French Birth Data), G1 and G2 (Additional Birth Data of French Priests and Painters). It contains 22,747 DATA (in fact 22,372 with 363 double and 6 triple data ; see below). This new version of the database is not free (see the conditions on the page howtogetggdb).

Examples of the database are given at the bottom of each Professionals Files (A1-6, D6, D10, E1, E3, G1, G2). They contain about 1100 complete data. An other example of the database is given on the page gletterggdb: it contains the data of almost all the professionals whose name begins with the letter G (limited to 1400 persons, out of 1472 in the database, i.e. apart from 28 double data and some others). Below is a list of the codes used in the whole database with their frequence for the main categories.

0ID : Identification Number of the Professional in the various sets (Gauquelin's L.E.R.R.C.P. Publications Numbering)
 ⇒ but for D10 my numbering : because the 2 editions of the data, Paris and San Diego, are different.
PRO : Professional group
VAR : Varia, other information relative to the Profession (see below)
NAM : Name
FOR : Forename(s)
YEA : Year of birth
MON : Month of birth
DAY : Day of birth
HOU : Hour of birth (Birth certificate, legal hour)
PLA : Birth Place
NAT : Nationality or Birth Country (see below)
TMZ : Time Zone for the place and date of birth (related to GMT)
COD : Abbreviated Code of Birth Place indicating the province or state (see below)
LAT : Latitude (of the province or state capital, except for US data : geographical coordinates of the birth place)
LON : Longitude (of the province or state capital, except for US births)
NOT : Notes of correction (only in the advanced version)

PRO : Main Professional Groups Codes
1753 AC : actors (acteurs), including some singers, designers, film directors (in A5)
 154 AR : artists (artistes)
 683 EX : executives, managers, business men (dirigeants, chefs d'entreprise, hommes d'affaires)
1021 JO : journalists (journalistes)
3525 MD : physicians (médecins)
3920 MI : military men, army leaders (militaires)
1331 MU : musicians (musiciens)
1783 PO : politicians (politiciens)
 880 PR : priests (prêtres)
1923 PT : painters (peintres), including some architects, engravers, sculptors (in A4)
1201 SC : men of science (scientifiques)
2897 SP : sport champions (sportifs)
1676 WR : writers (écrivains)

NAT : Nationality or Country Codes
12,972 FR : France
 126   FR-ALG : Algeria
   9   FR-MAR : Morocco (Maroc)
   1   FR-TUN : Tunisia
   6   FR-MCO : Monaco

 3318  IT : Italy
 2012  DE : Germany (Deutschland)
 2006  BE : Belgium
  764  NL : Netherlands
 1432  US : United States
  43   SC-SC : Scotland
  25   SW-SW : Switzerland
  21   LX-LX : Luxembourg
  12   ES-ES : Spain (España)

YEA : Years by decades in the database
 ⇒ Only 3 dates before French revolution : an actor born in 1600 and 2 actresses born in 1771 and 1777.
   66 : years 1791-1800
  418 : years 1801-1810
  637 : years 1811-1820
  789 : years 1821-1830
  958 : years 1831-1840
 1211 : years 1841-1850
 1307 : years 1851-1860
 1861 : years 1861-1870
 2416 : years 1871-1880
 2488 : years 1881-1890
 2482 : years 1891-1900
 2333 : years 1901-1910
 2303 : years 1911-1920
 1976 : years 1921-1930
  939 : years 1931-1940
  509 : years 1941-1950
   51 : years 1951-1963

A1 (Sport). Varia column Index
456 CYC. Cyclisme (Cycling)
448 FOO. Football
392 AIR. Avion (Aircraft)
206 RUG. Rugby et Jeu à XIII (Rugby - Rugby League)
204 BOX. Boxe (Boxing)

 86 ATH. Athlétisme (Athletics)
 36 AUT. Auto-moto (Auto - Motorcycle)
  8 ROW. Aviron (Rowing)
 33 BAS. Basketball
  9 BIL. Billard (Billiards)
  1 CAN. Canoe-kayak
  3 SKA. Patin à roulettes (Roller Skate)
 16 ESC. Escrime (Fencing)
  8 GOL. Golf
 12 GYM. Gymnastique (Gymnastics)
 16 HAL. Haltérophilie (Weightlifting)
  4 HAN. Handball
 11 HOC. Hockey
 10 LUT. Lutte (Wrestling)
  6 MAR. Marche (Walking)
 25 NAT. Natation (Swimming)
 18 PEL. Pelote basque (Basque Pelota)
 17 SKI. Ski
 11 EQU. Sports équestres (Equestrian Sports)
  3 ICE. Sports de glace (Ice Sports)
 35 TEN. Tennis
 10 TIR. Tir (Shooting)
  3 VOI. Voile (Sailing)
  1 VOL. Volleyball

