Exegesis Volume 4 Issue #85

From: "Francis G. Kostella"
Subject: 'lost' messages

Exegesis Digest Fri, 19 Nov 1999

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 23:45:14 -0500
From: "Francis G. Kostella"
To: exegesis
Subject: 'lost' messages

List readers,

A few months ago my small, local ISP was purchased by a larger, less technically proficient ISP who has yet to prove that they can provide as reliable a service as the old ISP. Case in point--since the change a number of messages have gotten "lost" on their way from here to the listserver. I do try to confirm that the messages have been published, but occasionally one slips through. I'm sorry about this state of affairs and have been shopping for a new ISP of quality, but I'm not having much luck, so far.

I wanted to take this chance to point out that I NEVER silently reject, block or delete your submissions. On occasion I will hold a message that seems to have a problem, and in nearly every case the issues are minor ones (our list members are a nice bunch of folks, it seems) and the messages usually appear in a day or so. On rare occasions it takes longer to resolve problems, and once or twice I simply had to refuse to publish a message I though was slanderous. In every case I've exchanged email with the authors, detailing my concerns and seeking to find some common ground where we might both feel comfort in what eventually appears in the list. The one exception is when advertisements are sent to the list, these are simply deleted since I rarely get a reply from the senders when I ask them to stop.

In short: if your message does not appear within two issues, and you did not get a message from me telling you why I held up the message, then send me email asking me to locate the "lost" message.

In fact, if you have any concerns about the list, do not hesitate to send me email and make you points directly to me.

Now back to the normal discussions....

Your mad-at-the-ISP moderator,



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