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The Top 10 English and French Astrological Books of the Twentieth Century: A Game
par Patrice Guinard

Below are the top 10 "astrological books of all time" ( ! ) as published in The Astrological Journal, 39.5, 1997.

1. Reinhold Ebertin, The combination of stellar influences
2. Liz Greene, Saturn (A new look at an old devil)
3. Dane Rudhyar, The astrology of personality
4. Robert Hand, Planets in transit
5. Neil Michelsen, The American ephemeris for the 20th century
6. Jeff Mayo, Teach yourself astrology
7. Michael Baigent, Nicholas Campion & Charles Harvey, Mundane astrology
8. Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, karma and transformation
9. John Addey, Harmonics in astrology
10. Nicholas Campion, The book of world horoscopes

I have just one remark to make concerning this list: English-speaking astrologers are simply ignorant of what is not published in English! It is fortunate that at least Ebertin's cookbook has been translated! I wonder if the Gauquelins' books had not been translated into English, would their results even have been discussed, and would the literature we now know have been produced?

If I were to present a list of my 30 favorite astrological books of all time, probably none of the above books would be on my list, since I have learned primarily from historical works and ancient sources, which is probably the best way to understand what contemporary astrologers are currently doing. But to play the game, I am presenting below my 10 favorite books, leaving out the historical sources, and only listing those that have originally been written in English, and published in the 20th century.

1. Geoffrey Dean, Arthur Mather (eds.) et al., Recent advances in natal astrology, 1977
2. Dane Rudhyar, The astrology of personality, 1936
3. Percy Seymour, Astrology : The evidence of science, 1988
4. Cyril Fagan, Astrological origins, 1971
5. Dennis Elwell, The cosmic loom, 1987
6. Robert Hand, Essays on astrology, 1982
7. George Llewellyn, A to Z horoscope maker and delineator, 1910
8. Geoffrey Cornelius, The moment of astrology, 1994
9. Mark Pottenger (ed.), Françoise Gauquelin et al., Astrological research methods, 1995
10. John Addey, Harmonics in astrology, 1976

I don't know if English-speaking astrologers are interested in the French literature on this subject (see also my article, French Astrology in the 20th Century, Below the equivalent list for French speaking XXth century astrological books (not competing is Patrice Guinard, L'astrologie : Fondements, logique et perspectives, 1993):

1. Jean-Pierre Nicola, La condition solaire, 1965
2. Michel Gauquelin, Les hommes et les astres, 1960
3. Dom Néroman, Traité d'astrologie rationnelle, 1943
4. Karl Ernst Krafft, Traité d'astro-biologie, 1939
5. Daniel Verney, Fondements et avenir de l'astrologie, 1974
6. André Barbault, Les astres et l'histoire, 1967
7. Henri Selva, Traité théorique et pratique d'astrologie généthliaque, 1900
8. Claire Santagostini, L'horoscopie cartésienne, 1965
9. Marcelle Senard, Le Zodiaque, clef de l'ontologie, appliqué à la psychologie, 1948
10. Robert Dax, Psychologie zodiacale, 1950

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