A2 (Science). Varia column Index
 657 MAM. Physicians, also members of Académie de Médecine
  95 MAS. Physicians, also members of Académie de Médecine and Académie des Sciences
 138 MAP. Physicians, also authors of scientific Publications
1662 MED. Other Physicians
1093 MSC. Men of science (not physicians)

A3 (War). Varia column Index
210 REM. most renowned military men
153 ADM. Admirals
 39 REA. most renowned admirals
 50 GSP. Italian generals who are also senators / or Belgian Politicians
 19 ASP. Italian admirals who are also senators
106 WSS. Waffen SS
428 CON. Belgian pioneers of Congo
 57 COP. Belgian pioneers of Congo, also Politicians

A4 (Arts). Varia column Index
437 REN. most renowned painters or musicians
210 NOP. not only painter (also architect or engraver or sculptor...)
114 REP. most renowned painters (also architect or engraver or sculptor...)
381 CMB. Conductors of Military band

A5 (Spectacle). Varia column Index
 16 NNZ. not nazi

A6 (Writing). Varia column Index
 96 PHI. Philosophers
202 DRA. Playwrights (Dramaturges)
348 NOV. Novelists
368 POE. Poets
160 ESS. Essayists
739 JOU. Journalists

D10 (America). Varia column Index

189 KUR. Sports Champions from Kurtz sample
 ⇒ a list of 408 American Athletes published in The Skeptical Inquirer (4.2, 1980)

E1. Varia column Index
103 ACA. French physicians members of Academies of Medicine or Sciences
 90 LIB. Military men awarded as "Compagnon de la Libération"

G1 (Prayer). Varia column Index
368 ALB. Albi diocese
512 PAR. Paris diocese

Various Artists. Varia columns (A5, D10, E1, E3)
 12 CAR. Cartoonists (dessinateurs de BD, caricaturistes)
 10 DAN. Dancers, choreographers (danseurs, chorégraphes)
  5 DIR. Film Directors
  5 FDS. Fashion Designers
  2 PHO. Photographers (photographes)
 41 SIN. Singers (chanteurs)
 19 SIO. Opera singers (chanteurs d'opéra)

General Index (Varia Columns in all Files and Series)
ACA. French physicians members of Academies of Medicine or Sciences
ADM. Admirals
AIR. Avion (Aircraft)
ALB. Albi diocese
ASP. Italian admirals who are also senators
ATH. Athlétisme (Athletics)
AUT. Auto-moto (Auto - Motorcycle)
BAS. Basketball
BIL. Billard (Billiards)
BOX. Boxe (Boxing)
CAN. Canoe-kayak
CAR. Cartoonists (dessinateurs de BD, caricaturistes)
CMB. Conductors of Military band
CON. Belgian pioneers of Congo
COP. Belgian pioneers of Congo, also Politicians
CYC. Cyclisme (Cycling)
DAN. Dancers, choreographers (danseurs, chorégraphes)
DIR. Film Directors
DRA. Playwrights (Dramaturges)
EQU. Sports équestres (Equestrian Sports)
ESC. Escrime (Fencing)
ESS. Essayists
FDS. Fashion Designers
FOO. Football
GOL. Golf
GSP. Italian generals who are also senators / or Belgian Politicians
GYM. Gymnastique (Gymnastics)
HAL. Haltérophilie (Weightlifting)
HAN. Handball
HOC. Hockey
ICE. Sports de glace (Ice Sports)
JOU. Journalists
KUR. Sports Champions from Kurtz sample
LIB. Military men awarded as "Compagnon de la Libération"
LUT. Lutte (Wrestling)
MAM. Physicians, also members of Académie de Médecine
MAP. Physicians, also authors of scientific Publications
MAR. Marche (Walking)
MAS. Physicians, also members of Académie de Médecine and Académie des Sciences
MED. Other Physicians
MSC. Men of science (not physicians)
NAT. Natation (Swimming)
NNZ. not nazi
NOP. not only painter (also architect or engraver or sculptor...)
NOV. Novelists
PAR. Paris diocese
PEL. Pelote basque (Basque Pelota)
PHI. Philosophers
PHO. Photographers (photographes)
POE. Poets
REA. most renowned admirals
REM. most renowned military men
REN. most renowned painters or musicians
REP. most renowned painters (also architect or engraver or sculptor...)
ROW. Aviron (Rowing)
RUG. Rugby et Jeu à XIII (Rugby - Rugby League)
SIN. Singers (chanteurs)
SIO. Opera singers (chanteurs d'opera)
SKA. Patin à roulettes (Roller Skate)
SKI. Ski
TEN. Tennis
TIR. Tir (Shooting)
VOI. Voile (Sailing)
VOL. Volleyball
WSS. Waffen SS

