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From: "Dennis Frank"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #87

Exegesis Digest Sat, 26 Oct 2002

From: "Dennis Frank"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #87
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 16:46:10 +1300

 > >From: "Alexandre"
 > >Subject: [e] Two cents
 > >Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 10:36:49 -0200
 > >On the issue, I have a problem with the archetypes too, IMO, the tend to
 > >bring to munch things together at the same time and make a mess in the
 > >meaning, anyway , this is a very interesting text, that goes to the core of
 > >this discussion.

Alexandre, if they make a mess of the meaning for you, might I suggest that the problem is not in the concept of archetypes but in your current understanding of the meaning of the concept. For instance, if you derived your current understanding from what you have read in the astromedia, it would be no surprise to me if the concept seemed obscure or even empty of substance. Most of those people don't know what they are talking about.

I learnt the meaning of the word `archetype' as a teenager in the '60s, when Jung's name was almost unknown in our country. Back then his theories had yet to enter the culture (which didn't happen till the '80s). So the meaning of the term has always been clear in my mind, distinct from the spin put on it by Jung and his adherents. Jungians seem to be mostly unaware of the original meaning. I recall one new-age woman astrologer (a friend, actually!) trying to get away with telling me in front of other astrologers that there was no other meaning apart from the one Jungians share. I was unable to conjure up a few ancient Greeks to enlighten her. Too bad. Ignorance marginalises people behind boundaries of the mind (Saturn).

 > >The path to immortality is hard, and only a few find it.
 > >The rest must return again, unconscious and unknowing,
 > >to the seed-ground and await a new beginning.

Interestingly, Robert Monroe's amazing adventures out-of-the-body informed him that reincarnation is merely optional. This made more sense to me. My cultural bias is scepticism toward all ancient traditions. The Tibetan view may have some merit but, for instance, the notion that karmic consequences of harm committed by choice include reincarnation as an insect is not shared by other reincarnation traditions. I gather that either or both Buddhists & Hindus believe this. I was never able to!!

 > >http://www.innerx.net/personal/tsmith/Bardo.html
 > >Nice site, for my taste it really worth a visit!

Heh. One could get lost there & never return, eh? I copied the following passage, of relevance to our discussions (but the hot links within it failed to copy)...

"Some experiments show connections between the brain states and resonant electromagnetic waves, raising the possibility that the Human Brain has evolved to be "in tune" with Planet Earth."

Furthermore, here http://www.innerx.net/personal/tsmith/QuanCon.html#cycles I found this speculation: "the Mind might be able to influence Fate by selecting which of the Many-Worlds in the AllSpaces will experience in the Future. In this connection, it is interesting to note that The Human Mind seems to be in tune with the Schumann Resonances of the Earth."

Again, the hot links within it failed to copy...



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