Exegesis Volume 2 Issue #17

Exegesis Digest Sat, 29 Mar 1997


Date: Fri, 28 Mar 97 13:05 EST
From: mary downing
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V2 #15

Dear Neil

you state:
>Psychology is just a label. Jung said astrology represented the
>entire psychological knowledge of the ancients. Well, he was half
>right - it contains a good deal more than that.

My point entirely. What we term psychological is a small sub-set of astrology. We have an unfortunate tendency in this time-frame to think it's all there is.

>>Psychology represents the cherished beliefs of our dominant
>>western culture **only**. 
>"Cherished beliefs"? Perhaps in the U.S. but there is far less
>acceptance in Britain, for example, in the general populace (if
>you're seeing to a psychiatrist you must be mad (!), is the
>general British attitude)and amongst other sectors of academia.

We (including psychologists and astrologers) interpret our environment through "educated" eyes. "I" am a result of all the little "truths" beaten into my tabla rasa after birth interacting with whatever genetic potential was there in the first place, including a childhood emerging from the great depression and encompassing WWII. If I were testing rats for cancer agents, I'd say the sample was "contaminated" I have linguistic, ethnic, economic, political, religious and stereotypical sex-role "contamination." There is no way for "psychology", since it must use the medium of language and select subjects from this contaminated pool, to achieve an objective representation of its subject matter.

Example: There was a rather interesting program on PBS last week, "Out of Ireland", that (in part) emphasized the independence of Irish women immigrants in comparison to other female ethnics in the mid/late 1800's, indeed in comparison to American-born women themselves. Celtic culture has a strong matriarchal flavor. However, suppose the target were their contemporary Chinese counterparts? This is the type of "cherished belief" I mean. Contemporary wisdom based on observation. Two target groups, two subjective views of truth.

>>It is just a **theory** (actually several variant theories). 

>Yes, there is psychology and there is psychology. Skinner and his robot
>behaviourists are a world away from the better moments of Jung.

Jung is quite poetic. I can't argue that certain roles are prevalent throughout most ethos. Mother, father, teacher, etc. What I'm saying is that "mother" means many things depending on the culture that pervades. Celtic mother is Taurus, earth mama. German monther is Virgo, checking your diet and making sure you're 'gesund'. Chinese mother is someone for whom you stay standing to show respect, but who might have been sold as a useless girl-child ( in the bad old days, of course.) Must be interesting to deal with that cultural heritage for a woman in America or England in the '90's.

I actually have a great deal of respect for the behaviourists. I particularly like it when they show me "Mother" as played by baboons, chimpanzees, and hairless apes. Gives me the basics.

>Warmest Regards,

and to you



Date: Fri, 28 Mar 97 18:55 EST
From: mary downing
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V2 #14

>Aphrodette: In my practice there is an overwhelming amount of
>impact by this Mars  retrograde ! 

>Examples : Return of former illness.
>                  Return to former relationship.
>                  Digression of those in recovery...
>                  Major changes in diet and exercise protocol.
>                  Re-writes of plays, novels and songs !
>Anyone else experiencing this phenomenon ! 

Two things so far I've noticed: There've been a scary number of cancer cases: At NCGR, Joan Negus (chairman of the Education committee, and another member of that committee, Joanna Shannon), Margaret Emerson (widow of Charles Emerson), AdZee MiXXE ( a recurrance). None of these was an early diagnosis. Everything was overlooked during regular exams. Joan, despite full work ups, was diagnosed by her dentist when Mars stationed on her natal Saturn!) I have two other clients who are being driven looney by repeated testing because of elevated test indicators but no actual tumors are being found.

We (NCGR) just had a conference at Valley Forge that was one of the hardest to do advance work on I've ever experienced. I checked back for about the last 20 years, and luckily never did a conference before on a retrograd Mars. Believe me, I won't do it again. I thought the worst was the retro Venus, but I'm a convert.

Our regular newsletter was mailed 28 days late by our **former** printer, someone who was supposed to do a piggy-back flyer distribution to the target area 'forgot", another opted for a cheaper post card mailing and never thought to tell us. A donated list arrived (for non-profit mailing) less than a month before the date, and the gal that was supposed to be doing publicity ( at least researching media)called a week ahead with the grand total of three fax numbers. All told, seven speakers who were on the brochure canceled. Quite an experience.

The Mars, during its retracement, managed to oppose my Mars and Saturn and square NCGR's Mars and Pluto, as well as opposing transiting Saturn and the Aries Point. Then, of course, it was permutating midpoints between Neptune, Uranus, Node and Pluto all the while. Knitting it all together.

I've also had a raft of clients who have either been laid off or had their income reduced sharply. These are all ones whom I've been nagging to get their resume's out because they knew something was in the works and their charts showed job changes in Jun-July. Lots of arbitrary actions by people in power that are negatively affecting folk lower on the feeding chain.

I'm watching long term actions initiated during the Mars R. They should either reverse or suffer a major change on the direct passage. I'd appreciate any input, and am particularly interested in the course of any cancer treatments because I think Mars R might actually be beneficial if the cancer was treatable in the first place.


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