Codes of the 99 French Departments in the database
01 Ain 26 Drôme 51 Marne 76 Seine-Maritime (Seine-Inférieure)
02 Aisne 27 Eure 52 Haute-Marne 77 Seine-et-Marne
03 Allier 28 Eure-et-Loir 53 Mayenne 78 Yvelines (Seine-et-Oise)
04 Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (Basses-Alpes) 29 Finistère 54 Meurthe-et-Moselle (et Meurthe) 79 Deux-Sèvres
05 Hautes-Alpes 30 Gard 55 Meuse 80 Somme
06 Alpes-Maritimes 31 Haute-Garonne 56 Morbihan 81 Tarn
07 Ardèche 32 Gers 57 Moselle 82 Tarn-et-Garonne
08 Ardennes 33 Gironde 58 Nièvre 83 Var
09 Ariège 34 Hérault 59 Nord 84 Vaucluse
10 Aube 35 Ille-et-Vilaine 60 Oise 85 Vendée
11 Aude 36 Indre 61 Orne 86 Vienne
12 Aveyron 37 Indre-et-Loire 62 Pas-de-Calais 87 Haute-Vienne
13 Bouches-du-Rhône 38 Isère 63 Puy-de-Dôme 88 Vosges
14 Calvados 39 Jura 64 Pyrénées-Atlantiques (Basses-Pyrénées) 89 Yonne
15 Cantal 40 Landes 65 Hautes-Pyrénées 90 Territoire de Belfort
16 Charente 41 Loir-et-Cher 66 Pyrénées-Orientales 91 Essonne (Seine-et-Oise)
17 Charente-Maritime 42 Loire 67 Bas-Rhin 92 Hauts-de-Seine (Seine, Seine-et-Oise)
18 Cher 43 Haute-Loire 68 Haut-Rhin 93 Seine-Saint-Denis (Seine)
19 Corrèze 44 Loire-Atlantique (Loire-Inférieure) 69 Rhône 94 Val-de-Marne (Seine)
20 Corse 45 Loiret 70 Haute-Saône 95 Val-d'Oise (Seine-et-Oise)
21 Côte-d'Or 46 Lot 71 Saône-et-Loire 971 Guadeloupe
22 Côtes-d'Armor (Côtes-du-Nord) 47 Lot-et-Garonne 72 Sarthe 972 Martinique
23 Creuse 48 Lozère 73 Savoie 973 Guyane
24 Dordogne 49 Maine-et-Loire 74 Haute-Savoie 974 La Réunion
25 Doubs 50 Manche 75 Paris (Seine)

Codes of the 9 Provinces of Belgium in the database
ANT Antwerpen
BRA Waals-Brabant (Brabant wallon), Vlaams-Brabant (Brabant flamand) & Bruxelles
HAI Hainaut
LIE Liège
LIM Limburg
LUX Luxembourg
NAM Namur
OVL Oost-Vlaanderen (Flandre Orientale)
WVL West-Vlaanderen (Flandre Occidentale)

Codes of the 11 Provinces of Netherlands in the database
DRE Drenthe
FRI Friesland
GEL Gelderland
GRO Groningen
LIG Limburg
NBR North Brabant
NHO North Holland
OVE Overijssel
UTR Utrecht
ZEE Zeeland
ZHO South Holland

