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From: "Jan Sar"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #79

Exegesis Digest Wed, 11 Sep 2002

From: "Jan Sar"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #79
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 15:39:54 +0000

Patrice Guinard wrote: We all know this, Jan. Mid-points are another manner to use aspects, a kind of substitute. The problem is there are no definite MEANINGS in astrology. Astrologers believe that. Have a look at the Ebertin cookbook, "The Combination of stellar influences": nothing else in the "interpretations" that were not known by classical aspects.

Just a word from Jan: …not necessary. A large number of astrologers have no idea what midpoints are… …and there is a difference between believe and assumption. Try to develop any idea without some kind of assumptions. …with all respect to work of Ebertin – it is out of date. …and one thing more: planets are planets; interpretation is changing according to a time and a place. Do you prefer imaginary works (ex. Chiron?)

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