Exegesis Volume 2 Issue #42

From: Laurie Borgman
Subject: Re: Illness and Mercury Retrograde

Exegesis Digest Tue, 23 Sep 1997

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 09:27:22 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Laurie Borgman
To: exegesis
Subject: Re: Illness and Mercury Retrograde

I was taught that the stations of a planet are very sensitive. If there is a station in your chart that planet is very much 'present' in your life. I had not heard dofar from anybody experiences the transit-stations (stationary just before turning D or R) to have a health effect. I'm curious about Mercury in your chart. You don't say where it is (in what sign) and what house it rules and what planets are in that house and the aspects of Mercury. It could be very interesting. Mercury R generally means less clients and especially trouble getting enough students for my astrology course. As soon as he is direct again, things get back to normal. Merc.R (or any other R planet) is a good time for finishing things you had started before, or repeating things, not start new activities. And don't buy a new compter with Uranus R, or a new car when the ruler of your third house is R., etc. ;)

Laurie Borgman.

You wrote:
 > John,
 > My experience with Mercury is as follows. 7 years ago I got Chronic Fatigue
 > Syndrome and after trying different remedies, vitamins, etc. I started
 > keeping track of the days when I would get bouts of CFS so that I could look
 > at my diet, etc and see what would be causing it. I would feel great for a
 > while and for some unknown reason develop the swollen glands, joint pain and
 > fatigue. I was looking at my calendar one day where I had marked all the
 > episodes of CFS and noticed that they all, no exceptions, happened when
 > Mercury was either turning R or D. Now that I have mostly recovered from
 > CFS, I still get sick on Mercury R or D. This time it was a bad tooth on
 > the R and a stomach virus on the D. I don't know if I am susceptible
 > because of my natal chart or if others have had this experience. My Sun is
 > in Gemini, Aquarius Rising and Moon in Taurus. Cancer rules the 6th house,
 > Gemini the 5th. Go figure. I'm interested in hearing of others experience
 > with health and Mercury R.
 > Janet


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