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An Astrological Background of the Acute World Trends
by Prof. Sergey Smelyakov


This report presents an approach that might be used in Mundane Astrology, both independently and together with a national chart. It allowed to forecast some actual trends and events that started to develop with a new might in definite countries since 1996; they were gathering strength with sequential passing of the comet Hale Bopp's Time Focuses that, in resonance, were accompanied by the splashes of Solar activity. Starting with September 11 attack, the most actual of these trends have unified into a common world wide process, as if the Rubicon was crossed from the implicit, or intra-national, growth of tensions to explicit, or international, attempts to settle the disclosed problems on a world wide scale. The obtained results clearly show that the steadfast development of the situation in the USA and Afghanistan, as well as in Israel and other countries is far from its completion, and allow every astrologer being familiar with the basic techniques to use the presented critical points in her/his analysis.

After completion of this report on December 12, 2001, the events pertaining to its subject began to develop over the Focuses so intensely, that the author was required to describe them in Appendices (March 29, 2002), as well as a newly discovered comet that came to resonance with these Focuses.

Prof. Sergey Smelyakov (PhD, ISAR's VP for the Ukraine) can be contacted in English or in Russian.


Part I. Factors of General Influence

1.1. Introduction
1.2. Comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp and their Apex at Algol
1.3. Local Splashes of Solar Activity versus the Focuses of the comet Hale-Bopp
1.4. 11-year Cycles of Solar Activity
1.5. Conclusion relative to the Factors of General Influence

Part II. Planetary Factors of Influence

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Planetary Cast and Dance Steps
Table. The Event Data for the Comet HB's Focuses and Accompanying Charts
2.3. Trutina Hermetis in the USA/Afghani Synastry
2.4. Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Horizon Effects for the USA, Afghanistan, Israel, U.K. and Somali
2.5. Synastrial Resonance between the USA and Comet HB's Charts
2.6. The America's 2001 Solar Return and July 5, 2001 Eclipse Charts
2.7. The September 11, 2001 Tragic Premiere
2.8. Comet HB and Israeli Charts
2.9. Comet HB and the Basic Charts of the U.K.


Appendices (March 29, 2002)
1. The Comet Hale-Bopp's Focuses Still Continue To Exert Their influence
2. NEW COMET/OLD PROBLEMS: New Space Envoy Incites The Schedule of World Disasters
3. The Implicit Might of the Cometary Focuses and Its Development. Check it yourself!

Part I. Factors of General Influence

1.1. Introduction

By taking account that the comet Hale Bopp (HB) Focuses of influence are still effective [1,2], and that the Solar return chart of the USA came to a strained resonance with the July 5, 2001 Eclipse and the event and progressive charts of the comet HB, in development of the forecast for the year of 2001[3], where it was noted that the manifestations might be amplified if the Solar activity (SA) splash took place around the Time Focus, I paid special attention to the Time Focus T7 of September 16 (to be considered with an orb of 5 days being equivalent to 5º of Ecliptic) [4]. As in many previous cases, a powerful SA splash actually took place a week before T7 and, within a 5-day orb of T7, the terrorist attack happened.

Though the forecast [4] has not predicted that three jets would strike the WTC and Pentagon (if such accuracy could ever be reached with astrology) as well as subsequent war in Afghanistan, it was the only one being known to the author that quite exactly described the situation with respect to time, place and type of events, which, on a tragic scale, repeated the events around T7 in 1997. But whether this coincidence is determined or accidental?

As we may see this from the below consideration, the grounds exist for rejecting an accidence in favor of the following statements:

1. The comet Hale Bopp influence exists and might well be predicted.

2. Knowing of this influence allows us to clarify the astrological roots of the September 11 attack, as well as its connections with Afghanistan, apart from the HB influence onto Israel and other countries, especially when the national charts are insufficient.

3. Treating of the comet Hale Bopp charts with the national ones provides us with additional tools for mundane forecasting, at least for half a decade.

1.2. Comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp and their Apex at Algol

In January April of 1996, the comet Hyakutake being seen with the naked eye has circumscribed an arch over the Northern Hemisphere. On the basis of its trajectory and conjunctions it was forecasted by the author that during its spring transit it would exert a Saturn/Mars influence and could cause accidents in social processes, engineering systems, fires and floods with victims. The manifestations of its influence were acknowledged, though the respective events were not so pronounced as in the case with the comet Hale Bopp.

The Ephemeris for the comet Hyakutake might be taken at [5] by entering MPEC's number 1996-C06 ( Minor Planet Electronic Circular number 1996-C06); the comet positions are given there at 2-day steps for 0 hours UT.

Meanwhile, the orbital period of the comet Hale Bopp (HB) had been decreased, primarily by Jupiter, from 4200 years (before entering the Solar System) to 2380 years. That is why the Ephemeris for this comet were published sequentially, as extensions to the initial part of its trajectory. From Autumn 1996 to Summer of 1997 at 5-day steps they might be taken at [6] by entering the IUAC's (Int. Astronomical Union Circular) numbers 6507, 6547, 6671, and from March 1, 1997, at 1-day steps, - at [7]. At last, with the use of additional observations, through March 13, 1997, the corrected comet HB's Ephemeris for the period since March 15 were summed up in [8] at 1-day step. That is why in the below consideration the sources [5, 6] were used for the period of up to March 1, 1997, and [7, 8] for the subsequent period.

As far as the Ephemeris [5 8] are given in Equatorial System for the epoch of 2000.0, care must be taken for obeying the accuracy to seconds of Right Ascension both on transforming them to the position of the required date and on calculating the time and coordinate of conjunctions. Otherwise, an error of 1 sec of R.A. leads to error of 15 sec of arc which, in correlating the cometary position with respect to the Sun, gives an error of 6 min of time for a stationary object (e.g. may give an error of up to 1.5 degree for As or Mc, or geographical longitude), and up to 15 20 minutes of time when the HB/Sun conjunction is searched. Hence, an error of several sec of R.A. (e.g. n sec) may give an error in several (n .1.5) degrees for As and Mc, or up to several (approximately n/2) min of longitude for Sun/HB conjunctions.

In December 1996 July 1997 the comet Hale Bopp (HB) that was remarkably seen with its huge tail had also circumscribed an arch over the Northern Hemisphere that made a cross with the trajectory of the comet Hyakutake. The Apex (viz. the Celestial point of intersection of trajectories) of this cross makes

Apex = 3h 1m 19.15s in R.A., 39º 45' 50'' in N.decl., for the epoch of April 10, 1997,
in Ecliptic, this value makes Apex = 24º TAU 26' 30.8'',

and almost exactly coincides on the Celestial sphere with the star Algol (3h 8m 0s R.A., + 40º 56' for the same epoch) and, in R.A., with Menkar, whereas the Sun at this moment conjuncts Baten Kaitos. Note, that all these three stars are well known for their Saturn nature. Moreover, both these comets passed this Apex almost on the same dates on April 11, 1996 and on April 10, 1997 (See the line Apex in the Table, below).

The influence that was attributed to the comet HB was defined in a conventional astrological way with the due regard of its conjunctions (first of all with the Sun) and their configurations. At this, the following principle of resonance was used for unification of these influences: the more times the event repeats and the lesser its orb, the greater the influence this event will exert, whereas the types of planets, stars and aspects define the factors of influence. In brief, (See [1-3]) these are

Factors of Influence:

1. natural calamities; deaths on a mass scale from destruction, drowning, fire; epidemics;

2. technogeneous catastrophes (ship wrecks, train, airplane, car crashes); destruction and fires (mines, bridges, etc); damage to agriculture;

3. social and political disorders and disturbances, mental and psychological collisions; illusions, terror, cruelty, aggressiveness; loss of relations, violation of physical frontiers and legislation.

Geographical Focuses (defined by meridians) cover the USA, Western part of South America, UK and France, Central Europe (including Yugoslavia), Russia, Israel, Kenya, Afghanistan, India, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and some other countries.

Time Focuses:

T1, December 21 (Dec 21, 1996, GMT 14:07 - Sun ingr. to Capricorn and HB's origination area);
T2, January 3 (Jan 3, 1997, GMT 8:02:07 Sun conjunct HB);
T3, March 4 (Mar 4, 1997, GMT 1:40:54 Sun conjunct HB);
T4, March 20 (Mar 20, 1997, GMT 13:55 culmination of HB at Solar ingress to Aries);
T5 March 24 (Mar 24, 1997,GMT 4:45 Lunar Eclipse, etc.);
TB April 7 11 (Apr 7 11 Cometary Apex, etc.);
T6 July 4 (Jul 4, 1997, GMT 21:33:05 the last Sun/HB conjunction), July 14;
T7 September 16 (Sep 16, 1997, GMT 18:51 - Lunar Eclipse opposing Eclipse of T5);
T8 March 13 (Mar 13, 1998, GMT 4:34 - Lunar Eclipse complying to T5, T7).

The Time Focuses T2, T3 and T6 are obtained by Ecliptic conjunctions of the Sun and comet HB, the remaining ones by Eclipses and other events being actual to Sun/HB interaction [1]. As the Focuses are defined by the Sun, the dates may be used regardless of the year. At this, as the dates of Sun/HB conjunction in Right Ascension fit the orbs of the above given Focuses, they were not presented earlier. However, for the purpose of this work, e.g. for subsequent use of the Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Horizon maps, we take them into consideration and denote T2*, T3* and T6*, resp. (See the Table, below).

