Exegesis Volume 2 Issue #41

From: Janet Hartley
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V2 #36

From: Janet Hartley
Subject: Illness and Mercury Retrograde

Exegesis Digest Mon, 22 Sep 1997

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 15:17:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Janet Hartley
To: Exegesis
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V2 #36

 > Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 06:15:38 -0700 (PDT)
 > From: Janet Hartley
 > To: Exegesis
 > Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V2 #36
 > At 06:55 PM 9/13/97 BST, you wrote:
 > Exegesis Digest Sat, 13 Sep 1997 Volume 2 Issue 36
 > Hi John,
 > I agree completely with your assessment of DI and have been very frustrated
 > on the other astrology lists waiting for them to get over the DI worship and
 > get back to astrology, but they haven't yet. I would love to see a
 > discussion on houses (I use Koch, but forgot why) and also Event Charts. I
 > am always asked to do them but have not done so because I am not sure how
 > they should be interpreted. Are there any good books on Event Charts or
 > would someone on this list please give me some tips?
 > Janet:
 > You have to realize that most people "into" astrology, are into it
 > on the level of the supermarket tabloid level. (Big surprise that they are
 > hooked on Di then.) TO them it is all romance and celebrity horoscopes,
 > with the lotto key thrown in. It is very rare to get a discussion beyond
 > Linda Goodman/Jeanne Dixon level.
 > When you talk about what books are good for discussion of event
 > astrology, you really have to look at books that deal with the traditional
 > non-saccharine, non humanistic approach to divination. You want to look at
 > the traditional meat and potatoes interpretation that has been put on the
 > siding for the last century.
 > The best book I ever read was "Simplified Horary Astrology" by Ivy
 > Goldstein-Jacobson. That was out of print for the last decade, but is now
 > being reprinted again and is available through a number of the astrology
 > book sellers on the web. Barbara Waters is another good author and so is
 > Anthony Louis, though they tend to be a bit chatty. (Louis more than
 > Waters. You have to skip though a lot of talk to get down to the point.
 > For theory of interpretation Marc Edmund Jones was really good. I
 > found his emphasis on using "Occam's Razor", in interpretation to be very
 > enlightening. (Disregard that which is minor and not relevant in
 > interpretation). I finds most people who get into minutia of detail often
 > get lost from the central point they are examining. William Lilly was a big
 > promoter of minutia and I find most people who follow him to the letter
 > missing the obvious because they are searching for the trivial.
 > So, if you can, get Ivy to start, use that as the base and go on
 > from there.
 > _\|/_
 > (o o)

 > John Reder (jreder


Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed response to my question. I have 4 Ivy Jacobson books, one of which is Simplified Horary Astrology. My teacher was a student of hers, but I secretly drifted off to the Jungian astrology direction and didn't tell my teacher who would have been horrified and also did not read the Ivy Jacobson books. Are you saying that an event chart is the same as horary? I think of horary as asking a question and you set a chart up for the time of the question and event chart is to analyze an event. I am asked by a non-profit center where I volunteer to pick a good date for conferences, etc. Can I use horary guidelines for that?



Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 16:15:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Janet Hartley
To: exegesis
Subject: Illness and Mercury Retrograde

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 13:31:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Reder
To: Exegesis
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V2 #37


My experience with Mercury is as follows. 7 years ago I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and after trying different remedies, vitamins, etc. I started keeping track of the days when I would get bouts of CFS so that I could look at my diet, etc and see what would be causing it. I would feel great for a while and for some unknown reason develop the swollen glands, joint pain and fatigue. I was looking at my calendar one day where I had marked all the episodes of CFS and noticed that they all, no exceptions, happened when Mercury was either turning R or D. Now that I have mostly recovered from CFS, I still get sick on Mercury R or D. This time it was a bad tooth on the R and a stomach virus on the D. I don't know if I am susceptible because of my natal chart or if others have had this experience. My Sun is in Gemini, Aquarius Rising and Moon in Taurus. Cancer rules the 6th house, Gemini the 5th. Go figure. I'm interested in hearing of others experience with health and Mercury R.


To open a subject, I would like to hear what everyone thought of the recent retrograde Mercury. I always here from someone who thinks that retrograde Mercury is bunk, as relates to things going array. (I also here about how Void-of-Course Moons are bunk as well.) This last retrograde Mercury seems to have been one that I think defies the bunk sayers to challenge. I know a lot of people don't want to get into a Diana discussion, but it is relevant given the car ride chart. You have Gemini rising with Retrograde Mercury combust and square Pluto. Pardon my French but I have always found Pluto to be the planet of "bullshit" and it has been amazing how much of it has gotten thrown around in the discussion of the accident. No matter what area of the subject you look at, somebody is shoveling it. The case also goes to the general effect of retrograde Mercury on the mass psyche. It seemed to bring out quite demonstratively the fact that so many people today are sorely lacking in a life outside of the realm of the image presented by the media. They seem to be living vicariously through the cult of celebrity. Have the press and press agents taken over the masses to the point where they have no grounding in everyday reality? Anybody have any instances they noticed regarding the recent retrograde Mercury? _\|/_ (o o)

John Reder (jreder


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