Codes of the 94 Italian Provinces in the database
AG Agrigento BZ Bolzano FI Firenze MT Matera RA Ravenna TA Taranto
AL Alessandria CA Cagliari FR Frosinone NA Napoli RC Reggio TE Teramo
AN Ancona CB Campobasso GE Genova NO Novara RE Reggio TN Trento
AO Valle d'Aosta CE Caserta GO Gorizia NU Nuoro RG Ragusa TO Torino
AP Ascoli CH Chieti GR Grosseto PA Palermo RI Rieti TP Trapani
AQ L'Aquila CL Caltanissetta IM Imperia PC Piacenza RM Roma TR Terni
AR Arezzo CN Cuneo LE Lecce PD Padova RN Rimini TS Trieste
AT Asti CO Como LI Livorno PE Pescara RO Rovigo TV Treviso
AV Avellino CR Cremona LT Latina PG Perugia SA Salerno UD Udine
BA Bari CS Cosenza LU Lucca PI Pisa SI Siena VA Varese
BG Bergamo CT Catania MC Macerata PO Prato SO Sondrio VC Vercelli
BL Belluno CZ Catanzaro ME Messina PR Parma SP La Spezia VE Venezia
BN Benevento EN Enna MI Milano PT Pistoia SR Siracusa VI Vicenza
BO Bologna FC Forli-Cesena MN Mantova PU Pesaro e Urbino SS Sassari VR Verona
BR Brindisi FE Ferrara MO Modena PV Pavia SV Savona VT Viterbo
BS Brescia FG Foggia MS Massa-Carrara PZ Potenza

Codes of the 12 German States in the database
BAY Bavaria (Bayern)
BRM Bremen
BWG Baden-Württemberg
HES Hesse
HMB Hamburg
MEV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
NDS Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen ; Basse-Saxe)
NRW North Rhine-Westphalia (Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie)
RHP Rhineland-Palatinate (Rhénanie-Palatinat)
SAL Saarland
SAX Saxony (Sachsen)
SHO Schleswig-Holstein

Codes of the 42 American States in the database
AL Alabama IL Illinois MN Minnesota NM New Mexico SC South Carolina
AZ Arizona IN Indiana MS Mississippi NY New York TN Tennessee
CA California IA Iowa MO Missouri NC North Carolina TX Texas
CO Colorado KS Kansas MT Montana OH Ohio UT Utah
CT Connecticut KY Kentucky NE Nebraska OK Oklahoma VT Vermont
DE Delaware LA Louisiana NV Nevada OR Oregon VA Virginia
FL Florida MD Maryland NH New Hampshire PA Pennsylvania WA Washington
GA Georgia MA Massachusetts NJ New Jersey RI Rhode Island WI Wisconsin
HI Hawaii MI Michigan

Triple and Double Data

André Malraux, de Paris Edward Anseele, de Gand Henry de Monfreid, de La Franqui-Leucate Mauro Scoccimarro, d'Udine
Charles Gustave Nadaud, de Roubaix Edward Corniglion-Molinier, de Nice Henry Potez, de Méaulte Max Hymans, de Paris
Clément Duhour, d'Anglet Emile Banning, de Liège Hermann Göring, de Rosenheim Max Jacob, de Quimper
Jean Baptiste Liagre, de Tournai Emile Borel, de Saint-Affrique Hermann Tillmanns, de Wuppertal Max zur Verth, de Telgte
Lando Ferretti, de Pontedera Emile Laurent, de Gouy-lez-Piéton Hippolyte Sebert, de Verberie Maxime Delobe, d'Etterbeek
Pierre Moinot, de Fressines Emile Passani, de Marseille Hubert Droogmans, d'Hasselt Maxime Jacob, de Bordeaux