The trustworthiness of these Focuses and Factors of influence was verified on the basis of a 5-year collection of the record-type events [1- 2]. And even the forecast [4] for the Focus T7 of September 16 states that (in bold the text is marked for this case): "the distribution of the record-type events over the Geographical and Time Focuses of the comet Hale-Bopp still shows no signs of cardinal fall in influence. So, we may expect a series of events of extremal nature around the forthcoming Focus of September 16 around the specified regions (first of all - USA, Balkans and Central Europe, Moscow and some other regions of Russia, Israel, India, Afghanistan, Japan, China, Indonesia) where it showed its power quite exactly, as well.

During the previous years, this Focus was also marked by natural calamities, but, first of all, - by a splashes in air and space crashes, fires and other technogeneous catastrophes. As well, several times this Focus marked a splashes in mental collisions, social and political disoders, and military operations.

So, in two weeks we will see, whether the combined influence of this comet, several eclipses and Solar activity is still effective, or is falling down".

Thus, once again, the Focus of September 16 (within the orb of 5 days that corresponds to 5 degrees of the Ecliptic) had marked itself, but this time - with the unexpectedly great tragedy in the USA on September 11. It was followed by Anthrax attack (viz. threat of epidemics), and military operations in which, firstly after the W.W.II, Germany and Japan agreed to participate. Even damage to agriculture took place (e.g. due to prohibition of flights in the USA).

Apart from other events (e.g. financial crisis) and countries, we may remember that within a three day orb of this Focus (September 16, 1997) the comet HB manifested itself with the following series of tragic events, when, as now, LARGE NUMBER OF DEATHS took place that caused special actions, NEW YORK and BOEINGS WERE CONCERNED and the FLIGHTS of F-117A were PROHIBITED in the USA (!): Sept. 13 Diappearance of the USA's C-141, 9 victims, and German's Tu-154, 24 victims (the last one is believed to be the second worst disaster for German Military Forces since WW II). Sept. 14 - crash of F-117A, Baltimore. Sept. 15 - The US Air Force temporarily grounded its fleet of F-117A "stealth" fighters. Sept. 17 - crash of UNO's helicopter, 12 victims. Sept. 19 Two Boeing 747 had a near-collision close to New York. "Air Force officials began an investigation over the September 20 into six crashes of a US military aircraft in a week ... In all 16 Americans have died in the U.S. military crashes since Spt. 13". Over two weeks (Sept. 13 - 26) not less than 315 people were killed in air crashes (including 234 people in A-300 airbus in Jakarta), that makes 140% of the first half-year amount!

1.3. Local Splashes of Solar Activity versus the Focuses of the comet Hale Bopp

During an 11-year cycle of Solar activity (SA), the duration of which may vary from 7 to 17 years, the average level of SA varies from the lowest level (0, if the sunspot number is taken) to the upper levels (the upper daily sunspot number may take values of up to 300 units and even more, but several times a cycle); then, the average level decreases to the lowest values. At this, the daily SA levels also decrease and increase with a period of 2 to 5 weeks; the maximal value within such period presents local maximum, or splash of the SA. In further consideration, the sunspot number index is considered [9] which correlates with other indices and is the most simple one for general use. However, as far as the sunspots, X-ray and coronary mass ejections, as well as other types of SA are subjects for the cause and effect, you are to consider the "exact" days of maximum with an orb of 1 to 3 days.

It is known that splashes of SA, as well as high levels of SA, exert the influence [10] which is similar to the factors of influence of the comet HB. The analysis shows [2, 11] that with the very beginning of the 23rd 11-year cycle of SA, viz. since July August of 1997, the local splashes of SA take place in a close vicinity (0 2 days, which might be equaled to 0 2 degrees orb) of the Time Focuses of the comet HB. At this, an extreme synchronism between the HB's Time Focuses and SA maxima attracts great interest by itself, as the probability of fortuity of this coincidence for the year of 1998 [11] might be estimated as PSA/HB = 10-12. For comparison, this value is several dozen times lesser than the ratio of a poppy-seed and the Earth's radii.

Moreover, this synchronism continues until now. Thus, last year there were two more events that might be considered as such that were organized by the Providence for energizing these Factors of Influence and Focuses: a Solar Storm, the largest and most destructive since 1991 on July 14, 2000 (viz. exactly at the Focus T6) that was accompanied by an explosion of the comet Linear (about July 22) the first comet to be seen in three years (viz. after the comet HB!). Further on, the largest SA splashes in 2001 took place in the vicinity of the Focuses T5 [2] and T7. Besides, on April 2,3 (viz. within an orb of the Focus TB), the Sun produced two X-class flares, one of which had the largest X-ray magnitude seen to date in Cycle 23 and, to some estimations, was the largest in 25 years; the subsequent diverse SA manifestations (X-ray emissions, sunspots, coronary mass ejection) had resulted in massive bombardment of the Earth in the following two weeks, which coincided with the distributed HB Time Focus TB (April 7 11). This coincidence that takes place for the fifth year might be considered random, but just with a fantastically small probability of approximately 10-50.

From materialistic point of view an event with such vanishing probability can be considered as impossible, though from Theosophical point of view this may denote the only thing, that the Sun being the Brain and the Heart of the Solar System has turned its intent look to the Earth by aimingly participating in the Earthy processes on the phase of rise of its activity within the 11-year cycle through directing complementary energy flow in conjunct with the HB's Focuses. By analogy with physics, we may say that the SA presents the dynamical (viz. energetic) factor of influence in addition to conventional astrological consideration of statical and kinematical factors which specify planetary positions and movements, resp.

Besides, two more historical examples are worth to be mentioned (note, that since the procedure of calculating of sunspot number implies assigning the value to a date, each observation has a natural orb of 1 day, for the Globe in the whole). In 1991, on the second crest (after that of 1989) of the 11-year maximum, the sunspot level has raised by 4 times in 11 days and on August 21 it reached an extremely high value of 300 units (a yearly maximum); note, that namely in those days, August 19 21, the coup d'etat in the USSR took place that had mortally wounded it, and in the subsequent days its Republics had started to proclaim independence. In 2001, on the second crest (after that of 2000) of the 11-year maximum, the sunspot level had raised by 2.5 times in 11 days and on September 9 it reached an extremely high value of 291 units (nearly a yearly maximum), and two weeks later even the level of 320 units, whereas September showed the maximal average of the year.

1.4. 11-year Cycles of Solar Activity

In 1924, A. Tchijevsky [10] publishes the results of his investigations devoted to distribution of the important historical events (IHE) of extremal nature (revolutions, wars, riots, etc.) where he has shown that: as soon as the SA approaches its maximum, the number of IHE, taken as whole, increases, approaching its maximum during the 11-year SA maximum. At this:

1. at the first phase (ab. 3 years), at minimum of SA, the tension of the all-human military-political activity falls to its minimum;

2. at the second phase (ab. 2 years), when the SA starts to increase, excitability and tension grow and form themselves in definite manifestations;

3. at the third phase (ab. 3 years), when the SA varies around its maximum, the problems arisen on the phase 2, apart from new ones, are solved in a revolutionary or military way;

4. at the fourth phase (ab. 3 years), a decline of excitability and tension takes place when the after-effects of the phase 3 problems are smoothed (viz. are developed to their solving in a more or less civilized way) and define the course of events.

Thus, the years of SA maximum for the XX century are as follows: 1905 (war between Russia and Japan, 1st Revolution in Russia), 1917 (Revolution in Russia, W.W.I), 1929 (world wide economy crisis), 1937 (large-scale repressions in the USSR and Germany, actual starting of W.W.II in 1938 by annexation of Austria), 1947 (threat of WWIII), 1957, 1968 (the USSR brings troops in Czechoslovakia), 1979 (the USSR brings troops in Afghanistan), 1989-1991 (war in Iraq, dissolving of the USSR), 2000-2001(war against terrorism). As the last two cycles show two crests maxima, both years for them are given.

1.5. Conclusion relative to the Factors of General Influence

The cometary "cross" with its Apex at Algol, as well as the comet HB's Geographical and Time Focuses exerting Saturn-like influence had started the chain of events over the specified countries including the USA, Yugoslavia and Albania, Israel, Russia, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia etc. Those events have formed the trends, which are developing since the very beginning of the period of growth of Solar Activity and in resonance with its splashes, till its current 11-year maximum. At an extreme splash of SA near the comet HB Time Focus T7, this 5-year "heating" of local regions has led to a series of important world-wide events, since the monstrous September 11 attack resulted in a quick world-wide political and military consolidation of those countries in a war against terrorism.

The "axis" of this polarization was marked by the track of the August 11, 1999 Eclipse being associated with the comet HB Focuses [12], that overshadowed the regions from the N-E of the USA, through the GB, Central Europe and Balkans, Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan up to India. (As far as I remember, it was Nick Campion who noted that a similar Eclipse track had marked the W.W.I).

One more factor of global significance being actual for these days is the influence the Uranus exerts from the last degrees of Aquarius at the maximum of 11-year SA cycle. In the previous time, this combination took place in 1917 (Revolution in Russia). Indeed, we may suppose that at the current SA cycle and transit through Aquarius the Uranus has not yet said its last word, the more so the world-wide trends have just taken an explicit international manifestation and not all the resonant comet HB's Focuses are yet passed (See Part II).

