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From: "JG or DF"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #16

From: "JG or DF"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #15

Exegesis Digest Sun, 03 Feb 2002

From: "JG or DF"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #16
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 01:25:42 +1300

Roger wrote:
 > >My "theory" of astrology is a lot like Hans Vahinger's "As if" philosophy.
 > >It is *as if* the planets were some how causal agents. But, I believe that
 > >the entire system of mainstream astrology is a psychological phenomenon...one
 > >which enables the intuition by linking it to the unconscious mind--the
 > >resevoir of collected personal and inherited impersonal human consciousness,
 > >for lack of another word at the moment.

Oh, okay. Patrice may disagree, but I see this as very similar to his approach. It is one which I have come to realise has no substantial incompatibilities with my own. Without assuming too much, I feel confident that common ground can be identified and clarified. Individual differences are likely to remain around the periphery, of course. I'll be issuing more commentary on the material that Patrice has lately published on his website that makes his core thesis more accessible in English.

 > >I believe the psyche takes over the "thinking" process once the intellect
 > >is disengaged from the restrictions of linguistic conventions and the
 > >counter-intuitive influence of logical conventions.

Yes, agreed, to the extent that such disengagement is achieved by individuals. One could observe that breaking the bounds of such prior restrictions & conventions was initiated in the counter-culture by Uranus in Gemini, and powered by Pluto in Leo - I'm referring to the generational impacts on mainstream culture in the West. Those born with these generational planets, coming of age in the '60s. I am aware that it has always been achieved by sufficiently evolved capable individuals in other time periods, but usually not en masse sufficient to transform mainstream culture.

Like Vahinger, I see
 > >creative fiction at work in the formation of one's sense of identity, and
 > >autobiographical drives in the creation of one philosophy. I call my
 > >astrology, Horoscopic Expressionism--people's personalities and biographies as
 > >being their own non-objective abstract works of art...fictions. This seems
 > >true to me no matter how objective one's work may actually be in terms of
 > >Science, Politics, Economics, whatever one's scale of "real" may be.
 > >Here are some quotes I like very much:
 > >http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/courses/meta/autobio.htm
 > >Philosophy as Autobiography
 > >Psychologistic, Reductive, & Non-Immanent Readings of Philosophy
 > >Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College

Thanks, Roger, I appreciate the explanation. I'm unfamiliar with Vahinger, but interested. I'll check out that link tomorrow if I get the opportunity.



From: "JG or DF"
Subject: [e] Re: exegesis Digest V7 #15
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 01:41:52 +1300

Roger wrote:
 > >I'm very much a fan of Hillman's "Acorn Theory" of course. I don't think
 > >the man avoids mentioning astrology because he feels a need to protect his
 > >turf, whatever; rather I get the feeling from reading him, and also hearing
 > >him speak on one occasion on TV, that he is not familiar enough with the art
 > >of astrology to have fun playing with the symbols properly...:) I would like
 > >to sit with him once and show him his natal chart, through my eyes, if I
 > >could, and share this notion of persons projecting their natal potentials.

Hmm. Would be an interesting experiment. Few academics have the courage to investigate fringe subjects - most of them are totally paranoid about consequent damage to their reputation. Jung, Eysenck, Ertel, Roberts are a few exceptions.

 > >Hillman:
 > >http://www.geocities.com/pedantus/hillman1.gif
 > >I think his chart is very much a symbolic parallel for the Acorn
 > >Theory...and the astute Hillman gives *it* a voice...almost as if doing so
 > >defines his own purpose for being...:)

Thanks, I'll have a look. BTW, you and Lorenzo are both including much redundant quoting in your replies, which will give Fran storage space problems in his archive. I notice he hasn't complained again yet, but maybe culling it is helpful anyway.



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