Exegesis Issue #13

Exegesis Digest Sat, 04 May 1996 Volume 1 Issue 13


Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 12:00:13 -0400
From: vivian markley <happy8@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: intro; music

Hello to everyone, My name is Vivian Markley, Nov 29,1948; 10:01 CDT, Dayton, Ohio. I began Exegesis just prior to the new baby. Congrats, Fran and the rest of your family. As the mother of six, enjoy!

I have not posted previously because I was not sure of the nature of the list although I was hopeful and excited about the intentions. My own interests include more philosophical inclinations. I have joined both psych and festival and find them both interesting and different, psych being more concerned with personal inner workings and festival full of variety; but this post was provoked by Ken Perlow's comments.

First, we have close birth dates and all of my planets fall above the horizon also: as to is this is a reason I can relate to your interest, I am not sure. There are two major thought areas that you wakened this morning as I read my mail and had my first cup of coffee.

First, I connect with your use of only major aspects and close orbs. I presently, although open to change, find that when astrology opens up to wide orbs, midpoints and minor aspects, proof of almost anything can be supported. I do not reject these three elements, but I believe in a continuum effect where energy wanes and increases resulting in their validity. An example of the midpoint would be Sun energy oppose Saturn energy strongest at both ends and balanced in the middle.

My picture of the planets can best be explained by my philosophical basis. As a descendent of Native American, my psychic beliefs have finally emerged despite the prevailing christian childhood. When many tribal communities birth a child, the name reflects something relevant in nature at the time. Running deer, Full Moon etc. For me astrology is simply the mirror of the energy that was present at a particular moment in time. I think your correlation to spheres of music should be explored, as the energy that was vibrating at the time of a birth should be reflected in the surroundings at birth. Astrology has chosen planets and works because it is representational of the entire energy system.

I also have some knowledge of physics and sound vibration. Light and sound travel in wave patterns, and either complement or interfere. Is this not what we mean when we ascribe soft and hard aspects? Is not the chart a musical arrangement that recorded the song that was resonating at a moment in time at a specific location in the universe?

Secondly, I am searching for new and hopefully more relevant ways of using astrology today. It has been a tool that has helped me to resolve the conflicts between my psychic nature and my Christian fear of the occult. I would like to see astrology write a new tune based on a firm foundation of its path, but I believe that evolution can not be stopped.

Love to all, Vivian


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