Such a dramatic perspectives correspond to coming of the Earth to the Age Of Capricorn in a sense that the Tropical 0º point comes to 0º point of Capricorn of the Solar Zodiac [13], and vice versa, namely at the beginning of this Millennium. At this, the Solar Zodiac is determined as a natural affiliate to the Tropical one by the Solar system and Galactic Planes. In particular, this increases the actuality of the 0º point of Capricorn, in the close vicinity of which the Solstice Meridian, Ecliptic a Galactic Equator intersect on the background of the Galactic Center. No wonder that this point (viz. Time Focus T1) also participates in the HB's play!

As well, this dramatic course of events corresponds to sharp intensification of events of world-wide importance that is prescribed both by the Mayan Calendar, and by its Golden Section structure [14] reflecting the Geocosmic, Spiritual and other crucial moments of our civilization.

Part II. Planetary Factors of Influence

2.1. Introduction

From the one hand, it is hardly possible to assume that making use of only national chart may be sufficient for predicting such extremal for the USA event as unpreceded strike of September 11 and subsequent world-wide military action against the extremists; the more so, that several charts are still proposed for the USA, and the chart for September 11 attack does not contain essentially more difficult situation than those that took place in the preceding decades.

From the other hand, though the factors of general influence being considered in the Part I show the critical points where the Cosmic Energies may influence the Earth, they are not sufficient, by themselves, for use in forecasting with respect to statical and kinematical peculiarities of the national charts.

That is why it is more natural to unite these two approaches on the basis of principle of resonance which implies that it was a system of planetary configurations the reiteration of which had developed a definite set of sensitive points that could trigger a process in a country provided some "innocent" transiting and/or progressive planet would hit some of these points in the national chart directly, or through a hard configuration. And namely this situation takes place with the USA, Afghanistan, Israel, as well as with some other countries. However, due to the lack of space, we will prove the applicability of this principle on the example of these three countries, and for the former two in a more detailed way.

For the USA and Afghanistan, the brief scenario of drama for the current moment is as follows. In their recurrent conjunctions, the Sun and comet HB "dance" has specified a set of Focuses which conjunct, square and oppose the natal Sun of the USA and the 0º Capricorn point (for this point, see also para. 1.5) being essential for Afghanistan. After then, for several years [1, 2] these Focuses were heating the situation throughout the world, including these two countries, until the progressive Sun, from several Focuses, had conjuncted the America's natal Sun, apart from other sensitive points of the progressive charts of the USA.

The possibility of the events like September 11 attack and possible April and June 2002 incidents were highly increased by the July 5, 2001 Eclipse at (and within the scope of) the Solar Return chart for the USA on the Focus of T6, when the Eclipse Sun (13 CAN 39) conjuncted and opposed the Solar arch Sun of the Focuses sa T2* (13 CAP 55) and sa T6* (13 CAN 25) with the average of (13 CAP/CAN 40). In Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Horizon maps, these and other actual events for the USA are linked with Afghanistan, and in many cases touch Washington and Kabul.

As a result, when all the charts have come to a resonance, with a support of extra energy poured by a SA splash (See para. 1.3) into the crucial planetary configurations at Focus T7, the overheated boiler has exploded with covering the world with a splashes of blood and terror.

2.2. Planetary Cast and Dance Steps

As far as the principal events take place, first of all, under the pressure of principal causes, it leaves us little chance to understand the astrological background of the September 11 attack through a routine correlation of hundreds of natal and progressive charts for the HB's Focuses, USA etc. As it follows from the below analysis, it is more fruitful to preliminary detect the comet HB's "Planetary Cast" and their "Dance Steps" that is the set of planets being most actual in their recurrent configurations, and only then to use this principal data in correlation.

Thus, for the basic reference points for the comet HB these are taken three HB/Sun conjunctions with respect to Ecliptic longitude T2, T3, T6, and to Right Ascension (R.A.) - T2*, T3*, T6*, respectively. For these points the charts for Washington and Kabul are considered (See the Table). Other HB's Time Focuses, as well as the Hyakutake/Hale-Bopp cometary Apex at Algol are also actual as static critical points, but as they are defined by Eclipses and other actual points with respect to the principal ones, they are not used in kinematics, viz. in progressions, except of T1 that initiates the the HB Focal sequence (See also para. 1.5).

For the USA and Afghanistan basic reference points these are taken the ascending Gemini chart [15] and Capricorn. The latter choice is quite obvious as this sign clearly reflects both the highland and desert landscape of Afghanistan, and the archetype of its inhabitants. As to planets, the Moon and Saturn are taken as the dispositors of Sun for these countries; besides, Moon is actual as the symbol of Islamic extremists who were very active during the elapsed 5 years at all HB Geographical Focuses, from Algeria to Indonesia [1, 2, 11].

Further on, the comet HB Planetary Cast (PC) and Dance Steps (DS) are correlated with the USA and Afghanistan, as well as with Israel charts with the use of Astro*Carto*Graphy (ACG) and Local Horizon (LH) maps, in statics and kinematics. Besides, the America's July 4, 2001 Solar return (USS) and July 5, 2001 Eclipse (ECL) charts for the USA and Afghanistan are used, since the latter is involved in the scope of the former one.

The analysis of correlation between 8 pairs of charts for the HB Focuses (lines T1 T6 of the Table) and charts of USS and ECL (lines USS and ECL of the Table), as well as comparison of these 10 pairs of charts with the charts for the New York Attack (NY) and the USA (US) (lines NY and US of the Table) show who are the "stars", and what "dances" are still might be seen in a future.

This analysis was carried out under the following Agreement:

1. Only conjunctions, squares and oppositions are considered with an orb of up to 1º, if not specified otherwise. For this reason, as well as for the sake of saving space and increasing readability, in the below consideration the symbols of these aspects are omitted, when appropriate.

2. Only T-square and Grand Cross configurations are considered with an orb of up to 5º (3º in average), if not specified otherwise.

3. Only those midpoints are considered which are formed by As/Mc or PC-planets at a PC-planet or at an angle with an orb of up to 1º (in several cases an orb of up to 1.5º is taken for the recurrent midpoints).

4. For the comet HB charts, only the Sun is used in solar arc directions.

5. For the ACG and LH map lines, an orb of up to 1.5º of geographical longitude is used, which is equal or twice less than an uncertainty in the position of the comets HB and Hyakutake with respect to the accuracy of 1 to 2 sec of R.A. of existing Ephemeris [5 8].

With the aim to simplify the subsequent notation, make use of the following clear references to the Table elements, where ecliptic longitude might be omitted:

SU T2, SU T2 (12 CAP 59) denotes the Sun for the time of Focus T2;
sa SU T2 (17 CAP 46) denotes the Solar arc directed Sun of T2 For September 11, 2001;
Mc W T3, As K T3 denotes Mc (As) for Washington (Kabul) for the time of Focus T3;
sp SU US denotes the secondary progressed Sun for the USA.

The positions of the sa and sp planets are given for September 11, 2001, if not specified otherwise.

Under these assumptions we obtain that the following set of planets (without taking account that Moon and Saturn are considered as rulers), including Mc and As, forms the Planetary Cast:

PC = { SU, MO, MA, SA, UR, NE, PL, (As, Mc)},

as both these planets and their midpoints participate in all 10 cosmograms (19 charts, resp.) from T1 to ECL either explicitly, in the specified aspects and/or configurations, or implicitly through the midpoints, though it is Uranus that made explicit aspect, but once.

TABLE. The Event Data for the Comet HB Focuses and Accompanying Charts









sa dir. for 

Sep 11, 2001

for W

for K

for W

for K


Dec 21, 1996


00 CAP 00
4 CAP 49
25 CAP 02

24 CAN 51

17 SCO 36

12 ARI 22

21 TAU 50
25 VIR 27

0 ARI 54

2 AQU 43

26 CAP 28

4 SAG 01


Dec 30, 1996


9 CAP 18
14 CAP 5
14 ARI 18

8 VIR 55

7 CAP 53

6 GEM 40

13 VIR 26
28 VIR 48

1 ARI 16

3 AQU 12

26 CAP 47

4 SAG 20


Jan 3, 1997


12 CAP 59
17 CAP 46
15 SCO 13

3 TAU 58

24 LEO 10

21 CAP 1

27 LIB 22
0 LIB 0

1 ARI 27

3 AQU 24

26 CAP 55

4 SAG 28


Mar 4, 1997


13 PIS 31
18 PIS 03
16 LIB 10

9 PIS 1

18 CAN 31

17 SAG 23

4 CAP 41
1 LIB 37

6 ARI 56

6 AQU 46

29 CAP 3

5 SAG 36


Mar 21, 1997


0 ARI 50
5 ARI 17
6 PIS 43

20 LEO 6

16 SAG 58

14 TAU 32

0 VIR 37
25 VIR 10

9 ARI 4

7 AQU 33

29 CAP 30

5 SAG 33


Apr 10, 1997


20 ARI 24
24 ARI 44
4 CAP 2

7 CAN 31

26 LIB 44

20 PIS 15

27 TAU 12
18 VIR 44

11 ARI 32

8 AQU 14

29 CAP 50

5 SAG 19


Jul 1, 1997


9 CAN 35
13 CAN 35
3 CAN 58

3 SCO 29

12 PIS 32

7 LEO 43

28 TAU 48
5 LIB 33

19 ARI 32

7 AQU 46

29 CAP 6

3 SAG 18


Jul 4, 1997


(New MO 18:39)

