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From: Peter Nielsen
Subject: [e] Re: Zodiacal archetypes

Exegesis Digest Sat, 09 Aug 2003

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 10:26:08 +1000
From: Peter Nielsen
Subject: [e] Re: Zodiacal archetypes

 > >Hi Peter, dunno if I can do so in those terms. First, any such list from me
 > >would be succint descriptions of the essence of each sign archetype. Such a
 > >bunch of keywords merely approximates the archetype.
 > >

Hi Dennis,

Using your words, I don't see how an "essence" can be an "approximation". Maybe the proposition below will provide a bit more focus.

The transit of the sun has long been equated with the journey of spirit through matter. Hence, the allegorical or intuitive meaning of zodiacal signs undoubtedly predates predictive astrology . This import has been conveyed through various belief systems. For example, the early Christian's began this cycle with the virgin birth (Virgo) and ended with resurrection (Leo). The life of Jesus, or solar hero, was imparted through arcani disciplini as the spiritual awakening latent in every man/woman. These correlations are also apparent in the "labors of the months", stations of the cross, and copious pictorial symbolism taken direct from zodiacal lore which adorns cathedrals and manuscripts. The labors of Hercules, and other historical systems of twelve, have been similarly interpreted, although Virgo is not always the point of inception.

If you would like to discuss further, a good starting point might be to explore what each sign represents in the above context.

Best regards,

Peter Nielsen


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