Exegesis Volume 5 Issue #67

From: Juan Revilla
Subject: synchronicity between what?

Exegesis Digest Mon, 16 Oct 2000

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 08:40:22 -0600
From: Juan Revilla
To: Exegesis
Subject: synchronicity between what?

 > Dennis wrote
 > ... the assumption is that there is a temporal correspondence
 > (synchronicity) between those time cycles and our experience in each
 > moment, and we can decode this with the language of astrology. The
 > qualitative dimension of the `clocks' is metaphysical rather than mathematical.

This represents only what is being assumed, whereas in practice --or, to use a different term, what is actually happened or can be observed quite objectively-- astrology operates that way only seldom and in a very limited sense, which to me looks very secondary and does not address the characteristics of the astrological tool or machine. The "clock machinery" of astrology almost never works in real-time.

There is only one technique, or procedure used by astrologers since the beginnings of horoscopy two thousand years ago, that can be said to rest in the principle of synchronicity, and that is the moment of making the birth chart or any other radical. All the techniques which are used to manipulate the birth chart (progressions, directions, transits), and which traditionally represent the main application of astrology, never work through a synchrony between earth and sky or people and sky (which I call "real time").

However, since the artificial freezing of a very fleeting moment of time (the chart) can hardly be called "working in synchronicity" between Earth (or people) and sky, calling this "synchronicity" is inappropriate and tangential. The same goes for Horary Astrology.

Transits give the resemblance of "real time", but the resemblance disappears when it is realized that they are almost always measured with respect to a chart or radical, not a person or any other organic entity. No technology exists which can do that. Astrology works through a diagram-to-diagram operation, never a sky-to-people operation. In transits, diagram A (of the real-time sky) is seen through the screen or with respect to diagram B (a chart, a radical), which belongs to a different time in the past. There is no synchronicity. Transits never happen to people in real life or in nature. They happen to charts.

Progressions and directions work through a symbolical/analogical manipulation of time units. There is never synchronicity there. Astro-meteorology and some applications of mundane astrology seem to be the only branches I can think of that use real-time connections, and they are the ones most distanced from the context in which the concept of synchronicity is usually brought in.



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