Exegesis Volume 2 Issue #11

Exegesis Digest Thu, 20 Mar 1997


Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 03:02:58 +0900
From: Neil Urquhart
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V2 #9

>From: Aphrodette North

Dear Aphrodette,

>Most of the clients that i deal with resent you asking them alot
>of questions..respond to me by saying "aren't you supposed to know

Before the consultation, if we disabuse them of the notion that we are psychics/fortune-tellers etc (unless of course we are) and explain a LITTLE bit about how astrology works then this problem doesn't arise. Also if we stress that the consultation is entirely confidential and the contents of our discussion will not repeated unless given express permission then this can reduce resentment about asking questions. This can take the form of a written (confidentiality) contract which is signed by both parties and which agrees on the aims and problems or issues to be addressed in the consultation. The initial telephone call or contact should not be just an occasion for making an appointment but one in which we nip inappropriate expectations in the bud (e.g. expecting to cover transits, progressions and other significant people's charts in one session) and defining limits and boundaries (yes, a bit of Saturn is a necessity, my Jupiterian/Uranian/Neptunian friends).

If we reinforce the idea that many of our clients have about astrologers (i.e. that we straddle the universe Zeus-like, possessing all the answers to their problems), then not only is the client likely to be disappointed but we are also setting ourselves up for a big fall, too. Humility is a very necessary component of our work lest we become enamoured of playing God with our clients lives. We can't possibly know all the answers (even if we think we know all the questions) and we must leave room for God/Goddess/Brahman/the Formless Beyond. We are sometimes too attached to "knowing" the "right" answer for the client - as one of my teachers taught me: You must let go and let God.

There are many other reasons why we should ask questions before the consultation - it gets the client thinking about the meeting beforehand; when you know what is needed beforehand, you will be able to prepare in an organized way and you'll be discussing what the client really wants to discuss not what you think should be discussed. Finally asking questions can avoid embarrassing errors and wasting time (e.g. if you know the client's mother is dead then you won't try to talk to him/her about improving their relationship).

>Because of my personal chart - most of mu clients contact me when
>they are in crisis - and send my friends to me for the first time
>when they are in crisis...

I don't think you'll find many astrologers whose clients AREN'T in crisis. The astrologer is often the 'last resort' when other more orthodox healing modalities have failed.

>By the second or third update  we may get to the level of comfort
>to start sorting out more esoteric issues.. :) :) :) 

The "more esoteric issues", as you put it, are most likely the reason the client first came to the astrologer or the cause of the problem(s) itself(themselves).

>Most of my life, i have been involved with persons in crisis. 
>Emergency Room and ICU health care, Hospice counseling and the
>like. The people that come to me for a "reading" are usually in a
>major transition - a deathing/birthing mode - to say the
>very least. It is in crisis that we 
>often experience a LEAP in consciousness. 

Again, you are preaching to the converted - I don't deny that.

>The state of consciousness within the individual is not a static
>force or state of being.

I don't recall ever saying it was.

>To determine this from the natal or even the transit
>chart, solar return or progressed chart - is not taking into
>account the major challenges met on the soul's journey.

That I believe was my original statement - you cannot judge consciousness solely from the natal chart or any other chart for that matter.

>So glad that we are of the same mind regarding practical lessons
>of life being manifest forms of growth of the soul/psyche !!!

We're more of a like mind than you seem to think:)

Blessed Be,


>From: skyweasel

Hello Skyweasel,

>To what extent does a prediction of the future override the will
>of an individual to shape his/her future?  I ought to invite Ed
>Wollmann here to debate you, this list will blow up faster than
>the universe with a lit quark bomb... :)

Yes, but it would be a LOT of fun while it lasted!




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