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A Fund for Astrological Research

Will tomorrow see the upcoming of astrology in universities ? The majority of astrologers do not wish this, although they like to quote Jung in emulation on this subject. The main barrier is not of cognitive nature, but of ideological nature. It is particularly strong in countries with an old academic culture, such as France, but much less so in young cultures. Nevertheless, universities will probably be induced to take a close interest in astrology in the coming decennia. The phenomenon has started in Southampton, in Seattle, in Saragossa, and an extensive national project is being discussed in Indian universities. It is a strong signal that a prestigious astronomer such as Percy A. Seymour from Plymouth university has decided, or perhaps taken the risk to express an opinion in favour of astrology, as is my thesis (1993), presented at the philosophy department of Paris I at Sorbonne, a world premiere, since it defended an original astrological model.

The moment has come for astrology, for at least three reasons.

1. The void left after the failure of freudism and marxism, a vacant psycho-critical space, and privileged vector for the development of an astrology aspiring to become psycho-critical.

2. The huge historical potential of the astrological past, so far scarcely explored. Cultural history, which has denied the existence of astrology, is now faced with its historical omnipresence, which implies a complete reorganisation of the history of cultures.

3. Finally, modern materialist thinking is leading to chaos, and I foresee --not as an astrologer!-- its collapse in the medium term.

The recognition of astrology is not important in itself. Astrology has always maintained conflict relationships with other knowledge mainstreams, in Rome as well as in Babylon. What counts, is that a space is created for scholarly research, and that new astrologers acquire the intellectual tools, which will allow them to compete with the knowledge mainstreams. The purpose of CURA is not to educate astrologers ´in service´, which would be useless work, but to call new vocations into being, in order for a matrix-type thinking to irrigate other disciplines. For as long as it does not belong to academic research –which does not mean that the academic area is the only legitimate area--, astrology will ceaselessly be mistaken for the deplorable horoscope trade, which distorts its image to the sight of a consenting intelligentsia, which is often ignorant in this matter.

The golden age of astrology is ahead. I don't know whether "astrologers" or those who claim this status will benefit from it. Last February I proposed a tax on classes and consultancy, but first on magazine horoscopes, minitel services and the like, in order to gather funds for research : libraries, publications, teaching ... (see "L'astrologue et le charlatan", http://cura.free.fr/docum/10!guina.html )

'Professional' astrologers, consultants and/or teachers, agree, at least in their saying, that 'the astrology of horoscopes and predictions' spread by the media in newspapers and popular magazines or through other means harms the case of astrology and the credibility of its image. These 'horoscopes' of solar signs, of decans, and other related practices, have strictly nothing to do with research, and are merely a gross caricature of astrology. Usually their authors are not the same as those who teach courses or provide consultancy advice, or those who publish the results of their activities in the few existing specialized journals.

Therefore I recommend that these boasters, who should logically be sued for illegal practice of a discipline if astrology had a recognized official status, contribute financially to the beginning of this recognition. The latter necessarily requires research and the establishment of a framework allowing its development.

Every declared activity such as 'horoscope' or 'prediction' appearing in the media (non specialised magazines, radio and TV programs, minitel, Internet…) will need to be taxed at a rate of 10 to 15% by the tax administration and this sum deposited for the purpose of astrological research. Qualified persons (in equal shares: university teachers and representatives of the academic field, persons in charge of the main astrological schools, independent researchers which have a proven track record in astrological research) will be mandated for the management of this budget and the establishment, together with universities, of activities aiming to really bring astrology in the research track, whether it be historical, psycho-statistical, biophysical, anthropological or philosophical.

The budgetary funds will first be allocated to the funding of a proper consultation library, and can later be allocated to publications (translation of historical works, facsimiles, safeguarding of the astrological patrimony), then to the improvement of associative teaching and to the creation of an academic research unit.

This tax does not mean that the trades practised in the name of astrology be legitimated, but that there is a price to pay for the right to use it.

The persons, astrologers or not, who wish to assert this project and to support, together with CURA, the steps to be taken with the cultural authorities, are requested to contact me.

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