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Christopher Gragg wrote: [Christopher's Message]

I have the same problem with strict orbs, particularly in synastry. Some astrologers, such as Lois Sargent (sp?), advise using 10' orbs in comparing two people's charts, even 15' with the luminaries, while others maintain that 5' is all that should be allowed, and one author (whose name I purposely forget) even insisted on 1'!

Hi all,

Why some Astrologers will use extremely wide orbs, such as 15* has always puzzled me. Using an orb of 15* will overlap with minor aspects in certain cases. Does this mean that people who use wide orbs have found that the minor aspects do not work in the generally accepted mannor? We hear talk of wide orbs, but I have not heard anything about the minor aspects not working at all. On the plus side a 15* orb on a Trine would be an exact Sesquisquare (135*), on the minus side of a Trine it would butt up against the 15* orb of the plus side of a Square. On the plus side of the Sextile we encounter the exact Quintile (72*) at a 12* orb from the exact Sextile, and at the minus side of the Sextile there is the Septile (51*26') at roughly 8 & 1/2*, so in the 8* - 12* orb range the Sextile will overlap other aspects.

Susan Gaudet


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Subject: Exegesis
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A few words of introduction. My name is Bosse Omhav. ... Now I'm relocated to Stockholm. I have studied astrology since nov. 1976. My first astrology read was the by now legendary Astrology Now. At the time I was deeply engaged in the study and practice of different healing methods (reiki) - herbs - flower essences - massage (zone-therapy), and the biochemic cell salts system of Schuessler..

When I began my astrological studies Uranus by transit trined natal Mars in Pisces . . and Neptune transiting the 10/11th house. Luckily I met a great teacher in 1977 (I have natal Jupiter conjunct Uranus) who became my guide the first 2 years. She (old wise woman, I've got natal Venus conjunct Saturn) was a nice witch, kind of. Not a technician or theoretician. Her style were uniquely her own, grounded upon her psychic and intuitive qualities (My natal Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra, ninth house).

She had me to study the meaning of symbols, signs etc. before she teach me any math at all. Then, I was on my own . . so I am basically sef-taught. The english speaking astrologers influence on my astrological thinking is of course strong. Some have been over to Europe, Scandinavia and Sweden for work-shops and lectures. I was really impressed by Robert Hand lecture at the University of Stockholm 1981.

Most of my clients seeking answers to why they are doing what they do in life, what's the meaning with it - for how long they can expect this and that to go on...no superficial questions..well, sometimes : )

Maybe this evolutionary stuff, is somehow related to the placement of my natal Sun, 26sag58 (Galactic Center) trine Pluto and Asc, 01cap40 (the Solar Apex).

(Adapted from Landscheidt)

YearGalactic CentreSolar ApexSuper Galactic Centre

Our consciousness evolves and reaches new levels. Sooner or later it may be possible for us to place the consciousness not only at the usual Earth level, but also on the Sun level (heliocentric) and maybe even in the greater centre from where we see the motion of the Sun as well.

Any comments on the Galactic dimensions and the evolution?

all the best,



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Subject: Are you happy with the group thus far?
From: "Francis G. Kostella" fgk@ix.netcom.com

Hello all,

My initial concern when starting the group was that there would not be participants enough to have the discussion move forward. I anticipated a dozen or so and when three times that many replied I was taken aback, and concerned that I'd be overwhelmed with traffic and hurried to find a listserver site. But now we've fallen into a slow pace, with little interaction, and I'm concerned that I either may have "oversteered" by placing parameters around the subject matter, or that people are waiting for the listserver to appear. Also, there's been very little feedback concerning my concept of a group charter. Is it that there's no interest in that aspect? Or are people comfortable with the outline in the original proposal? I was sincerely hoping that I would be challenged on some of those points, and a few of them were meant to be provocative (but I won't tell you which ones).

I've been impressed with the postings so far, there have been many interesting ideas put forth, but no challenges to any ideas, which is fine. But I've hesitated to challenge any posters for fear of the discussion group turning into "Fran's forum for blasting your ideas". No fun for the wicked! :^)

Another hope I had for the group was for it to provide a foundation for an educational purpose. I wanted us to provide URLs to interesting web sites dealing with the subject matter, and perhaps provide pointers to other lists, or even newsgroups, which are not of a strictly astrological orientation, but may have some bearing on the topic. So, this is request for folks to post pointers to good information on the internet. Does anyone know of any sites that deal with Hermetic philosophy? Alchemy? Chaos theory? Semiotics? Divination? Or what-have-you? If it struck you as worthwhile, can you point it out to us?

In any case, I hope this is a place where you'll feel free to speak your mind.

Here's my proposed charter:

  1. Subject: Theory, history, philosophy and culture of astrology.
  2. Limits: No personal attacks or evangelism.
  3. Hopes: Please be as thoughtful and forgiving as you are able.
  4. Dreams: Let us form a unique focal point for astrological topics on the internet. When the history of astrology in cyberspace is written, let this place be seen as the seed for a thousand important flowerings.
  5. Reasons: You have all of these amazing thoughts and experiences, share them. Nobody else will do it, it is up to you.




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