12 CAN 55

(12 CAN 48)

16 CAN 55
3 SAG 20 2 GEM 29

(28 LIB 36)

18 VIR 13

12 AQU 56

(3 LEO 17)

14 CAN 20

(12 CAN 48)

7 LIB 17

19 ARI 42

7 AQU 39

29 CAP 1

3 SAG 14


Jul 4, 2001


12 CAN 44
27 VIR 20
26 GEM 57
1 CAP 51
16 SAG 43

9 GEM 22

24 AQU 20

8 AQU 3

13 SAG 9


Jul 5, 2001


13 CAN 39
15 VIR 58

21 CAP 11

13 GEM 57

11 SCO 15

13 CAP 39
16 SAG 32

9 GEM 29

24 AQU 19

8 AQU 2

13 SAG 8


Sep 11, 2001


18 VIR 51
14 LIB 10
16 CAN 29
28 GEM 4
1 CAP 27

14 GEM 45

21 AQU 50

6 AQU 21

12 SAG 38


Jul 4, 1776


12 CAN 44
7 GEM 14
13 AQU 38
18 AQU 10
20 GEM 57

14 LIB 47

8 GEM 53

22 VIR 24

27 CAP 34

NOTE. On Ecliptic, the Apex for comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp is (24 TAU 26.5).

Apart from other hard aspects (n.1 of Agreement) between the PC planets, in all 10 cosmograms, except of T6, exist a T-square; in six of them Mars opposes Saturn, whereas in the last ones it shares its part with Pluto, explicitly, in conjunct, or through a midpoint. The double squared point in these T-squares is occupied: 3 times by NE/PL, 2 times by SU and MO, and once by UR, MA/SA, SA/NE and PL/UR midpoints.

At this, some PC element is conjuncted: 7 times by the midpoints SA/PL and MA/NE, 3 times by midpoints As/Mc, SU/NE, MA/SA, MA/PL, SU/SA, SU/PL, MO/SA, and 4 times Saturn is square or sesquiquadrate Pluto. At the last Focus, T6, PL conjunct MA/NE sesquiquadrates SA conjunct MO/SA and SU/NE, whereas the SU conjunct MO at MA/SA squares both MA and SA.

The steps of this dance are quite clear and predictable; in a definite way, they are summed up in the July 5, 2001 Eclipse (viz. ECL, Table 1) charts:

- the As of the Kabul's ECL chart coincides with Ds of the Kabul's and As of the Washington's charts for T1, whereas the As of the Washington's ECL chart coincides with Washington's Mc (18 VIR 13) of T6 (for importance of this, see para 2.3) and SU NY (18 VIR 51);

- in the chart for Washington:

1. The Sun of ECL, SU (13 CAN 39), at N.Node and MA/NE conjuncts the Solar arc Sun of T6*, sa SU T6* (13 CAN 25), and is opposed by the Moon of ECL, MO (13 CAN 39), at S.Node, which in its turn, conjuncts the Solar arc Sun of T2*, sa SU T2* (13 CAP 55) in semisextile to NE and MA conjunct PL. At this, the average of SU T6*, sa SU T2* makes (13 CAN/CAP 40), viz. exactly the Sun/Moon position of the Eclipse!

2. the MA, PL, Ic conjunction opposes SA at Mc and both these groups semisquare and sesquiquadrate UR, as if all 7 PC-planets and angles have prepared, at the America's Solar return, to start their parts on looking along the Moon-Sun arrow to the Natal Sun of the USA. Note, that this arrow repeats the SU/SA, JU arrow to MA (18 VIR 44)of the future Sun of the NY chart (in addition to the above Mc).

2.3. Trutina Hermetis in the USA/Afghani Synastry

Consider the pairs of midpoints SU/MO and As/Mc from the one hand, and the angles As and Mc from the other hand, for all 11 charts T1 NY of the Table in a chronological order: one sequence of pairs for Washington, and the other for Kabul. (Note, that for this consideration the geographical difference between Washington and New York city is insignificant). Then, the Focuses of the comets Hyakutake (via the Apex) and Hale Bopp define the following correspondence resembling the Trutina Hermetis for these sequences of charts.

The Rule of HB's Focal Synchronism

1. The As or Mc of the subsequent event coincides with the preceding event midpoint As/Mc or SU/MO being disposed in the same cross, Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable (viz. it is rotated by 0º, 90º or 180º), or vice versa.

    For example, the first four transitions, from T1 to T3, for Kabul are as follows (positions are rounded to degrees):

    SU/MO T1 (11 PIS) --> As T2* (9 VIR)
    As T2* (9 VIR) --> As/Mc T2 (12 PIS)
    As/Mc T2 (12 PIS) --> As T3 (9 PIS)
    Mc T3 (17 SAG) --> SU/MO T3* (16 GEM)

    At this, more than one transition may take place. For instance, the transitions from T2* to T2 and from ECL to NY for Washington are as follows:

    Mc T2* (8 CAP) --> As/Mc T2 (5 LIB),
    SU/MO T2* (11 SCO) --> As T2 (15 SCO),
    As/Mc T2* (26 AQU) --> Mc T2 (24 LEO),

    SU/MO ECL (14 CAN/CAP) --> As NY (14 LIB),
    SU/MO ECL (14 CAN/CAP) --> Mc NY (16 CAN),

    The exceptions to this rule make transitions from T6* to T6 for Kabul, and from Apex to T6*, from T6 to USS and from USS to ECL for Washington, where the midpoint SU/MO at T6 stops its miraculous alterations from Mutable to Fixed cross points (11 PIS, 11 SCO, 5 SAG, 9 AQU, 16 GEM, 9 TAU, 19 GEM and (13 CAN 37) at T6 that emphasizes the above mentioned situation at the Eclipse of July 5, 2001). Nevertheless, the correspondence at this Focus is provided by repeating of the Mc at T6 by Ic of T6* for both Kabul and Washington, and by repeating of the As, Mc and SU/MO points of T6 at USS and ECL, though with a larger error.
    The error of existing 16 coincidences (without exceptions) makes 1.3º of Ecliptic longitude for Kabul charts, and 2.9º - for Washington with maximal deviations of 3º and 6º, resp.

2. Moreover, this rule holds not only for the adjacent events, but also for a large part of those charts that are separated by 1, 2 and even more events. For example, for Washington:

As/Mc T2 (5 LIB) --> As Apex (4 CAP) --> SU/MO USS (7 LIB).

3. Besides, in a quarter of transitions to adjacent charts the midpoint SU/MO takes the value of As/Mc, and vice versa, and As (Mc) takes the value of the preceding As (Mc);as well, they may also follow the condition 2 of this Rule. For Washington, the examples are as follows:

SU/MO T2 (5 SAG) --> As/Mc T3 (2 VIR),
As Apex (4 CAP) --> As T6* (4 CAN).

NOTE. For the subsequent analysis these are important the transitions from the ECL (viz. July 5, 2001 Eclipse) to the NY (viz. the chart for the September 11 attack, New York) charts:

Kabul: Mc ECL (11 SCO) --> SU/MO NY (8 LEO),
Kabul, Washington: SU/MO ECL (14 CAN/CAP) --> As NY (14 LIB),
    SU/MO ECL (14 CAN/CAP) --> Mc NY (16 CAN).

Thus, with taking account of both conditions 1 and 3 of this Rule, that is even without considering of non-adjacent transitions and without taking account of presence of other correlations, we obtain that for all 11 charts T1 NY the error of existing 20 coincidences makes 1.7º of Ecliptic longitude for Kabul charts, and 3.2º ( or without the USS chart) - for Washington, with maximal deviations of and (), respectively.

This is very high precision of synchronism, since the uncertainty of the HB's Ephemeris makes 1 to 3sec of R.A. which correspond to 1.5º - 4.5º of Ecliptic longitude for Mc and As, since they are defined by conjunctions of Sun and comet HB (See para.1.2).

In the terms of the Trutina Hermetis we may conclude that each of the events in the sequence of T1 to NY of the Table presents a "conception" for the "birth" of the next (and even all subsequent!) event(s).

In other words, the Rule of HB's Focal Synchronism establishes a mysterious 11-fold algebraic correspondence between the Washington and Kabul through the comet Hale Bopp's Focuses!

2.4. Astro*Carto*Graphy (ACG) and Local Horizon (LH) Effects
for the USA, Afghanistan, Israel, U.K. and Somali

A substantial involvement of the USA and Afghanistan, as well as Israel, the UK, Somali and some other countries into 10 events T1 ECL is also clearly seen from the ACG maps for these events. At this, the LH-maps for the same PC-planets show close correspondence between these countries.

When considering the planetary lines in these maps, one must remember that the Sun should be interpreted with taking account that it reflects the properties of the Sun/HB conjunctions with hard aspects. Note also, that due to variations in its trajectory, a relatively large angular dimension and heterogeneity of the comet HB, the longitude of its center might be accurate (See para. 1.2) to within 1 3 sec of R.A., which, in average, correspond to12 min of time, or 3º uncertainty of ACG lines in geographical longitude (about 200 miles for the regions considered). This orb of 3º is considered below, if not specified otherwise.

