Exegesis Volume 5 Issue #35

From: James Davis
Subject: house systems / Gauquelin

Exegesis Digest Fri, 30 Jun 2000

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 19:08:42 -0700
From: James Davis
To: exegesis
Subject: house systems / Gauquelin


 > What I have to tell, is that my intuition about this model was first,
 > that I hadn't thought on Gauquelin's works when I've imagined it. Only
 > after came my searching of cultural & historical antecedents, of the
 > eventual use of a set of 8 houses by some astrologers in the past, of
 > the illustration more and less adequate with Gauquelin's findings.

Gauquelin experimented with a number of house-like divisions. His 12 sector division is virtually the same as Placidian houses and his 36 sectors are basically a sort of "decanate" division of these.

Incidently, the his statistics slightly favor the 12 sector division (translation, Placidian) and none of the other divisions he experimented with yielded more significant results.

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