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From: mary downing
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From: "William D. Tallman"
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V3 #43

Exegesis Digest Thu, 14 May 1998

Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 18:36:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: mary downing
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To Skyweasel and Roger

1.The "declination revival" is just that, a revival of interest in declinations. Very big deal currently, just finished putting out a Geocos= mic magazine on it.

2. The other material I'm referring to falls mainly in the realm of munda= ne and financial astrology. It concerns the relation between people, mundane entities and events or strings of events. I've been producing the NCGR publications since 1982, and there are multiple examples in the memberletter, Geocosmic, and NCGR Journal. We do them constantly.

Just to note a few:=20 Journal, Winter 86-87 issue: "Correlation of earthquakes with Planetary Position, The Regional Factor" by Judith Hill and Mark W. Polit. =20

" =85hypothesis: Planetary charts for the dates of important earthquakes = will generally show a significant similarity when the earthquakes are grouped = by geographic region." This is an 8 page article with multiple charts and graphs, all showing similarity between the longitudinal positions of planets when the earthquakes are filtered according to a given fault. On= e example is Santa Barbara from 1800 to present. Four of the seven quakes had the Sun at 7-8 degrees of Cancer., two more had Mars at the same degr= ee and one had Venus there. Only one quake had nothing at 7-8 Cancer. Parkfield California quakes showed a complicated Venus Mercury pattern, a= nd San Francisco Bay quakes (15 between 1800 and 1984) had a broad T-square pattern that contained all but one of the Saturns, three Venus, and thre= e Mars.

Same issue contained an article by Gauquelin on the demographics of his research, and one by Lee Lehman showing how various "signatures" of homosexuality in horoscopes occur so frequently as to be meaningless in a population that, at most, comprises 10% of the population -- when they routinely occur in over 80% of the public at large. =20

Spring '85, NCGR Journal Business and Finance Issue: "Corporate Soap Operas", by me. This is a 90 degree dial analysis. The distribution of Sun, Solar Arc Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Mars/Saturn midpoint for August 6, 1960 the date Castro expropriated private properties in Cuba for Punta Alegre (the company that became Bangor Punta) and seven wholly owned coporations in Cuba. These specific planets, directions and midpoints fo= r the 7 baby companies, Punta Alegre, Bangor Punta and the day itself fall = in three distinct clumps around the transit Saturn, Sun -- each 30 degrees f= rom the other. In short, not matter when these baby Punta's were incorporate= d (anytime from 1901 to 1958) their natal sun and solar arc sun were going = to line up when Castro expropriated.

Years later, when Piper merged with Bangor Punta, all the Saturns and Neptunes linked to Piper's Neptune. Neptune is "mergers" in corporate astrology. The article follows a court case that involved Piper, Chris Craft and Bangor Punta over the acquisition of Piper which went to the Supreme Court. Bangor finally won, but the losses incurred were so great,= BP was taken over by Lear Seigler.

In the Fall '97 Journal "Hitler Timeline, between two wars" -- also by m= e, combines the Weimer Republic, the assumption of Chancellor position, and Hitler's natal chart. A Uranus/Pluto =3D Saturn midpoint (in classical i= f minor harmonic aspect -- 22.5 degrees) exactly conjoins Uranus on "chancelor" chart and the Moon (people, citizens) on the Weimar with Mar= s filling in the open end making a semisquare to Saturn which itself conjoi= ned Venus, Asc. on the Weimer. On a 90 it's one big cross. No orbs. With v= ery simple solar arcs you can predict a 12 year limit on what started 1/30/19= 33. That's 1945.

We had another very good article by Arlene Nimark and Diana Rosenberg on = the Bophal disaster, showing how it linked with other Union Carbide mishaps s= uch as Pauley Bridge, in West Virginia., and the "natal" Union Carbide chart.= =20

Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading lists the incidence of relationsh= ip between planetary transits and the first trade of a company, and what cau= ses the stock prices to go up. We've had articles recently on a helicopter crash with the operating company, the individual and the date/time/place interacting, the Oklahoma city bombing that linked the bomber, the city, = the state, etc. There's stuff on east coast earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

One common denominator is the use of 90 and 360 degree dials. You can simply add any number of charts in concentric circles. The patterns beco= me immediately evident, particularly when you have everything "clumping" together. I regularly use this clumping tendency to tell if a company ca= n make it in a specific industry. All the players tend to have the same planets in aspect and in specific locations. However, when you move thes= e to standard pizza pie charts, you find significant planets rising, settin= g, etc. Someone, birth time unknown, dies and his natal sun is sitting on th= e event 8th house cusp. That sort of thing.



Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 23:47:05 +0000
From: "William D. Tallman"
To: exegesis
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V3 #43

To All:

I am relocating and the process clock is now running, leaving me no time to do anything else until it is finished. I hope to be back online in less than a week, but Murphy's Law may dictate otherwise.

Please continue the discussions so that I have digests rich with content awaiting me!



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