Only PC-planets are considered. Latitudinal intersections are not listed below.


ACG (K denotes that the line crosses Kabul):
T1 NE Ds (K), UR Ds
T2* PL Ic (K), MO As
T2 MO Ds (K), SU Mc, NE Mc
T3 SU As (K), PL Mc
T3* UR Ds and MO As - 4º to W and E from Afghani border, resp.
Apex MA Ic (K)
T6* UR Ic (K), NE Ic
T6 UR Mc; NE Mc and PL Ds - 5º to W and E from Afghani border, resp.

LH: the following Washington's planetary lines cross Afghanistan:
SA Apex, MO T3, UR T6*, MA USS, PL USS


ACG: though a large number of angular PC-planetary lines cross the territory of the USA, the most dense net of these lines and latitudinal intersections are spread in the following regions: about 200 miles of continental territory along the Western and Eastern shores, and about 300 miles Eastward and Westward from the meridian of Denver.

In these regions, the lines concentrate around San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida, and North-Eastern United States, especially in Maine.

(NY) (W) (LA) (SF) denote that the line crosses New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco

T1 NE As (NY), SU As, SA Ic (SF, LA), MA Mc, UR As
T2* SU Mc (W), NE As, UR As (SF), PL Mc, MO Ds, MA Ds and SA As (Detroit-Atlanta), ME Mc
T2 SU Ic (SF, LA), NE Ic (Denver), UR Ic, MO As,
T3 PL Ic (SF), SU Ds (LA), MA As, MO Ic-SA Ds-NE Ic cover Oklahoma-Memphis Meridians
T3* All PC-planets, at some angle lines, cross the USA;
Apex NE Ic, UR Ic, SU Ds, MO Ds, PL As, MA Mc, SA Ic, SU Ic
T6* SU As (NY), ME As, NE Mc (SF, LA), UR Mc (Tucson), MO As, PL Ds (Kansas City);
Besides, almost all PC-planets, at some angle lines, cross Alaska.
T6 SU Mc, MO Mc, MA As, NE Ic, UR Ic (LA), PL As
USS MO Ic (Portland), UR Ds (Las Vegas), SA Mc (Kansas City), PL Ic (Memphis), MA Ic
ECL The New York and Washington almost exactly (within dozens of miles) are crossed by the lines of MA Ic ECL and PL Ic ECL, resp.
Besides, NE Ds (SF), UR Ds (Denver), SA Mc ECL (Cleveland Jacksonville).

Thus, if the planetary configuration on July 5, 2001 Eclipse presents a prelude to September 11 attack (See para. 2.2), or a bow, the Moon-Sun arrow of which is directed to the America's natal Sun being coincided and opposed by several natal and progressive positions of the HB's Sun, the Eclipse ACG map makes this target more exact by its MA Ic ECL, PL Ic ECL lines.

LH: the following Kabul's planetary lines cross the USA:
MA (Apex), PL T2*, PL T3, MO T3, UR T6*, UR T6, SU T2, NE T2, UR T2.

In brief, consider now the A*C*G and LH situation in Israel and the U.K., where the situation strictly follows the HB's Focuses from 1997; now, London is actively engaged in anti-terrorist activity, Somali is accused in supporting terrorism.

For the LH maps, W (K) stands for the lines of Washington (Kabul, resp.).


T3 NE As
T3* SA Mc
Apex MO As
T6* MA As, SU Mc
T6 SA As, SU Ic, MO Ic

T2* NE, UR of W
T2 MA, SA, MO of K, UR, NE of W
T3 SU, MA of K
Apex PL, MO of K, MA of W
T6* MO, SA, PL of K, SU of W
T6 SA of K


T1 SU Ds, SU Ds/MA Ic intersection in 4º Eastward
T2* UR Ds
T2 MA Ds, SA As
Apex MO As, PL Ds
T6* SA Ds
T6 SA As, SU Ic, MO Ic

T1 MA, SA of W
T2 PL of K, NE of W
T3 PL of W
T3* SU, MA, SA of K
Apex MA of W
T6* SU of W
T6 SU, MO of K, UR of W

United Kingdom (L London)

T1 UR Mc (L), MO As (L), NE Mc
T2* MO Ic, MA Ic, NE Ds
T2 SU As
T3 MA Mc, SA Ic (L)
T3* MO Ic (L), PL Ds
Apex SU As intersects with SA As; MA Ds
T6* MO Mc, PL Ic
T6 UR As (L), SU Ds, NE As

T2* PL of W
T2 UR of W
T3* PL of K
Apex SU of K, MA of W
T6* SU, NE of W

2.5. Synastrial Resonance between the USA and Comet HB's Charts

Consider the basic synastry between the USA chart (US, the last line in the Table) and the PC planets of the comet HB' Time Focuses, which cause the resonance in position and dance steps, by using the orb of up to 1º. At this, taking account of the Agreement of para. 2.2 allows us in most cases to shorten description to enumerating of planetary positions, as only conjunctions, squares and oppositions are considered and Ecliptic positions themselves are given in the Table or could be obtained from those values. Remember, that the sa and sp planetary positions for the USA chart are given for September 11, 2001, if not specified otherwise.

SU US (12 CAN 44) is almost exactly opposed and conjuncted by SU T2 (12 CAP 59), SU T6 (12 CAN 55). At the first Focus T1, in 1997, the sa SU US (21 AQU 40) squares the MO T1 (21 TAU 50) of Afghanistan and its own Solar dispositor, while at last Sun/HB conjunction at T6 the MO T6 approaches the SU US, while the Solar return Sun of 1997 conjuncted by Moon.

As US (7 GEM 14) is squared by sa PL T6 (7 SAG 14), sa PL T6* (7 SAG 18)
and trines UR T3 (6 AQU 46) to UR T6 (7 AQU 39).

ME US (24 CAN 28), the ruler of the America's Ascendant, conjuncts the angles of the first Focus: Ds W T1 (25 CAP 2) and As K T1 (24 CAN 51), the basic chart for Afghanistan.

MO US (18 AQU 10), the ruler of the America's Sun, in the chart of the USA coincides with MA/SA, SU/NE and trines MA and SA, whereas SA = MO/UR, N.Node = MO/PL. This means, that the MO US is "ready for getting into resonance" with the PC-planets.

On September 11, the sp MO US (21 TAU 30) approaches MO T1 (21 TAU 50), and exactly conjuncts it at the beginning of military actions against Afghanistan.

while the sa MO US (1 LIB 39) comes to resonance with: MA T3 (1 LIB 37), MO USS (1 CAP 51),
SA T2 (1 ARI 27), SA T1 (0 ARI 54), MA T2 (0 LIB 0), SU T3* (0 ARI 50)

SA US (14 LIB 47) = MO/UR comes to resonance with: sa SU T2* (14 CAP 5), MO T6 (14 CAN 20),
SU ECL (13 CAN 39),

whereas sa SA US (28 TAU 16) passed Apex in 1997. Now, it comes to resonance with: MO T6* (28 TAU 48) = SU/SA, sa Apex (28 TAU 47), MO Apex (27 TAU 12) = SU/NE.

Moreover, the sp SA US (3 SCO 24) comes to resonance with: As K T6* (3 SCO 29), As K T2 (3 TAU 58), PL T6* (3 SAG 18), UR T1 (2 AQU 43) UR T2 (3 AQU 24), VE T6* (3 LEO 10) = UR/NE =MO/MA,

while the SA USS and SA ECL are at the sp Ds US (9 SAG 23).

UR US (8 GEM 53) trines UR Apex (8 AQU 14) = SA/PL and sesquiquadrate UR ECL (24 AQU 18),

whereas sp UR US (6 GEM 57) comes to resonance with: Mc K T2* (6 GEM 40), As W T3* (6 PIS 43),

semisextile MA T3 (6 ARI 56) and trines UR T3 (6 AQU 46) = SA/PL.

S. Node US (6 AQU 36) = MO/PL = MA/NE comes to resonance with: UR T3 (6 AQU 46) UR T6 (7 AQU 39),

while the sp S. Node (26 CAP 54) comes to resonance with: Mc W Apex (26 LIB 44), MO T2 (27 LIB 22), NE T2 (26 CAP 55), NE T1 (26 CAP 28).

NE US (22 VIR 24) comes to resonance with: N.Node T6* (22 VIR 51) = SU/PL N.Node T6 (22 VIR 14) = SU/PL

PL US (27 CAP 34) comes to resonance with: MO T2 (27 LIB 22), NE T2 (26 CAP 55), NE T1 (26 CAP 28)

sa PL US (11 VIR 3) comes to resonance with: SA/PL ECL (11 VIR 18) SA ECL (9 GEM 29) PL ECL (13 SAG 8),

whereas sp PL US(28 CAP 56) comes to resonance with: NE T3 NE T6 (29 CAP 1), UR/NE T1 (29 CAP 25).

Integrally, the America's sa SU/MO (13 SAG 56) comes to resonance with: SU T3 (13 PIS 31), MO T2* (13 VIR 26), Mc W ECL (13 GEM 57), PL ECL (13 SAG 8).

