Higgledy-piggledy ideas
by Patrice Guinard
translation E. P.


Absolutity. The world originated from a point in the universe which is not called Nomi or Li-Bang - ridiculous assumptions! - but Proto-Sinbad. This place crosses the two others while including them. Because there is only one undifferentiated matter, single, potentiated, plural. Absolute matter which precedes matter. Gold and silver are reflected in it. And this proto-sinbadian origin is called Moon. More than a mere satellite, the Moon contains the whole sky. Because relativity is a limited and barbarian prospect, at the moment when the laws of Absolutity are set up on Sinbad.

Adversity. The worst is to face people who have already destroyed themselves.

Female affection. The affection of a woman with whom one has spent a decade or more is strong: it has been converted into habit, instinct, and has passed the test of our manias, our pettiness, our laziness, our self-centeredness, our stench.

Star-signs. In the early centuries of the common era, the problem of stars as signs or causes was exposed by malignant writers like Origen; then it has been developed by many foolish and ignorant people.

Astrology and modern thinking. Speaking of the "failure of modern astrology" is incorrect; one should rather speak of the failure of modern thought to understand astrology. And this misunderstanding is the obvious indication of the failure of its very ability to even think.

Surrealism of astrology. Astrology is not unreal, it is surreal, i.e. more real than the immediate reality of the common mental representations, because it is the organization of the experiment of the Below, of which Breton, in his Manifesto, underlined the primacy.

Astrologer. This absurd propensity of astrologers to speak to 'students'. If he is a 'master' in this field, he will never look for students !

Christianity. The 'genius' of Christianity – which was to reduce the barbarism and aggressiveness of European people – could only develop in the context of a somewhat barbaric religion.

Mass civilization. It destroys culture and the elite (organized according to an authentic spiritual aspiration), but also exterminates nature and popular life-force. It shows the annihilation of both.

Clones. The arrival of human clones is an opportunity for astrology – when one will start realising that no clone looks like another.

To communicate. Communicating precisely what one doesn't know may be more important than communicating what one knows or thinks he knows.

Consciousness. A small pretentious float on the foam of the Being.

Context of thoughts. The thoughts developed by a thinker are not always those he considers most important but rather those thoughts whose expression is favoured by the cultural environment.

The second step. Is one capable of it? Because acting, creating, acquiring whatever 'merit' is not enough: one must also impose it and enter into a trade where the lowest instincts are the rule of law.

Disciples. Every philosopher wants to found a new philosophy, and assumes wrongfully that he will have intelligent followers.

Modern economy. The insanity of profits earned off the most destitute people is less disgusting than the continuation of this infamy under the auspices of 'morality'.

State of war. The laxer and softer the social and cultural environment, the more wakeful one should remain, even up to the point of cultivating a measured intolerance. More than ever we are in a time of war. The only difference is that the victims do not realize it.

United States. America is a husky boy who tore off the ball and chain which held him at his feet, then threw it high up, just above his head.

To exist. Nonchalance, exaltation, enthusiasm. Montaigne when he fell off his horse, Senancour gripped by cold and hunger, James during the San Francisco earthquake.

Femme fatale. A woman takes care of her looks. A man tries to improve his soul. A woman who works on both aspects is a femme fatale.

Weakness and authenticity. A person who would forge his gestures and words all the time independently of acquired habits, would remain weakened and incompetent in daily communication.

Sceptic tank.

France. This country produces all the more wine because it is necessary to bear living there.

Showbiz people. Comedians, but most of them not artists. Inactive agitated people.

Modern man, self-satisfied with his " reason ", he has reversed the feeling of de Jean de Salisbury : he thinks he is, collectively, a giant perched on the shoulders of dwarfs.

Triganglionic ideology. There is only one way of thinking : the 'scientific' method (the rest is not knowledge, but belief) ; there is only one way to exist : in a 'democracy' (any other regime is archaic) ; there is only one way of being : selling and selling oneself on the 'market' (the rest does not 'count').

Imprisonment. Its goal is not to punish the guilty, but to convince the majority of the legitimacy of the repressive apparatus and of the guilt of the deviant. Not to deprive the imprisoned of liberty, but to make the others believe that they are free.

Intellectuals. Not many intellectuals and specialists are capable of simple and comprehensible expression, but when they try, they lapse into vulgarity.

