Exegesis Volume 3 Issue #68

From: Joe Bennett
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Exegesis Digest Wed, 09 Dec 1998

Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 22:20:20 -0500
From: Joe Bennett
To: "exegesis
Subject: (no subject)

Someone wrote:

 > We will only be able to ascertain the validity of the model when we discover
 > the real nature of that linking mechanism, such that it can also be
 > represented in the model.

I say model shmodel. The zodiac and all that astrology stuff is your model and you, the astrologer are the linking mechanism. I suppose then to 'discover the real nature of the linking mechanism' is to discover the real nature of yourself. Isn't that what astrology is all about?

I have another question. Is it really important to professional astrologers to be recognized by the 'Scientific Community'?



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