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From: Stellium
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #28

Exegesis Digest Wed, 20 Feb 2002

Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:26:13 +0100
From: Stellium
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #28

Hi all,

Just a few comments..

 > >An unwarranted assumption. Why assume consciousness is biological? I would
 > >have thought it obvious that it is
 > >emergent from the social matrix.

Which in turn could be another assumption. Instead I prefere to avoid assumptions whenever is possible and focus on facts, in this case, collected facts fron the worldview of the xamans of antique mexico as carlos castaneda presented them to us. i.e. Consciousness as an energetic fact, as filaments of alive energy that are present in every organism and interconected in an universal network or matrix. Or paraphrasing their own metaphor: counciousness is a dark see in the univers and every alive being is connected to it.

 > >
 > >>But before matching the master with Homer a small service offering with
 > >>the timely reminder that homo "man" sapiens is a single, homogeneous
 > >>species

Many assumptios are found in this statement too. The homogeneity of the specie is true or false according to the filosophical and antropological parameters that you use. For mine the homogeneity of the specie dissolves into nothingness when you see what some humans can do in terms of counciousness and life accomplishments, considering a possibility, as I and others do, a kind of homogeneity interspecies, meaning, for instance, that there are men more alike to a tree, counciousness and energetically speaking, than to other human beings...

 > >
 > >Seems to me you are confusing two things. They heard voices internally,
 > >which they identified with gods/goddesses. Culture then provided the matrix
 > >for discussion of the personal phenomena and internal messages. One can
 > >readily see, in a society with verbal literature only, that myths were woven
 > >from such story-telling. How else could common meanings be generated?

In many cases the way myths were woven is an absolut mystery. For some they come from fantasy, for others they are like dreams not made by anyone specifically but received from dreaming time...or eternity itself.

 > >
 > >Why not? Seems to me that consciousness is emergent from social
 > >interaction. Self-consciousness especially. Without feedback from others,
 > >how can we experience ourselves as different from them? As for Jaynes'
 > >experience of inner voices, since I lack similar experience I can only
 > >observe that it would tend to incline the theorist to believe the theory.

According to the same sorcerers, moder men built (give shape) consciousness from the interaction with the social order, not always has been the same. In ancient times men got counsciousness from the interactions with the universe, a very different kind of counsciousness stems from it and a very different king of world, human interactions and reality was its consecuence.

 > >
 > >I agree with the latter point. Context defines reality.

Context defines one or several layers of reality, never the whole.

Cordially, Armando


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