Exegesis Volume 4 Issue #81

From: Patrice Guinard
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V4 #78

Exegesis Digest Wed, 03 Nov 1999

Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 02:13:31 +0100
From: Patrice Guinard
To: Exegesis
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V4 #78

Dennis wrote : "The imprint hypothesis is a long-standing favourite amongst astrologers capable of comprehending such models of how the cosmos appears to endow people with a character and destiny indicated by their birth moment. I used to subscribe to it, but these days I'm inclined to see it as too simplistic."

I've never subscribed to this idea. I know that the terms IMPRINT or even IMPRESS aren't the good ones. I say IMPRESS, thinking in IMPRESSION, "IMPRESSIONAL", the latin word IMPRESSIO in the sense of Paracelse. At birth there is no such imprint like a photographic one. You are Saturnian, you are Libra, because there are repetitions, RECURRENCES, of cyclical patterns, and because these cycles are synchronised with biological processes.
There is a SYNCHRONISATION (not synchronicity !!) of planetary rythms with biological, organical, molecular rythms, AND from this synchronisation merge imperceptible transformations in organism, hence in human psyche.
But which processes ? : We don't know, and it's not in the capacity of astrologers to know that : it's properly a scientific affair. It's probable that the last investigations of the young Science (3-4 centuries) will concern man himself. What an astrologer ought to know is : how his model of astrology (if he get one !!) is coherent in itself, AND compatible with scientific likehood.

Now, about the terms used in my thesis' abstract, i.e. Planetary, Dominion, Cyclade and of course Zodiac : I mean the 4 cardinal astrological structures, which already appear in Greek astrology. The "Planetary" (french Planetaire) is the structured set of the planets ; the "Dominion" the structured set of the houses ; the "Cyclade" (Cyclad ?) the structured set of the cycles, aspects and planetary ages. A one "matrix" underlies these 4 structures, or it exists A SOLE MATRIX according to 4 different view-points (energetic for planets, spatial for houses, temporal for cycles, and structural for zodiacal signs). Hence a real rulerships' theory is the heart of astrological knowledge.

I would attract your attention about the recent birth of my web-site, the C.U.R.A. (Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie, or UNIVERSITY CENTER of ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH). It is at http://cura.free.fr/

You will find there my article "What is really astrology : Astral matrix and matricial reason in astrology" without the enigmatic typographical signs which afflicted the text in the Exegesis issue 4/71, some articles in english (from Robert Hand and Geoffrey Cornelius), my "Astrology : The Manifest" (the full text in french, 365 Ko) which is waiting its translator, commented links and other documents.

Here are the different chapters of "The Manifest" : WHAT IS ASTROLOGY ? : 1. To think astrology 2. What Reason for astrology ? 3. Science in front of astrology 4. The ternary knowledge 5. A structural model of astrology 6. Astral matrix and matricial reason ; WHO'S AFRAID OF ASTROLOGY ? : 7. The anti-fatalistic polemic 8. The scientistic astrophobia 9. The statistic's hoax 10. The ideological & moralistic cavilling 11. The historians' animosity 12. The sociological sophistry 13. Astrologers' incompetence 14. The technical argumentation about astrology

As it is an English- and French-speaking site, the Exegesians are cordially invited to participate.

Patrice Guinard Ph.D. http://cura.free.fr/ cura


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