Republican diversity ? Thousands of ideological discourses from appointed puppets invade the media to delude people into believing that more blacks, women and disabled should be placed in the multinationals which bleed the consumer-citizens dry, in parliaments, at positions of responsibility, etc. We want more "ethnic" diversity for pre-organized jobs, more randomness in these role plays, more possibilities for opportunism in the sharing of the cake. But will we also want somewhere some researchers in astrology, nostradamologists, some independent thinkers? Authentic diversity is not related to persons, but to the nature of the functions; it does not answer WHO but WHAT and FOR WHAT. What does it matter that the discourse and act are being held by such and such? : if their only function is to pin everybody against the unpaid bills of the pranks which are called republican, liberal, democratic, etc - so many worthless qualifiers, when the only reigning truth is the mercenary truth.

Interest and cowardice. What many imagine being their interest is only a false reason designed to mask their cowardice. This way, with little effort, they think they know themselves.

Itinerary of a thinker. For eight years and until the age of thirty we search for our thinking ; for twelve years we realize it, we organize it ; for twenty years we establish it, refine it, divulge it. Then we should forget it.

Play Strategy Games. One does not play Dvonn (Kris Burm, 2001) the same way as Medina (Stephan Dorra, 2001). It is not about finding his place and his play positions by making legal moves, on a razors edge, in a sort of intuitive inspiration, but about preventing the opponent from playing, by removing his possibilities of taking and moving.

Freedom. A theoretical and illusory freedom, sustained by a nihilist and venal ideology does not give more freedom space than the most coercive slavery.

Reading is always trying to grasp what the author wants to say, and also what he only says to me, his reader, without him knowing. The act of reading required an empathic disposition and generates a capacity of differentiation, because in what I receive there is always a particular anchoring point which belongs only to me.

Modesty. Avoiding letting oneself get worked up: one's head is in good position at its own height.

The most dangerous moment: when one starts playing the comedy of its own ideals.

The four actors of modern society. Finance, puppet leaders, troops of specialists and experts, ignorant masses i.e. masses maintained in the servitude of the "Show".

Matrix logic. Every matrix proposition remains true until a more encompassing non-matrix proposition surmounts it. Every non-matrix proposition is false until it is replaced by other comparable matrix propositions.

Naivety of Orwell who believed in the necessity of electric shocks in conditioning processes!

Newborn. Uselessness of its arms and legs. A one-week old child is essentially a mouth and a digestive tract.

English thinking. Over the centuries Occam's Razor has become the razor of British mind on European culture.

Modern thinking. Sometimes we move forward in the world of ideas as in a nightmare, as if it were a bad joke, and this as we come closer to contemporary thinking.

Philosophy and posterity. It will always be the metaphysicians who stick to the road, never the positivist thinkers, who are necessary obstacles on the way of metaphysics.

Plants and sociability. In primordial communities plants were ingested collectively. Divergences in views and opinions, which were too large when awake, were reduced during states of accrued consciousness : they then searched for a common world, constructed and colored, and finally accepted by all. Because vegetable consciousness is vaster, more objective, more human than individual consciousness.

Politicians. Politicians will not be forgotten if and only if posterity shapes in the light of their mediocrity, and even then: some will have a hard time distinguishing themselves.

Popular. All pioneers, creators have been common people, i.e. individuals not affiliated with families of thought, independent of the ideology of time, of nation, of culture, who only had to defend their own point of view, and often misunderstood or exiled.

Powers. Only three powers exist today : political power (unconcealed and puppet), financial power (which controls economic and judiciary powers), and mafia power (hidden).

Predators. An eagle that looks down upon his prey becomes an imaginary bird.

Common psychology. Common psychological terminology is only made of approximations: we think we understand ; we only agree on stereotypes.

Sincerity. Someone born sincere must cultivate his sincerity, but also all sorts of tricks. He quickly realizes that there are many degrees in sincerity. The same thing applies to frankness, naivete, idiocy. Dostoyevsky !

Sociology. There are no social classes. But only culture and vulgarity. Most snobs are vulgar.

On the traces of Amon, Brahma, King Wen, and Laozi, Heraclitus, Plato, Paracelsus, Nostradamus, Kepler, Goethe, Nietzsche, Peirce, Castaneda.

Utility and thinking. Those who systematize their mistakes are more useful than those who circle around the truth.

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