Exegesis Volume 3 Issue #35

From: Judithanne Young
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V3 #34

Exegesis Digest Wed, 29 Apr 1998

Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 15:41:47 +0000
From: Judithanne Young
To: Exegesis
Subject: Re: Exegesis Digest V3 #34

 > Re: the discussion concerning the marriage of astrology and psychology.

Personally, I love Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas and the others who have married Jungian psychology to astrology. I think that using this technique is merely one way of illustrating astrological principles and how they work in our lives. I do not think any one system or style works for everyone (Vedic, Horary, Mundane, predictive, counseling etc ) in that everyone has different interests and ways of learning. Some are visual, kinesthetic or auditory in learning styles so its impossible to know who benefits or enjoys what. Judithanne Young


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