Emile Tibbaut, de Calcken Hubert van Neuss, d'Hasselt Maxime Laubeuf, de Poissy
Adolphe Jacoby, de Grandmenil Emile Vandervelde, d'Ixelles Ildephonse Favé, de Dreux Maximilien Paul Emile Littré, de Paris
Adolphe Messimy, de Lyon Emile Zola, de Paris Isidore Collin, de Liège Melchiade Gabba, de Milano
Adolphe Schepens, de Zelzate Emilio Colombo, de Potenza Italo Balbo, de Quartesana-Ferrara Michel Pomathios, de Bourg-en-Bresse
Adrien Henri Rieunier, de Castelsarrazin Emilio De Bono de Cassano, d'Adda Ivanoe Bonomi, de Mantova Nicolaas Bosboom, de Den Haag
Aimé Laussedat, de Moulins Emmanuel Bondeville, de Rouen Jacques Brassine, de Namur Nino Carlassare, de Vincenza
Alain Colas, de Clamecy Ermanno Amicucci, de Tagliacozzo Jacques Chaban-Delmas, de Paris Olindo Vernocchi, de Forlimpopoli
Albert Husson, de Lyon Ernest Candèze, de Liège Jacques Cousteau, de Saint-André-de-Cubzac Orazio Toraldo di Francia, de Tropea
Albert Roussin, de Brest Ernest Fauque de Jonquières, de Carpentras Jacques Grasset, de Bagnères-de-Bigorre Otello Cavara, de Suzzara
Alberto Bergamini, de San Giovanni in Persiceto Etienne Mélingue, de Caen Jean Baptiste Charcot, de Neuilly P. J. M. Kestens, de Gand
Alberto Bonzani, de Rimini Ettore Muti, de Ravenna Jean Bodin, de Rennes Paolo Cappa, de Genova
Alexandre Cousebant d'Alkemade, d'Oudenaarde Ettore Viola, de Villafranca in Lunigiana Jean Brun, de Marmande Paolo Treves, de Milano
Alexandre Peyron, de Marines Eudore Pirmez, de Marcinelle Jean Claude Darnal, de Douai Paul Déroulède, de Paris
Alexis Carrel, de Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon Eugeen de Greef, de Halle Jean Cocteau, de Maisons-Laffitte Paul Nève, de La Hulpe
Alfons Cortvrient, de Gand Eugène Fromentin, de La Rochelle Jean Delay, de Bayonne Paul Painlevé, de Paris
Alfred Adam, d'Asnières Eugène Goblet d'Alviella, de Bruxelles Jean d'Orgeix, de Cap d'Ail Paul Smet de Nayer, de Gand
Alfred Picard, de Strasbourg Ezio Maria Gray, de Novara Jean Emile Dupont, de Liège Paul Strauss, de Ronchamp
Alfred Reilinger, de Gundershoffen Ferdinand Foch, de Tarbes Jean François Brisson, d'Agen Paul Valéry, de Sète
Alfred Sauvy, de Villeneuve-de-la-Raho Ferdinando Storchi, de Verona Jean François Devay, de Lyon Philippe Le Molt, de Senlis
Alfredo Acton, de Castellamare di Stabia Fernand Auguste Germain, de Bruxelles Jean Giraudoux, de Bellac Philippe Tesson, de Wassigny-sur-Aisne
Alfredo Covelli, de Bonito Florimond Hervé, d'Houdain Jean Jaurès, de Castres Piero Malvestiti, d'Apiro
Aman Julien, de Toulon Francesco Aurelio Di Bella, de Roccalumera Jean Léon Bassot, de Renève Pierre Boulez, de Montbrison
Ambrogio Clerici, de Costa de' Nobili Francesco Bettiol, de Castello Lavazzo Jean Louis Barrault, du Vésinet Pierre Brasseur, de Paris
Anatole de Monzie, de Bazas Francesco Pricolo, de Grumento Nova Jean Louis Quatrefages de Bréau, de Valleraugue Pierre Charbonnier, de Vienne
André Jarrot, de Lux Francesco Saverio Nitti, de Melfi Jean Louis Vigier, de Corneilla-del-Vercol Pierre Daye, de Schaerbeek
André Rémy Moynet, de Saint-Mandé François Bovesse, de Namur Jean Mistler, de Sorèze Pierre Duhem, de Paris
André Roussin, de Marseille François Ernest Fournier, de Toulouse Jean Perrin, de Lille Pierre Favre, de Lyon
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, de Lyon François Perrier, de Valleraugue Jean Pierre Edmond Jurien de la Gravière, de Brest Pierre Henri Teitgen, de Rennes
Anton Mazzaron, de Bologna François Schollaert, de Wilsele-les-Louvain Jean Prouvost, de Roubaix Pierre Jean Marie d'André, de Soisy-sous-Montmorency