2.6. The America's 2001 Solar Return and July 5, 2001 Eclipse Charts

In 2001, at the Focus of T6 and within the scope of the 24-hour Solar return pass of the America's Solar return chart (See Table, the line USS), the Lunar Eclipse took place (See Table, the line ECL) as an reiteration of the New Moon at (12 CAN 48) that was synchronized at the first pass of the Focus T6 in 1997 with the Solar return for the USA. Namely, the USS and ECL show that:

the Eclipse Sun SU ECL (13 CAN 39) conjuncted and opposed the Solar arch Sun of the comet HB's Focuses sa SU T2* (13 CAP 55) and sa T6*(13 CAN 25) with the average of (13 CAP/CAN 40) and within a 1º orb of SU T6 (12 CAN 55) and SU T2 (12 CAP 59). In two months, on September 11, 2001, the latter one, T6*(13 CAN 35), approached the SU ECL to within 4' and coincided with it, together with the sa SA T3* (13 ARI 35), at the beginning of military actions against Afghanistan.

SU USS (12 CAN 44) comes to resonance with: SU T6 (12 CAN 55), sa SU T6* (13 CAN 25), SU T2 (12 CAP 59), sa SU T2* (13 CAP 55),

while sa SU US (26 AQU 4) comes to resonance with: As/Mc W T2* (26 AQU 5), MO Apex (27 TAU 12) at Algol (26 TAU 10)

MO USS (1 CAP 51) is conjunct Ic USS (26 SAG 57) and comes to resonance with: SA T2 (1 ARI 27) SU T3* (0 ARI 50) MA T3 (1 LIB 37) sa MO US (1 LIB 30)

As USS (27 VIR 20) is square Mc USS (26 GEM 57) and comes to resonance with: sa MO US (1 LIB 30), sa Mc US (26 VIR 57), MA T1 (25 VIR 27) - MA T3 (1 LIB 37)

MA USS (16 SAG 43) is square As W ECL (15 VIR 58) and comes to resonance with: Mc W T3* (16 SAG 58), Mc K T3 (17 SAG 23), SU/MO T3*(15 GEM 44) sa SU T3 (17 PIS 53)

SA USS (9 GEM 22) square Backward sa SU T3 (9 PIS 0) and comes to resonance with: As K T2* (8 VIR 55), As K T3 (9 PIS 1); SA T3* (9 ARI 4) via the last Moon's aspect

UR USS (24 AQU 20) square comet HB's Apex(24 TAU 27)

PL USS (13 SAG 9) square SU T3 (13 PIS 31)

Note, that the aspects the MO USS makes before the Eclipse are those with Neptune and Saturn, which correspond to the middle of January and February 2002, respectively, whereas the Eclipse to the middle of June, 2002.

General planetary dance steps for the Eclipse of July 5, 2001 are given in para. 2.2. Note here, that the Eclipse chart for Washington practically repeats that of the USA Solar return, while the Mc and As for Kabul within the accepted accuracy repeat those of T1 for Washington.

2.7. The September 11, 2001 Tragic Premiere

After several rehearsals at the HB Focus stages being decorated with T-squares based on Mars, Saturn oppositions with the third partner being alternatively taken from the PC, and subsequent T-squares with other planets from PC and their midpoints, where Pluto begins to take the part of Mars, the general rehearsal with the same dance steps took place in July 2001 that had acknowledged the cast for the tragic premiere of September 11 attack in compliance with the Trutina Hermetis (TH):

As NY (14 LIB 10) corresponds (TH) to the SU/MO ECL (13 LIB/ARI 39) of the preceding event and MO T6 (14 CAN 20) comes to resonance with: the Sun-Moon arrow (See para. 2.2) of the Solar return's Eclipse (13 CAP 39) ? (13 CAN 39) (and that of the Apex) supported by the sa SU T6* (13 CAN 35), that are targeted to SU US;

sa SU T2* (14 CAP 5) and As W T2* (14 ARI 18) and their average of (14º 11.5') of Cardinal cross. ME NY (14 LIB 17) comes to resonance with sa SU T2* (14 CAP 5).

SU/MO NY (8 LEO 27) corresponds (TH) to Mc K ECL (11 SCO 15) and As/Mc USS (12 LEO 9),

sp SU/MO US (8 ARI 51) square SU T2* (9 CAP 18), SU T6* (9 CAN 35)

SU NY (18 VIR 51) corresponds (TH) to As W ECL (15 VIR 58), SU/MO T6* (19 GEM 11).

The "premiere" Sun SU NY is approached by the Eclipse Ascendant As W ECL (15 VIR 58) and HB's Sun sa SU T3 (18 PIS 3).

Besides, it comes to resonance with: Mc W T6 (18 VIR 13), As/Mc K T6* (20 VIR 36), Mc K T3 (17 SAG 23), Mc K Apex (20 PIS 15) and a day/ a month progression of As W ECL giving 18 VIR.

Mc NY (16 CAN 29) corresponds (TH) to the SU/MO ECL (13 LIB/ARI 39) of the preceding event and comes to resonance with: sa SU T6 (16 CAN 55), sa SU T2 (17 CAP 46), As W T3 (16 LIB 10),

Besides, for opposition sa SU T2* (14 CAP 5)/sa SU T2 (17 CAP 46) = (15 CAP 55) and conjunction sa SU T6 (16 CAN 55) we get the average point (16 CAN 25).

MO NY (28 GEM 4) corresponds (TH) to As USS (27 VIR 20) and Mc USS (26 GEM 57) of the second preceding event and comes to resonance with: MA T2* (28 VIR 48), sp Mc US (27 VIR 7), sa MO US (1 LIB 39) = sa MA/SA, sa SU/NE

Besides, the September attack takes place in resonance with the next HB Focus, T7, specified by the September 16, 1997 Eclipse with SU T7 (22 VIR 53), N.Node T7 (19 VIR 44) after the preceding HB's Focus T6 conjunct the critical July 4, 2001 Eclipse on the USA Solar return, where the Sun SU NY (18 VIR 51) conjunct saS.Node US (20 VIR 5) was entering the cusp of the XIIth NY (19 VIR 26), thus specifying the tragic assault of the clandestine enemy.

At this scenario being developed since 1996, the entire planetary cast is included to the play: in midpoints MA/PL (22 SAG 2), SA/MO (21 GEM 25), the pairs of MA, PL and MO, SA have united two T-squares into a "scissors" with the apex on the Sun, SU NY (18 VIR 51), where NE and UR, in accordance with their corps de ballet parts of the preceding plays, participate in midpoints and other aspects: UR, as earlier, is in sextile/trines, while NE in semisquare, with UR/PL at Mc.

In particular, MA NY (1 CAP 27) comes to resonance with:
MA T3 (1 LIB 37), MO USS (1 CAP 51), sa MO US (1 LIB 39),
SU T3* (0 ARI 50), SA T1 (0 ARI 54) - SA T2 (1 ARI 27).

SA NY (14 GEM 45) comes to resonance with:
SU/MO T3* (15 GEM 44), Mc W ECL (13 GEM 57),
As W ECL (15 VIR 58), MA ECL (16 SAG 32),

whereas sa SA US (28 TAU 16) = sa (MO/UR) comes to resonance with:
MO T6* (28 TAU 48), sa Apex (28 TAU 47), MO Apex (27 TAU 12)

and sp SA US (3 SCO 24) = sp As/Mc (3 SCO 15) comes to resonance with:
As K T6* (3 SCO 29), As K T2 (3 TAU 58), UR T2 (3 AQU 24).

UR NY (21 AQU 50) comes to resonance with:
MO/ME NY, the midpoint of the USA rulers, and MO T1 (21 TAU 50)

PL NY (12 SAG 38) comes to resonance with:
Mc W T6*(12 PIS 32), As/Mc K T2 (12 PIS 29),

whereas sp PL US (28 CAP 56) conjuncts NE T3 (29 CAP 3), T6 (29 CAP 6), T6* (29 CAP 1)

MIDPOINTS come to the following resonances:
sa N.Node US (20 PIS 5) = sa (MA/NE = MO/PL) with
Mc K Apex (20 PIS 15), As/Mc K T6* (20 VIR 36), SU/MO T6* (19 GEM 11),
SA/PL NY (13 PIS 41) with SU T3 (13 PIS 31),
SA/UR NY (18 ARI 17) with Mc W T3 (18 CAN 31).

2.8. Comet HB and Israeli Charts

From the very beginning, all the Time Focuses of the comet HB have manifested themselves in Israel by the splashes of Israeli-Palestinian confrontation [1, 2], and since the Autumn of 2000 they started to sharpen even more, until the current maximum. Note also, that Saturn is considered to be the ruler of Judaism; from this point of view, Capricorn may also be attributed to Israel and, therefore, all the above results pertaining to the Focus T1.

This confrontation is, firstly, described by Israeli natal Sun SU ISR (23 TAU 40) [10] resonance with the just formed cometary Apex (24 TAU 27). Then, the Israeli Solar return chart (ISR sr) for the year of 1997 shows that

SU ISR (23 TAU 40) at Apex, Algol being in the scope of the ISR sr, is
square MO ISR sr (23 LEO 25) in 12ththat sesquiquadrate SA ISR sr (15 ARI 34) in 8th;
PL ISR sr (4 SAG 32) is conjunct Ic ISR sr (4 SAG 44) and opposes VE ISR sr (4 GEM 34) being the ruler of natal Sun sign and Ascendant.

At this, the Natal ACG map lines pass Kabul (SU Ds) and Afghanistan (MA Mc), with nearby PL Mc and SA Mc lines, at a series of latitudinal intersections pertaining to Israel.

