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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 95 11:10:04 MDT
From: johnk@tcd.net
Subject: Astrology: Divine Science

July 4, 1996

This article was posted to alt.astrology in response to the attacks by skeptics that appears to be upsetting the reason the newsgroup was established in the first place. I thought it would be appropriate here as a basic statement of my own view of astrology.

Astrology: Divine Science.

What I want to say may seem to appear as pure fantasy for many, unfortunately, the alternative leaves out any possibility to discuss God, heaven, the afterlife, religion, and the soul. Mind is relegated to a function of the brain; life continues, but individauls die forever, never to be heard from again. It cannot be proven otherwise. Astrology cannot be proven either, because astrology is basically a study of the human soul. The soul is a construct of cosmic rays derived from the sun-planet system. We come to know ourselves out of that which is our source, as one is the image of the other. Life emerged out of the creative forces born from the caldron of steller fire as an Idea, and an Ideal. From this point of light, distinction appeared in octaves of power stepped down to mighty Beings we see as planets. Creation became manifest in the Earth, as the Idea unfolded into reality. From the dim past, astrology has been mankind's feeble attempt to define his true nature. The real value of astrology is not in fortune telling, but in self-realization. Astrology holds the wisdom of the ages that recognizes the soul as the image of God. Astrology is a science not of the physical world, but of the Spiritual world, and is truly a Divine science. Scoff if you will; you have nothing to hold on to, or take from, in this physical world. The soul knows the direction it must go; listen to its yearnings, and you too will see the light within, the light that never fails. JohnK

John Hammelton
E-mail: johnk@tcd.net
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