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From: "Dennis Frank"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #108

Exegesis Digest Mon, 16 Dec 2002

From: "Dennis Frank"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #108
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 21:37:47 +1300

Okay, sorry folks. About a zillion responses have informed us it was a hoax, and thanks to those of you who forwarded helpful instructions about it. We pay for several virus-protection services, but wrongly assumed they had failed. So, a disinformation-disseminating demon was responsible, huh? As Lois wrote, `what a world'! What motivates someone to act as a secret agent of chaos, I wonder. Sun conjunct Uranus in the 12th??

I dutifully responded to the request of the person who sent it, thinking I was performing a public service (antique notion from a prior period of history). There is a lesson here. Those of us with planets in Aries ought not to act quickly when the Moon is void of course in Aries. [Me, natal Moon in Aries in the 7th. Partner who sent it to me, natal Mercury plus Natal Jupiter both in Aries in the 3rd. Figures, right?]



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