In progressions for the date of the Solar return in 1997,
sa Ic ISR (11 PIS 57)= MA/UR and UR/SA ISR sr (12 PIS 7) are close to SU T3 (13 PIS 31),
sa SA ISR (3 LIB 19) opposes transiting SA,

and, after this Solar return of 1997, the sa SU ISR (10 CAN 34) starts to go under the HB's Solar arc Sun escort; thus, on September 11, 2001, this procession is as follows:
sa SU T6* (13 CAN 35),
sa SU T2* (14 CAP 5),
sa SU ISR (14 CAN 40) (conjunct sp MO ISR (14 CAN 39) about Sept.1, 2001)
sa SU T6 (16 CAN 55),
sa SU T2 (17 CAP 46).

On July 5, 2001 Eclipse, this procession was intensified by sp MO ISR (12 CAN 46) conjunct the SU USS (12 CAN 44) and exact semisextile of sp PL ISR (13 LEO 39) to the Eclipse position of SU/MO, and, further on, by the progressive New Moon in the 8th - sa SU ISR, sa MO ISR (14 CAN 39) around September 1, 2001.

Besides, on March 2001 the sa Apex conjuncts MA ISR (28 TAU 18), and within the scope of this Eclipse, the backward sp MO ISR conjuncts the cometary Apex.

The backward secondary progressions (bsp) are also very dangerous: for several years the MO, MA, SA and PL are in the 12th, from where they sesquiquadrate SU in the 8th; in particular:

bsp SU ISR (1 ARI 20) sesquiquadrate bsp SA ISR (16 LEO 20), whereas
bsp MO ISR conjunct MA ISR in December 2001,
bsp MO ISR conjunct SA ISR in February 2002,
bsp MO ISR conjunct PL ISR at the end of May 2002,
bsp SU ISR conjunct SU T3* at the end of July 2002,
bsp SU ISR square SU T1 at the end of March 2002.

2.9. Comet HB and the Basic Charts of the U.K.

The below correlation shows, that in addition to essential ACG and LH involvement of the U.K. to the USA Al Queda (as we may take Afghanistan leadership before the War) interaction (See para. 2.4), the basic five charts being attributed to the United Kingdom also come to essential resonance with the comet HB's Focuses (the sa values are given for September 11, 2001):

1. May 11, 973 with SU (23 TAU), Mc (25 TAU 17) vs. Apex (24 TAU 27)

2. Dec. of 1066, with SU (9 CAP 50), Mc (8 CAP 40); NE (22 TAU)

vs. SU T2*(9 CAP 18) , SU T6*(9 CAN 35), Apex (24 TAU 27) 3. Jan. 1, 1801, with SU (10 CAP 10), Mc (9 CAN 10); SA (23 LEO 20) vs. SU T2*(9 CAP 18) , SU T6*(9 CAN 35), Apex (24 TAU 27) 4. Dec. 7, 1922, with As (8 CAN), PL (10 CAN);SA (17 LIB 44) vs. SU T2*(9 CAP 18) , SU T6*(9 CAN 35);

sa SU T2(17 CAP 46) , sa SU T6 (16 CAN 55),

5. May 1, 1707,with MA (13 CAN 44); PL (20 LEO 36) vs. sa SU T2*(14 CAP 5) , sa SU T6*(13 CAN 35);

Apex (24 TAU 27), bsp Apex (20 TAU 7).

Integrally, these resonances hardly require comments.

2.10. Conclusion

General Forecast

As it is shown in [1, 2] and in Part II, the comet Hale Bopp's Geographical and Time Focuses still exert their influence and not only in statics, that is Astro*Carto*Graphically and when they are passed by transiting Sun. As it is shown, even the progressive "Suns" of the basic Focuses T2, T3, T6 and T2*, T3*, T6* being defined by the comet HB and Sun conjunctions in Ecliptic longitude and Right Ascension, respectively, define the development of events in kinematics as well, both on a national level, until September 11 attack, and on the international one after that date. However, all these effects must not be attributed just to the comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp and their Apex at Algol. To a large extent, the local splashes of Solar activity, that took place in resonance with the HB's Time Focuses, were "heating" the development of events for five years, until the tragedy of September 11 had turned the "national" problems into international military and political confrontation. Emergence of this world wide problem in the year of maximum of the 11-year Solar activity cycle, apart from other factors, leaves us, even by itself, little hope for it to be solved in a short-term operation and would probably worry the world community for half a decade.

Planetary Forecast

Moreover, the grounds exist for suggesting that in the forthcoming years, with respect to the HB's Sun Solar arch directions, a series of dangerous events reflecting the HB's Factors of influence of Saturn/Plutonian nature may continue to take place in the specified countries [1, 2]. In particular, the forthcoming half a year presents a series of dangerous points, and not only for those countries that were considered in this work (note, for example, that the belt of extremist activity had spread over these years [1, 2, 11] from Algeria to Indonesia, including Yugoslavia). These points are specified by the presented HB's Time Focuses (which might be preceded by a February splash being determined by the resonance with the August 11, 1999 Eclipse and US chart) and, first of all, by those which are distributed through March, though the TB Focus of April 7 11 might be even more dangerous. After then, the vicinity of Saturn/Pluto opposition (May 26, 2002) presents general danger as a "Premiere" of the Saturn/Mars, Saturn/Pluto "rehearsals" during the previous 5 years. The details for definite countries might be obtained through the use of the Table and Focus data.

In particular, the forthcoming half a year presents significant danger for the USA, U.K. and Israel, mostly due to an extremist activity, but these probable accidents may have other causes (e.g. Earthquakes in the regions specified by the HB's Focuses ACG maps). At this, apart from the above specified dates, for these countries, as well as for Afghanistan and al Queda network, the vicinities of the Focus TB (April 7 11), Saturn/Pluto opposition (May 26, 2002), Eclipse of June 10, 2002 and the period of Eclipse of June 24, 2002 to Time Focus T6 of July 4, 2002 present especial danger as after-effect of the July 5, 2001 Eclipse and New York Tragedy, where a series of progressive conjunctions will take place. As it is seen from the above consideration, the progressive Sun of the HB's Focuses may still disturb the world in November 2002 and further on, but as they are touching the World wide Karma, for compiling a detailed forecasts it might be more reasonable to wait for the Summer 2002.

Last, not least, the author hopes that this work might not only be used in giving some hints for obtaining detailed predictions for those who are engaged in the Mundane forecasting, but will somehow help in excluding those events that arise from not sufficient analysis of the situation and could be associated with this dramatic "cometary" trend in development of the world wide community.


The author expresses his deep gratitude to Bette Denlinger for her advises which allowed him to make the results of this work more precise and interesting.


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APPENDICES (March 29, 2002)

by Sergey Smelyakov, January 9, 2002

After the September events at the Focus of the comet Hale-Bopp [1], the current Focus of January 3 has manifested itself with a culmination of natural calamities and military tensions (that started with the Focus of December 21), as well as with air crashes and mental collisions throughout the world. At this, as in the previous years and at the September 2001 Focus [1], the current one is accompanied by a splash in the Solar activity. This time the Sun unleashed a powerful "solar prominence" on January 4, when the instruments on SOHO recorded what one researcher says could be the most complex coronal mass ejection the spacecraft has ever witnessed in 6 years;never has it seen anything like this [2].

For the concerned countries and factors of influence, these are:

- the extreme snowfalls that stretched from Buffalo to Central and Southern Europe, Northern Caucasus, Turkey and Syria, and attacked the Russian Far East; the tremendous fires in Australia and Earthquakes in Afghanistan;
- sharpening of Pakistani-India tensions with almost daily shelling; killing of the first US soldier in Afghanistan; the first, after the W.W.II, sending of the German troops to the outer territory, to Afghanistan;
- seizing by Israel a contraband ship with weapons and several tons of explosive for $15 millions; official prohibition of Israeli authorities for Arafat to attend Catholic and Orthodox Christmas services in Bethlehem.

As if by passing a baton of the airplane crashes [1] and suicide air-ramming of sky-scrapers, on January 5 an American admirer of bin Laden hits the Bank of America's building in Tampa, apart of two more accidental air crashes in the USA on the same day and crash of unmanned Pakistani spy
plane (Jan. 6).

The detailed description of astrological background of these Focuses, as well as the Forecast for March June, 2002 and further on, is to appear in the ISAR publication.

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2. NEW COMET/OLD PROBLEMS: New Space Envoy Incites The Schedule of World Disasters
By Sergey Smelyakov; March 17, 2002

For the third time since 1996, a comet approaches the Earth, which is presumed to be seen with the naked eye - the comet Ikeya-Zhang (IZ) [1,2]. But the more miraculous thing with it is its trajectory, the principal points of which come to resonance with the Focuses of influence (Focuses) [3] of the comets Hale-Bopp (HB) and Hyakutake (H).

Thus, the comets H, HB and IZ have the perihelion and perigee in March and April of 1996, 1997 and 2002, respectively. The trajectories of the first two of them have made a cross over the Northern Hemisphere, the Apex H/HB of which relates to April 10, while the last one moving in parallel to the trajectory of comet H, but in opposite direction, will reach the Apex IZ/HB of the resembling cross with the comet HB on April 7, 2002. Remind, that as far as these Focuses of the comet HB are primarily defined [3] by their conjunctions with the Sun, the dates relevant to these Sun positions are used as Time Focuses with an orb of up to 5 days corresponding to 5 degrees of Ecliptic.

