Exegesis Volume 5 Issue #2

From: "Francis G. Kostella"
Subject: From the moderator...

Exegesis Digest Fri, 14 Jan 2000

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 23:04:25 -0500
From: "Francis G. Kostella"
To: exegesis
Subject: From the moderator...

Just a quick note from your friendly list moderator....

Happy New Year and welcome to Volume 5! I'm glad you've all decided to stay and participate. I wanted to make a few points about the list:

The web site is growing rather large and I may need to take some of it offline, or provide parts of it as an archive (perhaps by request). I hadn't anticipated the growth of the postings and need to make room. Which leads to my next point...

When quoting other messages you should assume that readers are capable of finding the full text to which you are responding. Therefore, take a few moments to edit the quoted material down to the bone. My observation, given a dozen years or so of email communication, is that writers often quote 500 words then respond to only 25 of those words. After composing a message I usually read it a few times to see which specific detail I was "actually" writing about. Styles vary, but this is worth investigating.

Persons lurking should feel free to participate, this is not an "experts only" forum and the more speakers the better!

As usual, my major concern is that we avoid personal attacks and try to make real points.

I've just signed up at a new ISP and will be changing email addresses and URLs for the web site. I'll post more when I have more details.

That's it! Have fun!...



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