Exegesis Volume 3 Issue #51

From: "Francis G. Kostella"
Subject: Exegesis returns

Exegesis Digest Tue, 22 Sep 1998

Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 23:47:44 +0000
From: "Francis G. Kostella"
To: exegesis
Subject: Exegesis returns

Hello, folks, this is just a note from the moderator to remind you that the Exegesis list is still alive and to make a few general announcements.

First, if you've received this message then you are subscribed to the Exegesis mailing list on the Metalog server. This list is for the discussion of theories of astrology and similar concepts. If you do not want to receive mailings from the list server then the speediest way to remove yourself from the list is to send a message to the server at:


and in the body of the message include the following line of text:

unsubscribe exegesis

and the server should send you an acknowledgement that you have been removed from the list. If this fails, then send mail to me (Francis Kostella) at fgk and I will do what I can to solve any problems in a timely fashion. The first method works as fast as is possible, but I may need a few days to achieve the same result by hand.

Second, if you intended to join this list and plan on staying, then I want to remind you that this list (eventually) gets published on the web and I remove all email addresses from the messages before publication. This list is not anonymous and I may unsubscribe bogus email addresses or those originating from 'free email' accounts. If you are simply lurking then there should be no problem, but posts from 'fake' accounts will result in that address being removed from the list. This is rather harsh, I admit, but I've received too many abusive posting attempts from individuals hiding behind 'fake' addresses. If you *really* need to be anonymous, then send me private email from your real address and I will try to accommodate you, I never publish the list or give it anyone and I try to keep all personal information confidential as possible (given that it travels over public wires).

Third, the primary rule here is "no personal attacks" and I really mean it. I will not let *any* abusive language through. Messages that are held up are returned to the sender to give them the opportunity to remove the offending language and resubmit the message. I never silently block messages, so if your message does not appear and you did not receive a message from me, then there may be a problem with your email system (or ours!), so send me a message directly.

Remember: light a candle rather than curse the darkness.

Fourth, the web site is VERY much out-of-date, my apologies. There have been a number of issues that I'll not enumerate, suffice to say that I've had a spate of "interesting" transits.

Whew. Ok, I hope I haven't scared anyone away, but there have been a few individuals who have forced me to state the above in stronger terms. With that said, I hope I never need to enforce rules and that discussions here can stay civil.

Back on track, the topic here is the culture of astrology and astrology theories.

I've been asked a few times if we can use this list as a forum for conducting experiments. My response is that we should first use this list as a forum for discussing the structure of astrology experiments, and then take stock of the efforts before committing the list to such a task.

I really think that the way experiments of astrology are carried out do not take the 'natural view of astrology', but rather attempt to achieve an 'objective view' which damages astrology. Ideas?



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