The very moment of discovering of the comet IZ on February 1, 2002 was marked by a splash in sunspot area [4] being the largest over the last 3 months, as the Focuses of the comet HB in the previous years were systematically accompanied by pronounced splashes in Solar activity [5, 6].

After then, within the orb of the Focuses of T3 (March 3) and T8 (March 13) it conjuncted the Sun of Apex H/HB and crossed the Ecliptic into the Northern Hemisphere on March 8,9. This was immediately followed by a splash in terrorist activity, military operations, natural calamities etc. with respect to the specified [3,5,7] factors of influence and countries (first of all USA, Israel, Afghanistan, India, Russia and some other [5,7]). In particular, the just passed two Focuses T3 and T8 are marked by the following extremal events.

I s r a e l. The first week of March was marked by the most bloody violence over the period of confrontation when Palestinian snipers and 10 suicide bombers from the one hand, and Israeli soldiers and missiles from the other hand were killing almost dozens people a day. After then, on March 11-15, Israeli forces have undertaken the largest (over the last years) military operation in the Palestinian territory with the use of 100 tanks that was accompanied by arrests, dozens of victims and shelling of the Christian Temple and statue. Even to day, on March 17, one more suicide bomber blast is undertaken. The astrological background of the events in Israel is closely associated with the progressive HB's Focuses that "convoying" the Israeli progressive Sun [7].

U S A / A f g h a n i s t a n. On March 1, the USA has started the offensive in Afghanistan, the largest in this year, the full swing of which comes to March 2-6; it was estimated as the largest and most severe military operation the USA held since the Korean war. Note, that the bombardments of Yugoslavia had also started at the HB's Focus on March 24 (to my relief, nobody can accuse me in knowing the Pentagon or Israeli plans in advance!). A new weapon - a thermobaric bomb - made its debut at Gardez on March 2. Within several days of March 3, several helicopters were shelled or shot down; apart from American and Afghani victims, there were first victims, after the WWII, between German and Danish troops. After then, within a day orb of Focus T8 (March 13) the Canadian troops take participation in military action, firstly since the Korean war; the American newspapers publish a "secret" report were the Pentagon considers the possibility of employing the nuclear weapons against Iran, Iraq, N. Korea and, possibly, Russia and China. The astrological background of these events is also closely associated with the "natal" and progressive HB's Focuses.

I n d i a. After putting the train with Indian pilgrims to fire on March 1, where 260 people, mostly women and children, were burnt, the greatest religious violence in a decade had propagated over the Western India, and in 5 days, around March 3, they led to 450 victims, in spite of curfew.

B e s i d e s, on March 1, NATO starts the largest military exercises in 4 years. On the next day, an embassy was attacked in Macedonia, 7 victims. A splash of postal terrorism takes place in the UK, and even to the T. Blair's office a parcel was sent with a toxic substance. On March 4, the largest in half a year antiterrorist operation starts in Grozny, Russia. In Paris, a bank is robbed for 6 mill. Euro. At T8, Germany is shocked with a series of acts of vandalism at cemeteries on March 16.

N a t u r a l calamities around March 3 were also intense: flood in France, Earthquakes in Afghanistan and Philippines with many dozens of victims, large-scale fires in Moscow and two (in the same day) in St. Petersburg. And even the previous [5] meat and poisoning scandals were repeated at Focus T8 by Russia's prohibition for importing American chicken and Chinese beef.

All these world wide fierce manifestations of cruelty that sharpen at the HB's Time Focuses and at the moments of their resonance with the national charts [7], including astrocartography, makes it expedient to show how the comet IZ may increase the actuality of the remaining forthcoming Focuses. T h u s, at its perihelion on March 18, the comet IZ makes its first conjunction with the Solar arc Sun of Apex H/HB and becomes retrograde at the Focus of T4 (March 20), with respect to R.A., and at T5 (March 24) with respect to Ecliptic Longitude (E.L.).

V e r y h a z a r d o u s is the first half of April when, in addition to the HB's resonances [7] at the Focus TB (April 7-11), the Apex of the IZ/HB cross (April 7) at the Great Nebula M31 takes place near the Apex of H/HB (April 10), as well as the first IZ/Sun conjunctions with respect to R.A. (April 4) and E.L. (April 14), apart from other details. After then, the comet IZ makes a series of squares and conjunctions with the Sun of other HB's Focuses, until it omes to perigee on April 28 at the Ecliptic region of its origination, viz. in the second half of Pisces.

On M a y 26, at Saturn/Pluto opposition, comet IZ exactly opposes the secondary progressed Apex of H/HB, and on June 10, near the Eclipse and after the second station, it becomes direct in E.L.

On J u l y 4, at the Focus T6, the comet IZ, after the last station in R.A., becomes direct and opposes the progressive Sun of the H/HB Apex, traverses the Equator towards the Southern Hemisphere.

In September, it traverses a series of nebulae of the constellation of Scorpius and opposes the Sun of the Saturn/Pluto opposition at the Focus T7 (September 16).

At Focuses of T1 (December 21) and T2 (January 3), on the Celestial Sphere the comet IZ passes the intersection of the Celestial and Galactic Equators on the background of a series of nebulae M8, M20, M21, etc., which it traverses very slowly.

This completes the sequence of actual resonances which the comet IZ makes with the Time Focuses of the comet HB. After then, in March April of 2003, it practically stands still in several minutes off Ecliptic, at 14-15 degrees of Aquarius. By Sun, this position corresponds to the moment of official registering of this comet on February 19, 2002.

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3. The Implicit Might of the Cometary Focuses and Its Development. Check it yourself!
By Sergey Smelyakov, March 27, 2002

As far as the pronounced manifestations of the comet Hale-Bopp (HB) Focuses T3, T8, T4 and T5 of March 3, 13, 20 and 24, respectively, have come to resonance with the critical points of the newly discovered comet Ikeya-Zhang (IZ) [1,2], for the astrologers' use it might be worth to know the alarming moments of the further comet IZ most actual points which coincide with the approaching HB's Focus TB of April 7-11. These are F1: April 4, GMT 5:20:15 (Sun/IZ conjunction at R.A.), F2: April 7, GMT 17:43:34 (Apex of the cross of HB/IZ trajectories), and F3: April 14, GMT 17:14:47 (Sun/IZ conjunction at Ecliptic Longitude).

In particular, the moments F1, F2, F3 define a striking resemblance between the charts for Washington. A similar synchronism is seen not only for the USA (including the WTC attack), but also for Israel, Afghanistan, U.K., Somali and some other countries, both in charts and AsrtoCartoGraphically.

After then, the critical IZ's points come to close correlation with the moments of Saturn/Pluto opposition and Lunar Eclipse on May 26, June 10 Eclipse, and subsequent comet HB's Focuses T6 (July 4) and T7 (September 16).

The above given moments and days of resonance are hazardous as the ones where, at high probability, the further development of the preceding events or trends may occur with respect to the entire spectrum of the specified [3,4] factors of influence: military activity, acts of terrorism (explosions and poisoning), political and economical crises, psychological collisions, as well as technogeneous catastrophes (fires, air and space failures and crashes, destruction, etc.) and natural calamities. At this, by taking account of the current intensification of the quakes in Afghanistan that strictly follow (within one day orb) the Focuses T2, T3 and T5 both by time and AsrtoCartoGraphically, the forthcoming focuses of F1, F2, F3, as well as subsequent moments being specified above are alarming as such that may, in resonance, provoke the Earthquakes (and tsunamis) in Southern Japan, along a line of San Francisco - Los Angeles, in some other regions including Afghanistan.

With respect to other factors of influence and AsrtoCartoGraphical indications, the regions of Washington, New York and Iowa in the USA, Orenburg-Cheliabisk-Perm in Russia, as well as the U.K., India, Pakistan, Somali and some other areas might also be damaged in April and further on, around the above specified moments; to full extent this relates to respective countries of the Middle East, which are reiteratively affected by the HB's Focuses (including T6 coinciding with the America's 2002 Solar return).

Though the levels of Solar activity [5] were not very high in March (viz. since the report [2]), they were, once again [3,4], synchronous with the comet HB's Focuses. Thus, the maximal Sunspot values in March took place on 4th and 22nd, whereas the largest sunspot area had developed on 11th-14th; the Solar activity caused a pronounced proton events on 18th, 20th and 22nd-23rd, as well as geomagnetic storms on 18th - 20th - up to major storm on 24th, that is at the respective cometary Focuses. Moreover, as the Solar activity level is now at its second comb of the 11-year cycle, we may also expect that, as earlier [3,4], the forthcoming April Focuses might as well be mysteriously intensified by pronounced Solar activity splashes.

As if by emphasizing the actuality of the comet IZ, on March 8, when it passed the Sun of the Apex of the cross the preceding comets (HB and Hyakutake) made over the Northern Hemisphere, an asteroid, now named 2002 EM7, had passed its perigee within 298 400 miles (about 38 Earth's diameters) of our planet, or about 1.2 times as far away as the Moon. However, it was not discovered (!) until March 12 (viz. at T8). Few asteroids this large have ever been known to pass so close to Earth; "of the objects that have come closer, only one is bigger" [6].

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