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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 15:40:32 -0700
From: applied@rtd.com (Frederick Pingal)
Subject: Re: Exegesis

Let me introduce my self:

Frederick Pingal , the name comes from middle of europe. Somewhere in that space between Poland, Austria, Hungry. My data --> 7/15/1957: 7:11 am EDT: Willimantic, Connecticut. 42deg North and 72deg West aprox: I lived in Connecticut until I was 19 years.(about the time I figured out there were other places, warm places.) I lived in Georgia for a few years, San Antonio Tx, San Angelo Tx. Nha Trang, Vietnam, Angeles City, Philippines.(others)

I started doing Astrology back in the early 70's.

At about 23 years I decided to undertake several endeavors that I though would be major life long studies. These, I hoped would occupy my mind and provide a sense of adventure for my life. The goals that I chose were to;

1, To prove astrology correct or incorrect to my own satisfaction.

2, Study and understand all that man knew about the physical operation of the world.

3, To read all of the books that were written up to the invention of the printing press.

25 years later. I am still working on all of them.

Astrology proved to be very hard work. I have spent many hundred hours, reading, doing charts, and talking to people. I work at a number of new age churches in the area (Tucson) and give my time and work for free. I am a student in this and often get far more than I give. I have produced charts for over 1000 people in this way.

Physics- as it turns out is easy. Men write the things that they know into books and science has only had 200 years or so. I was able to reach the limits of man's knowledge within 2 years or so. I keep up to date with it and use it in much of my work. I design computers and wireless system for my daily bread.

History - Well I've not read them all. This is a major task. It can be done in one lifetime but you can't let up. I am currently studying the Nag Hammidi which is a collection of 13 sets of documents that were written at about 100 to 200 A.D. One of the documents is called "Thunder Perfect Mind".

I am not attached to any one point of view. I much prefer to find as many ways of looking at something as I am able. I am addicted to the light. I search out things that give me that Ahhh!(light) All knowledge comes in a flash of light.(divine revelation) I'm hooked on it. I need it every day.{light} So search I must. The monkey on my back.

My job title is Wizard. I am president and CEO of Applied Integration Corporation. We craft computer system for science, industry, and yes the military.

With the forgoing interest in my life, several questions have come up.

Question 1

The calculations for an astrological event(space/time) are currently based on euclidean geometry. A study of the relevance of other approaches seem appropriate, spherical geometry, field theory and the resulting Interferometry.

Question 2

If other mathematics indicate some relevance to the calculation of events(space/time), do other principals apply also. The principals of Heisenberg and Schrödinger for example.

Question 3.

Quantum mechanics introduces a number of paradox in the description of "reality" that it proposes. The concepts left open by the "non-local" aspects of "Bells theorem" , open the door for a scientific proof of astrological principals.

Please see:



Point of view : All astrology is Hoary astrology. The choice of the time and place is determined by the act of will which is birth.

My approach will be to cover the background material to clear my own thinking and to bring everyone up to speed. This need not be painful. All of the concepts can be presented in plane language.

The Math? I am capable of the math involved but I am not proficient. I will use this opportunity "with a little help from my friends" to sharpen my skills.

On a good week, I will be able to devote 4 hours or so to this. I estimate 100 to 200 hours of work to complete. This may take me a year or more.



1. It is there today, It will be there tomorrow.

If this is not true, It probably will not matter anyhow.

2. Every one has a browser that can do HTML.

Much of the material the I will use as reference material is on the net. I would like to just point it out. I can produce graphics to illustrate meaning. A picture is worth 1000 words. (or 50,000 bytes)


We all own it. I it owned publicly or privately? Hmmm. Perhaps a letter of intent, that is agreed to by all, would suffice. If the work we perform has any meaning at all, It may be very valuable at some point in the future. I would like to retain rights to material that I produce. Keep it in a safe place.

Much Remains.

Frederick J. Pingal

"We have built pyramids in honor of our awakening". Jim Morrison


Frederick Pingal




Return-Path: jtunney@ix.netcom.com
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 21:10:35 -0800
From: jtunney@ix.netcom.com (Janet D. Tunney )
Subject: Re: Exegesis Issue #1

Many thanks to Fran for suggesting and implementing Exegesis. This should be fun!

I'm Jan Tunney and many of you may have read my introduction on the psychastrology list. For those who have not, I'll risk repeating myself a little bit.

My interest in astrology began when my mother gave me a small diary with sun sign explanations in the front. I guess I was about 13 or 14 years old. It told a little about each sign and about which was compatible with which. Naturally I applied the wisdom to all my friends (especially boyfriends).

