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World Trends & Astrology in the Light of Heterogeneous Resonance
Prof. Sergey Smelyakov

Ed. N.: "World Trends & Astrology in the Light of Heterogeneous Resonance" is the first part of "THE PREDICTED UNKNOWN - A DECADE OF VOLTE-FACE". Only the first chapter is published here in HTML format. The complete text is available in DOC format.


The existence of several factors of influence has been revealed that may change the course of events in Nature and this civilization within a decade of Volte-Face presenting a threshold of a New Age.

Though the "physical" origin of these factors is not always known, a person possessing an unbiased mind may easily see that they arise from a system of quite reliable and amazing correlations, the mathematical presentation of which provides us with an instrument for finding the terms of the bifurcation points.

As far as the sources of these factors are relatively independent and stretch from geophysics and Solar-planetary synchronism to astrology and Mayan Calendar, the obtained results are given the form of a series of articles, each one being devoted to a definite subject, which, nevertheless, lead to the same conclusion.


Part 1: World Trends & Astrology in the Light of Heterogeneous Resonance

Extending the conventional concepts of synchronism and resonance onto heterogeneous processes describing both natural and social phenomena by virtue of considering of both harmonic correlation of periods and non-harmonic correlation of periods and moments of time on the basis of Auric Time/Period Scale presenting the series of the Golden section number F=1.618033 powers reveals a system of correlations between the planetary periods, Solar activity cycles, and basic periods in Nature and society that, in its turn, provides us with a new instrument for description of the global trends with the use of various Space phenomena including Solar activity, comets, Mayan Calendar and some other, which, in common, define the current epoch to be a point of bifurcation of this civilization.

1. Wide-sense Astrology

The Numbers Rule the World (Pythagoras)

During the preceding centuries, if not millennia, retaining of relative immutability of social relations and production abilities has led to a definite conservation of astrological concepts, within the bounds of which the modern astrology continuous to develop. At the same time, the revolutionary changes that take place in Nature and society over the last century and, especially, the decades due to an explosive informatization of society, growth of power potential, scientific knowledge and technological abilities are unpreceded in the history of this civilization and accompanied by significant intensification of energy emitting processes on the Earth and within the Solar System, or Solarsphere, itself [1].

Example 1. The amount of energy issued by humanity approaches the Earth's energy excretion; melioration and water storage ponds have drastically changed the climate in definite regions. Moreover, the world wide effects are seen in acceleration of the Earth's magnetic pole shift, in increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events, etc. [1]. But if the qualitatively new trends have originated both on the Earth and within the Solar System, they must have their sources and possible new consequences. That is why revealing of the cause-and-effect relations which define the existing and new world trends from the point of view of synchronism of heterogeneous phenomena (including physical and archeological ones) may provide us with a powerful research instrument. From physical and mathematical viewpoints, this approach cannot be considered incorrect as far as it is based on the established synchronism between the events in Space and on the Earth, and though the absence of physical explanation for it makes a gap in our knowledge, it does not prohibit us from using such synchronism for predictive or other relevant purposes. The more so, the given below examples emphasize the efficiency and applicability of this approach.

With respect to time and place of birth of a human being, the conventional astrology takes account of static and kinematic parameters of definite space objects in Geocentric coordinate system that are related to the place of birth. Note, that from a physical point of view, this approach might be called astrology in a narrow sense, as it does not deal with mass or energy. After then, a psychological description and/or prediction for the given birthdata are obtained for that human being with the use of empirical rules that define a correlation between the values of these parameters or symbolic qualities being attributed to the planets and their configurations, and possible reflection of these numerals and symbols in traits and events.

Example 2. The inconsistency of the statement that astrology has no physical background is illustrated by a number of physical facts. For instance, in a series of experiments being conducted in 50-ies by Prof. G. Piccardi and his colleagues [2, 3] the rate of definite chemical reactions was continuously measured for ten years at different latitudes. On the basis of 250 thousand experiments it has been definitely shown that this rate depends on the level of Solar activity, continuously increases with latitude by 2.5 times as the laboratory position is changed from South to North Pole, and presents the yearly minimum around the Spring equinox when the Earth moves in the direction of the Galactic Center. Application of these rules, as of laws in science, is based on the principle of analogy which, in its general astrological form, is given by the Hermetic axiom "as above, so below; as below, so above". At this, if other object than a human being is considered (e.g. a state, or a company) this principle allows us to use the same rules, but in a natural conceptual adaptation to the essence of this new type of object.

Besides, this approach possesses the basic properties of a scientific theory: it includes axioms (viz. basic assumptions), which set up correspondence between the astronomical and psychological and/or eventual concepts, rules of drawing the conclusions, which use formal logic and calculus for obtaining conclusions from axioms, and allows us to verify the conclusions with taking account of the nature of the considered objects. It is obvious however, that due to their irreproducible nature these conclusions, as in medicine or economy dealing with different reaction of the objects being "the same" just in average, might be true (and, thus, verified) with a definite probability only. Nevertheless, in the sense of mathematical statistics, this verifiability is relevant to physical reproducibility of experiment for the case when the initial conditions could not be reproduced exactly, or the experiment itself cannot be repeated.

At the same time, as far as astrology rests upon the concepts of synchronism and resonance, but for static and kinematic factors, no obstacles exist that prevent us from considering the concept of resonance relative to its essence – exchange of energy. For this, the third, dynamic, factor of influence is proposed to be taken into routine consideration, the more so the electromagnetic waves, high-energy particles and other energy-carrying media may exert explicit influence.

For the most powerful and, therefore, important dynamic factor we must take the Solar activity (SA), both the current SA level and the 11-year SA cycle, the influence of which on Nature, human beings and social processes (including wars, revolutions, etc.) is well known [2, 4, 5]. However, though the influence of the SA surges (first of all, in a form of sunspots) is known from the ancient times, it is rarely used in forecasting and analyzed, primarily, a posteriori due to a lack of reliable forecasting techniques for the SA level.

As well, a significant, although sporadic, influence over the Earth exert the comets that come from beyond the Pluto's orbit. Thus, the miraculous synchronism [6 - 8] between the comet Hale-Bopp's (HB) Time Focuses, the SA surges and significant events in Nature and society could not be explained until the recent years except by esoterically; but now it is known from Prof. J. McCanney's work [9] that a comet coming from the outer part of the Solar System possesses a huge electric charge, and alignment of such comet with two or more Space objects (especially with the Sun) results in discharge of the Solar capacitor with subsequent coercion onto the concerned Heavenly bodies.

If the Earth is included in this process, in the Geocentric system this corresponds to conjunction or opposition of the comet and Sun (besides, we may suggest the square may also have a sound physical background as the electric and magnetic field strength vectors are perpendicular). But namely these aspects between the Sun, HB and Moon, and first of all – Sun/HB conjunctions, were independently of Prof. J. McCanney's theory used [10] in astrological considerations when obtaining the comet HB's Time Focuses of influence!

Therefore, by taking account of that influence the SA, comets and other Space objects may exert over the Earth's life side by side with the static and kinematic factors, when regarding astrology as science or knowledge that reflects the Space influence over the Earth's phenomena, it makes no sense to exclude astrology from considering in a wide sense as well – as the replenishment of the conventional approach (viz. astrology in a narrow sense) with the dynamic factors of influence on the ground of concepts of synchronism and resonance.

See the complete text in DOC format.

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