Exegesis Volume 2 Issue #34

Exegesis Digest Tue, 12 Aug 1997


Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 23:43:59 -0500
From: Antares
Subject: Introduction

I wanted to introduce myself to anyone who's still around (the list seems very quiet :) ). My name's Antares, and the star I'm named after is conjunct my natal Jupiter at 9 Sagittarius. I began studying astrology about two years ago: I have taken to it to such a high degree that I feel it is something that I must pursue further. I've answered so many of my own questions and gained so much understanding about other people, the world in general, and my relationship to it. I've also become utterly fascinated by the astrological study of history: that is, seeing what the planets were doing when big things happened. The purpose for this, of course, is to better understand my own future, and the future of the world in general. I have a very strong drive to make sure that I can contribute to the world in a beneficial way somehow that will further its evolution: I'm of the current belief that we're a bit stuck. I may think differently in a few years: I also believe some big things are going to happen in the next 10 years or so. I'm not a millennialist. I have, however, studied the phenomenon a little and that in conjunction with my own personal observations of the world lead me to my belief that change is coming. Certainly not the 'end of the world', but I think we could be in for a major perspective shift. By what means, who knows?

I've also studied some psychology and been on its receiving end a few times, and after learning astrology I believe that both disciplines could benefit greatly by open collaboration and study. Astrology could use some of the cohesiveness the pyschological community enjoys, and psychology could use some of the open-mindedness the astrological community enjoys. My perspective, that is.

Astrology can be used for so many different and beneficial things. It's not the be-all-end-all of anything except itself, like any other discipline, but as soon as I gained understanding of its basic principles, the broad potentials it possesses became very apparent. If the system of astrology were a bit more finely honed and unified as well as culturally integrated, I have no doubt that it would once again enjoy the reverence it had in its heyday.

On an individual basis, I think becoming intimately familiar with one's chart is crucial to 'finding one's place', if you will. To me, the chart represents a personal mandala that is unique and representative of the purity of that individual, uninhibited by the baggage that is accumulated by life. This purity I call Will, or Thelema, represented by the 93s before and after my posts. The concept of finding one's inner pureness or divinity is widespread throughout religion, though I am not sure if any spirituality has used astrology for that purpose save for the Vedics & Buddhists. I'm probably wrong: I'm sure there are more, but I still have a great many books to read: two years isn't much time! :)

In any case, I think that gives a pretty good description of some of my philosophies, though only in a very general way. Of course, if you want the complete picture, here's my birth info: [removed - ed.] Hope the list picks up again: there's great potential for wonderful discussions here. :)

**The Centre of the Wheel is the Centre of the Soul. As Above, So Below.**


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