Exegesis Volume 4 Issue #10

From: Debby Welch
Subject: Tower of Babel

Exegesis Digest Sat, 23 Jan 1999

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 19:54:06 -0500
From: Debby Welch
To: exegesis
Subject: Tower of Babel

I think that is the most apt term I have yet heard describing astrological verbage! I joined a couple of astrology lists and I really am tired of this conj. that opp. to this configuration....."wow!"

I am sure the "wow" is deserved; and I understand the terminology.....but something crucial is missing here. I also realize that once a student of astrology, the terminology I just complained about is all one has, basically, to describe the map, i.e. its dynamics.

Again, I go to my previous example from physics - of world lines........here is illustrated a principle that is rejected by most: the ability to move forward or backward in time, yet when viewed in the context of physics and particle accelerators, graphs included, it sticks. It goes on to make a broader statement when linked to the alledged abilities of certain 'holy men' and yogis to travel, through reaching meditative jnana, both forward and backward in time. The idea that lights the bulb in a non-technical but interested mind, is: ENERGY.

All of this is to say that world lines and particle movement is not of much interest (unfortunately) to the general populace; but the implications of this model is enormously important to all of us. So too the astrological jargon, becoming relevant and alive when those who live can relate it to life!

In studying astrology, it has occurred to me that it maybe should not be a stand alone subject, rather a subject that moves in and out of physics, psychology, philosophy, biology, etc......

"...the thread running through the way...."



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