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From: L:Smerillo
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #75

Exegesis Digest Fri, 06 Sep 2002

Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 19:24:08 +0200
From: L:Smerillo
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #75

Mes chers petits vernis, et Patrice!

 > >Divinatory is a puerile and a futile practice of astrology.
 > >
 > >Horary is just placebo.

Pithy. & spot on.

 > >And the explanation of the astrological fact by Jungian synchronicity, is
 > >affective, emotional, & a matter of imagination, i.e. a lazy explanation.

Obviously, of course, apodictic; but one does have such a difficult time of explaining this to the obfuscating obdurate with their fastuous anopsia and Campbell's Jungfrau Soup pre-used in clanking rusty tin cans. Or their Warholian photocopies of lithographs of the same. La stessa zuppa o zucca riscaldata. uffa! They are the Ratzinger's of astrology. At their very, most absolute best, such are very bad poets, writing gibberish in blank verse. At their very, most absolute best.

 > >>What would you think of an astrology with only houses
 > >>and planets, major aspects with very narrow orbs and
 > >>without sign degrees?
 > >
 > >The real way to investigate. In my opinion, there is no other astrology
 > >that could be justified by reason.

Scrap houses, eight or twelve, take four quadrants from two angles.

Major aspects... hmmm, that would be 0, 11.15, 22.30, 33.45, 45, 56.15, 67.30, 78.45, 90, 101.15, 112.30, 123.45, 135, 146.15, 157.30, 168.45, and 180, of course, would it not? The rest is foreplay in mirrors in the circus tent.

And use:


Planetary cycles, location location location.


Sign degrees are a measurement system, not a reality; there are no real signs, still less degrees in the cosmos, only the mathematical approximations of distances transposed to eliptical line. Inches, centimetres.

And all the other fixed star (idee fixe a la Brady and Rosenberg amateurs) and asteriod junk is flotsam floating from the Colacca Maxima Divina or Immobile.

First REASON: local reality is very complicated: traditional, theosophical and divinatory astrology is simple-minded, simple simon is as simple simon does. It's a tiny shoe for a huge monster, local reality. You can not hang mountains from a spider's web of traditional gossamer tangle. Even from its Arabic parts, or private parts for that matter!

Wissenschaft, gentlemen, Wissenschaft.


Lorenzo Smerillo


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