Many years passed, however, before I began my real study of astrology and then I learned it the way many of us did -- on my own with the books I found. Doing it that way provides almost no yardstick to measure accomplishments, and so I always considered myself a beginning student. There was so much to learn!

As I progressed, however, I discovered that I had more to offer astrology from an administrative and creative point of view. I began working on astrological conferences, starting with little seaside Winter Get Away weekends in Ocean City, Maryland and progressing up to Trade Show Coordinator for various ISAR and ARC conferences, as well as some NCGR ones. I administered the recent ProSig/NCGR Astrology at Work conferences both in Annapolis, MD and Marina del Rey, CA and I consider myself an "administrative astrologer."

In the last two years or so, my interest has changed to the profession of astrology and it's future in the United States. With Ray Merriman's help, I set up Project Focus, a group organized to look at current trends in astrology and astrologers. I wanted to know how astrologers "in the field" thought about their profession -- as compared to how various leaders in astrological communities thought about it. Project Focus designed and distributed a six-page questionnaire about astrology and astrologers throughout the country. We received 1,100 responses and found out some very interesting things. Like the fact that there are very few people under the age of 27 practicing astrology or even learning it. Where is our future?

I love to consider the theory of things and to answer questions as only a Sun/Saturn conjunction over the ascendant can! I'm a Cancer Sun, Aquarian Moon, Cancer Ascendant, Pisces Midheaven type person who loves to know more and more all the time.

I look forward to opining regularly. Thanks for the chance!

Jan Tunney


Return-Path: william@SYDPO4.AUS.unisys.com
From: "Mason, William ACUS"
Subject: RE: Exegesis Issue #1
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 96 12:36:00 GMT

Hi everyone.

Fran asked for a short introduction. Here, for what it is worth, is mine. Since it is an astrological list, shall I begin by posting my birth info.

7 February 1958 16:40:00

Waratah, New South Wales, Australia.

Time Zone: -10:00 (AEST)

Longitude: 151d E 45m Latitude: 32d S 54m

Sun: Aqu, Asc: Can, Moon: Virgo, Mars: Cap, Mer: Aqu

I've only recently begun looking at Astrology as more than entertainment. People may note that I included Mars & Mercury above. I did this because my current thought is that these two seem to configure people's modus operandi, especially in discussion. That is merely for what it is worth. It may be of little value to the group.

I work with computers, and studied maths and some management stuff at Uni. Every so often I have found myself dipped in behavioural and cognitive sciences, so I've managed to collect some mounds of broadly based understandings (or, mis-understandings ??). I take Astrology as part of one of the things to toss on the 'psychological' pile for now.

I can relate to Fran's comment about speaking with skeptics. That is an internal dilemma for yours truely. On one hand I see no "mechanism" apparent. Yey, On another, I can certainly recognise more than mere coincidence when I observe it. (That's what I mean to say, I hope it's intent is clear enough).

So while I hope I have an open mind, I do reserve the need to discuss stuff critically (that wretched Virgo Moon perhaps ?). So far I'm still playing catch-up and learning what I can regarding Astrology.

Now, if we need interesting ideas to start up. I think I have one. Has anyone done any Chaos Theory maths with planetary movements or transits ? Better yet, where would we begin if we were to embark on such a journey ?

That is probably more, and less than requested. I look forward to real talk commencing. Greetings exegesians :-)

Au revoir,


__ "Shoot straight you bastards and don't make a mess of it." The Breaker. __
_--_|\ William Mason Internet: william@sydpo4.aus.unisys.com
/ ACUS \ Aust Ctr UNISYS S/w and william@acus.OZ.au
\_.--._/ Sydney, N.S.W, and william@ar.ar.com.au
v Australia. 2113 Voice: +61-2-390-1322(w) / -1391(fax)
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Administrative details.

Sorry about the problems emailing the first issue, I'm not convinced that everyone is receiving the messages. If you have missed anything send me email. I am following a suggestion to always prefix the subject line with the word Exegesis. If you are send me email and do not intend it to be public, please indicate that clearly: "Private: Fran" somewhere at the top will do the trick. The search for a good local listserver continues...my web site is afflicted by Neptune (I blame ALL my problems on Neptune...{grin}) and I am experimenting with some temporary space donated by Joanna, I'll post the address Real Soon Now. Sorry about any "weird" characters that may have appeared in the first issue, I thought I could use MSWord to create the issue and the web page in one swell foop, but that seems to have a few bugs in it. If it happens again, please tell me.

"Exegesians"??? Hmmm, I like it, William. I'm going to "borrow" it. :-)

The subscription list has hit 33 people, I'm stunned! Cool! --fran


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