Antonio Carcaterra, de Sessa Aurunca Frédéric Bérat, de Rouen Jean Richard, de Bessines Pierre Jules Théophile Gautier, de Tarbes
Antonius Vandevelde, d'Anvers Fulgence Masson, de Dour Jean Tilho, de Domme Pierre July, de Vitry-le-François
Araldo Di Crollalanza, de Bari Gaétan Grimaudet de Rochebouet, d'Angers Josef Sepp Dietrich, de Hawangen Pierre Loti, de Rochefort
Ardengo Soffici, de Rignano Sull'Arno Gaetano Barbareschi, de Genova Joseph de Tilly, d'Ypres Pierre Nolf, d'Ypres
Aristide Bruant, de Courtenay Gaetano Martino, de Messina Joseph Devolder, de Bruxelles Pierre Poujade, de Saint-Céré
Armand Besnard, de Rambouillet Gaetano Postiglione, de Foggia Joseph Frantz, de Beaujeu Pierre Skawinski, de Bordeaux
Armand de Ceuninck, de Malines Gaetano Sardiello, de Catania Joseph Gallieni, de Saint-Béat Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, d'Orcines
Armand Salacrou, de Rouen Gaston Defferre, de Marsillargues Joseph Glatigny, de Lillebonne Pietro Badoglio, de Grazzano del Monferrat
Arthur Rimbaud, de Charleville Gaston Heenen, d'Hasselt Joseph Hoyois, de Tournai Pietro Gazzera, de Bene Vagienna
Arthur Wauters, de Waremme Georges Bidault, de Moulins Joseph Robert Bourgeois, de Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Pietro Nenni, de Faenza
Arturo Marescalchi, de Baricella Georges Boulanger, de Rennes Jules Bara, de Tournai Pietro Piacentini, de Varmo
Attilio Teruzzi, de Milano Georges Brassens, de Sète Jules Breton, de Courrières Primo Carnera, de Sequals
August Balthazar, de Gand Georges Chaudoir, de Liège Jules Cornet, de La Louvière-Saint-Vaast Raimondo Manzini, de Lodi
Auguste Delbeke, de Courtrai Georges Clémenceau, de Mouilleron-en-Pareds Jules d'Anethan, de Bruxelles Randolfo Pacciardi, de Gavozzano
Augusto De Marsanich, de Roma Georges Duhamel, de Paris Jules de Burlet, d'Ixelles Raymond Delaby, de Lens
Benedetto Croce, de Pescasseroli Georges Dumas, de Lédignan Jules de Trooz, de Louvain Raymond Marcellin, de Sézanne
Bernard Lorjou, de Blois Georges Lorand, de Namur Jules Delacre, de Vilvorde Raymond Marcillac, de Levallois-Perret
Bertrand Pujo, d'Orignac Georges Marie Picquart, de Strasbourg Jules Destrée, de Marcinelle Renato Ricci, de Carrara
Bonifacius de Jonge, de Den Haag Gérard Cooreman, de Gand Jules Malou, d'Ypres René Dorin, de La Rochelle
Boris Vian, de Ville d'Avray Gian Carlo Pajetta, de Torino Jules Renkin, d'Ixelles René Lacoste, de Paris
Bruno Renard, de Tournai Gianni Caproni, d'Arco Jules Roy, de Rovigo Robert Galley, de Paris
Bruno Spampanato, de Salerno Gilbert Prouteau, de Nesmy Jules Simon, de Lorient Roberto Bencivenga, de Roma
Camille Camus, de Molenbeck Gilbert Renault-Roulier, de Vannes Jules van den Heuvel, de Gand Rodolfo Graziani, de Filettino
Camille Huysmans, de Bilsen Gioacchino Quarello, de Villadeati Jules Vandenpeereboom, de Courtrai Rodolfo Morandi, de Milano
Carlo Carra, de Quargnento Gioacchino Russo, de Catania Julien Liebaert, de Courtrai Rodolfo Vicentini, de Lecco
Carlo Delcroix, de Firenze Giorgio Almirante, de Salsomaggiore Julius Hoste, de Bruxelles Roger Garaudy, de Marseille
Celeste Carlo Negarville, d'Avigliana Giorgio Amendola, de Roma Justin Godart, de Lyon Roger Louis, d'Arras
Célestin Demblon, de La Neuville-en-Condroz Giorgio Tupini, de Roma Kornelis Eland, de Klundert Roger Secrétain, d'Orléans
César Cauwenberghe, de Courtrai Giovanni Conti, de Montegranaro Lamantea Aurelio Natoli, de Roma Ruggero Grieco, de Foggia
