Exegesis Volume 6 Issue #20

From: "Francis G. Kostella"
Subject: What will happen?

Exegesis Digest Wed, 12 Sep 2001

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 03:13:07 -0400
From: "Francis G. Kostella"
To: Exegesis
Subject: What will happen?

As you all probably know by now, Dermod is closing shop and shutting down the Psych list. As a result, Exegesis, "Psych's little brother list", will be homeless, no longer hosted at Metalog. I'm sad that this time has come and want to thank Dermod for rendering such great service to the online community for many years. Anyone who has tried to provide good quality public-access services on the internet understands the frustrations and time consuming efforts needed to achieve *any* success, and Dermod's work has FAR surpassed the mediocre most efforts achieve!

 > From the bottom of my heart: Thank you Dermod, and bless you and yours!

But what of *this* list?

I debated putting Exegesis to rest for good and hoped that there would be some postings asking what will happen... but nothing! :-(


Despite that, I want to push on a *little* longer and move the list to a new server, one that I own and can manage myself, and see if the topic and format is still worth any effort.

My current ISP (may a horde of fleas infest their servers!) has been sub-par and I'm going to cancel my account. I've been searching for an ISP who will let me run my own list-server software and have found one who can give me a fixed IP address and doesn't care what I do as long as it is legal. However, the new ISP will require 3-4 weeks to get me connected and, unfortunately, I will have to turn off my existing DSL account. Yipes!

I'd hoped to announce a new home for the list before the 15th, but that just hasn't been possible. So....I'm going to be silent for a few week AFTER the 15th and hope to have a new server up and running in October. I've got a list of everyone's email addresses and will send a message when I've got a new server up and running. The first thing will likely be some sort of web interface while I explore list-server software.

Oh, by the way, my current ISP (may their routers break into infinite pieces AFTER the warranties expire) is blocking port 80 out of the mistaken belief that they are protecting my linux/apache server from a windows/iis worm...sigh... as a result you can only use the server on port 81:


or visit the archive pages at CURA.

You have a day or two to post to the list. Hurry! ;-)

My current email should work until the end of the week and I will try to make a web email account before I close the current account.

--fran (have a nice equinox, y'all!)


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