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From: "Atlantis Ecological Community"
Subject: [e] Horary doubts and Questions

Exegesis Digest Tue, 03 Sep 2002

From: "Atlantis Ecological Community"
Subject: [e] Horary doubts and Questions
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 10:15:16 -0500

Dear Moderator,

I don't know if this fits the kind of thing you put out but here goes anyway.

I'd like to put forward for group discussion - if anyone is interested - the question of whether damn horaries damn well work or damn well don't! I have had both experiences and feel quite frustrated.

In a way, folks, I am looking for therapy as I did a chart for 2 friends about to enter Palestine from Jordan. It looked wonderful. But they were refused entry.

The time was 5.36 a.m. Popay n, Colombia (76w36 X 2n27)

The Moon was about to trine Venus, wonderful, I thought. (Cancer was on the cupst of the 11th house, ruling a question asked about friends)

Does that Mars, one degree off a conjunction with the Ascendant and ruling the 8th, give a negative answer?

While I'm at it, I have a few other questions about horary. I am learning purely from books, Lilly and one by a Dutch lady called Karen Hamaker. I used to have one by Derek Appleby as well (got stolen) and have used the excellent guidelines set out by Maurice McCann too.

I suppose several 1000 people besides myself have noticed that Lilly is inconsistent and sometimes uses derived houses for Questions asked about a 3rd party and sometimes doesn t bother.

I've started to disregard his "first 3 degrees is too early and last 3 degrees is too late" rule. And have found that one can interpret charts with success that break his rules. But...this one that I just failed on, had a rising degree at 2 degrees Virgo...

I have chosen to study horary as deeply as I can as it seems to be a fairly limited of field of study where one can actually test all the rules with concrete questions.

I also consider the aspects to the outer planets valid and use the 'new' rulerships too and find it all works.

Anyones opinions for or against or about any of this would interest me greatly. And any recommendations for sites/articles on horary I'd also really appreciate.

 > >From Anne Barr Colombia South America

A big PS. Although some of the more technical technicals escape me I have learnt a lot from your site and love the premise from which so many people are working . i.e. does it work and if it does why? Thanks for all the work you must put into it.


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