Charles de Freycinet, de Foix Giovanni Sechi, de Sassari Léon Daudet, de Paris Salvatore Mannironi, de Nuoro
Charles Firket, de Liège Girolamo Licausi, de Termini Imerese Léon de Béthune, d'Alost Salvatore Scoca, de Calitri
Charles Graux, de Bruxelles Giulio Andreotti, de Roma Léon Maximilien Ghilain, de Nevers Sandro Pertini, de Stella
Charles Magnette, de Virton Giulio Pastore, de Genova Louis Auguste Blanqui, de Puget-Théniers Simon Vissering, d'Amsterdam
Charles Maurras, de Martigues Giuseppe Bevione, de Torino Louis Binger, de Strasbourg Spartaco Trevisan, de Milano
Charles Péchin, de Dampierre-les-Bois Giuseppe Bottai, de Roma Louis Franck, d'Anvers Stanislas Henri Dupuy de Lôme, de Ploemeur
Charles Trénet, de Narbonne Giuseppe Canepa, de Diano Marina Louis Géraud, de Toulouse Stanislas van Eetvelde, de Moll
Charles van den Boorn, de Liège Giuseppe Lupis, de Ragusa Louis Menabrea, de Chambéry Théodore Botrel, de Dinan
Charles Woeste, de Bruxelles Giuseppe Micheli, de Parma Louis Mourier, de Vézénobres Théophile Charles de Lantsheere, d'Assche
Christian Pineau, de Chaumont Giuseppe Pellissero, d'Asti Louison Bobet, de Saint-Méen-le-Grand Tristan Klingsor, de La Chapelle-aux-Pots
Cipriano Facchinetti, de Campobasso Giuseppe Perrone-Capano, de Trani Lucien Léger, de Bastia Tristano Codignola, d'Assisi
Claude Farrère, de Lyon Giuseppe Togni, de Pontedera Lucien Mias, de Saint-Germain-de-Calberte Tullio Benedetti, de Pescia
Claude Hettier de Boislambert, de Hérouvillette Guglielmo Giannini, de Pozzuoli Lucio Ridenti, de Taranto Ugo Cavallero, de Casale Monferrato
Daniel Boulanger, de Compiègne Guido Cortese, de Castelcapuano Ludovico d'Aragona, de Cernusco sul Naviglio Ugo De Mercurio, de Napoli
Daniel Gélin, d'Angers Guido Gonella, de Verona Luigi Federzoni, de Bologna Umberto Calosso, de Belveglio
David Rousset, de Roanne Guillaume Gratry, d'Ath Luigi Filippo Benedettini, de Roma Umberto Nobile, de Lauro
Delfino Deambrosis, de Firenze Gustave Ferrié, de Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne Luigi Longo, de Fubine Monferrato Umberto Tupini, de Roma
Dino Grandi, de Mordano Gustave Mesureur, de Marcq-en-Baroeul Luigi Renato Sansone, de Lucera Velio Spano, de Teulada
Edmond Geffroy, de Maignelay Gustave Rolin-Jaequemyns, de Gand Luigi Sacco, d'Alba Victor Hugo, de Besançon
Edmond Picard, de Bruxelles Hector Denis, de Braine-le-Comte Magliori Ernesto Carpano, de Biella Victor Le Gorgeu, de Quimper
Edmond Rubbens, de Zele Heinrich Jaeger, de Ludwigsburg Marcel Daneels, de Saint-Joost-ten-Node Vincenzo Selvaggi, de San Massimo
Edoardo D'Onofrio, de Roma Hendrik Bos, d'Amsterdam Mariano Rumor, de Vicenza Vincenzo Tieri, de Corigliano Calabro
Edouard Daladier, de Carpentras Henri Colin, de Bains-les-Bains Marie Pierre Koenig, de Caen Vito Galati, de Vallelonga
Edouard Descamps, de Beloeil Henri Davignon, de Saint-Joost-Ten-Node Mario Corbino, d'Augusta Vittorio Raffaldi, de Casale Monferrato
Edouard Drumont, de Paris Henri de Paris, de Nouvion-en-Thiérache Maurice Barrès, de Charmes Willem Kan, de Den Haag
Edouard Grinda, de Nice Henri de Rochefort, de Paris Maurice Bayrou, de Lanta Willy Messerschmitt, de Frankfurt
Edouard Pêcher, d'Anvers Henri Denis, de Marbaix Maurice Herzog, de Lyon Xavier Neujean, de Theux
Eduard de Casembroot, d'Oud-Vossemeer Henri Poincaré, de Nancy Maurice Rollinat, de Châteauroux Xavier Thibaut, de Dinant
Eduard Schleich, de München Henry Bataille, de Nîmes

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