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From: "startiming1"
Subject: [e] Symbols and Proofs

Exegesis Digest Fri, 20 Dec 2002

From: "startiming1"
Subject: [e] Symbols and Proofs
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 12:25:40 -0700

Ah exegesis is as exegesis does... i would love to see that origination chart! First of all you discard the traditional ways of understanding and doing astrology. Then you scrap like hungry dogs over what is left.

It is obvious even to the physicists today that we all share an electrochemical soup in which we move and think. All agree that this soup is constantly being modified by what anyone could honestly call cosmic forces.

When its articulated, most also find it comfortable to realize humans have a strong drive to give MEANINGS to everything that touches them. Astrology is about the process of giving meaning to our experiences of the cosmic.

As a PRACTICING astrologer, its important to know what meanings might resonate and be helpful towards a better life (my definitions or the clients). Not every meaning is usable by every person. On the other hand, each person may need articulated meanings in key areas. (Such as 'verticality'.)

Thus the astrologer doesn't just look at what happens by itself in the wild population of humans, but at what is good in relation to the client/situation at hand.

Incidentally i have no doubt that Tyl as a small collection of case studies with Saturn conjunct Neptune or that Rudhyar had observed various configurations with the midheaven and how they worked in life stories. To be useful these examples must be well known to the astrologer.. not the fabricated bios of celebrities.

(Confidentiality is required from the honorable practitioner. To SAY that one has a group of charts is to be besieged by any number of persons eager for you to betray the people who have trusted you with their personal situations, feelings, and secret actions. Thus i never share my cases and always suggest that others test my observation in their own working territory.)

But observations are only the beginning. What the client expects are RECOMMENDATIONS.

Recommendations are proved or disproved in the client's life

Recklessly yours, Jane Axtell http://www.stariming.net

the Original Message

"Dennis Frank" Quotes and agrees with the following:

 > >In the preceding examples Tyl uses "ambition" metaphorically,
 > >Rudhyar does the same with "verticality".
 > >Tyl should have collected a set of people with
 > >Saturn conjunct Neptune, Rudhyar should have collected
 > >and systematically compared people with planets
 > >conjunct the MC. If he had OBSERVED that their
 > >spirituality differed depending which planet was on the MC,
 > >that would be evidence that the MC is in some way
 > >involved with spirituality.


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