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C.U.R.A. (Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie) is a magazine on line and an association initially open to researchers, but also to practitioners and sympathizers of astrology. It aims at involving the enlightened public as well as that of specialists (in particular anthropologists, philosophers and epistemologists) in examining the viability and relevance of astrology as it takes steps to advance knowledge. Specifically, a dialogue with university research departments would be very welcome.
The aim of C.U.R.A. is to monitor astrology by taking care that this multimillenary knowledge not be ruined by media hype, does not degenerate into the horoscope trade, and does not become obliterated by partisan research.

The principal activity of C.U.R.A. presently relates to editing documents of various natures: original articles, other texts republished on the site on account of their particular interest, bibliographies, translations and editions of ancient texts... This documentation is divided into three areas of research:
 - HISTORY: as a study of the astrological past and its cultural interactions with philosophical, ideological, metaphysics and religious systems; research into the sources and the transmission of texts, and deepening the idea of tradition.
 - EPISTEMOLOGY: as a philosophical reflection on the possibility of astral effects and an explanation of the internal and matricial logic of astrological thought, on its models and its concepts, on its psychological and semiological dimension, and on the relationships of astral philosophy to the social sciences, modernity and post-modern thought.
 - TECHNIQUES: the chart, planets and zodiacal signs, houses and domification, the valorization of factors, the techniques of interpretation, and mundane astrology.

We do not privilege any type of approach of astrology, and would like C.U.R.A. to be open to any step and any research likely to improve its comprehension. The researchers and astrologers interested in this project are invited to partake in it and to contact the editor of the site. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

The dating of the texts follows the indications given by the data-processing software: for example Article (version 1.4: May 1999) indicates that it is about the fourth minor rehandling of a given article; Article (version 2.0: Oct. 1999) indicates that it is about the first significant rehandling of the article.

The site does not offer any "product" for sale: only some ideas, some tools offered for reflection. The documents presented will be regularly registered; they are protected by Copyright and by the laws on intellectual property. Any copy or reproduction for collective or commercial use is prohibited; any diffusion via the Internet is subject to prior agreement by the author and must mention its exact source. Renewal of the site is bimonthly.

The website's editor obtained his PhD from the University of Paris-1-Sorbonne in 1993 with the thesis L'Astrologie: Fondements, Logique et Perspectives.

If astral consonance is not a delusion, that is, if it does indeed exist at some level of reality, whatever that reality may be, and if this indeterminate reality somehow influences our modes of being in ways which modernist thinking chooses to dismiss or ignore, then there is only one possible position left for astrology: radical astrology. All the remainder is merely trade and literature.

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