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(6th Edition aka 50th Anniversary Edition)
How to get the Gauquelin's
Professionals Complete Database

(22,747 Birth Data)
© Patrice Guinard, CURA, 2020


There are two formulas or ways of subscription to the database : an individual one for personal use, and a professional one for a possible integration into a software programm or application.

The personal or nominative version includes the full database (22,747 DATA) without the references and notes of correction, nor the annotations for the double data.

The advanced or professional version adds about 1500 notes including, for the Gauquelin's data, some of the first accurate French databases (see 1903dncoll) prior to the publication of L'Influence des Astres by M. Gauquelin in 1955 (i.e. Choisnard 1902, 5th revised edition 1941 ; Lasson 1946 ; Roussel & Barbault 1954) and various corrections from Müller and myself. The license of the professional version grants the right to copy, potentially modify, include and distribute the database in a software program or application, free or commercial. It requires the complete information of the origin of the database in the program (i.e. Gauquelin's Professionals Database, 50th Anniversary Edition, CURA, 2020, edited by Patrice Guinard). The subscriber may send me a version of the program in which the Gauquelin Data lies : it's appreciated but not mandatory.


Campinchi1882 (registry n°9, month).jpg

E3-0250 Campinchi1882 (registry n°9, month)
Heuyer1884 (registry n°9, month).jpg

A2-105 Heuyer1884 (registry n°9, month)
Levieux1818 (registry n°310, month).jpg

A2-0438 Levieux1818 (registry n°310, month)
Nicolas1868 (registry n°647, month).jpg

A2-0535 Nicolas1868 (registry n°647, month)
Challemel-Lacour1827 (registry n°90, day).jpg

E3-0297 Challemel-Lacour1827 (registry n°90, day)
Dorval1798 (registry n°265, day).jpg

A5-0262 Dorval1798 (registry n°265, day)
Gaubert1879 (registry n°152, day).jpg

A4-1904 Gaubert1879 (registry n°152, day)
Ribot1842 (registry n°85, day).jpg

E3-1308 Ribot1842 (registry n°85, day)
Daladier1884 (registry n°110, hour).jpg

E3-0416 Daladier1884 (registry n°110, hour)
Deat1894 (registry n°18, hour).jpg

E3-0448 Déat1894 (registry n°18, hour)
Foureau1850 (registry n°28, hour).jpg

A3-0544 Foureau1850 (registry n°28, hour)
Fromentin1820 (registry n°386, hour).jpg

A6-0341 Fromentin1820 (registry n°386, hour)


How to get the Gauquelin's Professionals Complete Database
(6th Edition aka 50th Anniversary Edition)
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