Moon Quarters's Moods 2011-2012 (partial translation)
by Patrice Guinard

(full French text : Humeurs des derniers quartiers lunaires 2011-2012)

Full Moon of 9 January 2012

ZODIOSCOPE et OCTOTOPE of the Full Moon of 9 January 2012, at 18° of Capricorn & in the 5th (Cristal / Friendship). Saturn-Venus Trine crossing the Jupiter-Mercury trine, put to the test by Uranus and Ceres.
Improvement in the land of mirage. Crossed exactions. Scuttled ports. The English with the Scottish shower.

Predictions for this moon, and for a few following and preceding ones :
Those stuffed during the Parties will need to fast as much at the awakening of the next moons.
In public jubilation and at the summit of Nomind, stiff morons will make listless morons sign.
In Sátão : the Stories of gutted chaperons ; in Strasburg : the Encounters with insipid veals.
2018-19 will be the sensitive point, and one will not speak of "Great Depression" : it will be worse, will the survivors say.
The pragmatist will believe that he will not croak by becoming the stripe-adorned flunkey of the blooders.
The plutological censorship will not consist in prohibiting the few ideas taking form, but to dirt them up with as much racket and insults to intelligence.
They will supply earflaps to the cerebrally handicapped of exhibitions, and blinkers at vernissages.
In Toul they will smooth the web of affected mannerisms of gullible wikipedified bloggers.
Techno-populism will turn the neuron-cervical system into sensory bladder.
The disciples and dreamers of Zupio will regret the bygone times,the Mongolian sphere and the feasts of the horse-man.
Spiders will move away from the reign. Those moving forward will go with the beast on their heels.
Those living and thinking like pigs, at the ultimate hour, will distinguish the light of the pigsty.
The spirit will remain so, once awakened.

last quarter-moon of 18 November 2011

HOROSCOPE et OCTOTOPE of the last quarter-moon of 18 November 2011, at 26° in Leo & in the 7th (the Temple / the Mystery), in opposition with Neptunus in Aquarius. Jupiter at the ascendant in synergy with Mars and Pluto.

Predictions for this moon, and for a few following and preceding ones :
Ploutos will extend its empire on this moon, but only few will be able to approach it. Money-angina ( argentangine ) will flow through the entire mesh. Mithra and Varuna trapped by profiteering wolves. Lawyers and specialists caught in the net, tied by the same ropes. Democrassy without demos nor demo, science without probity. The elect will end up fired. Scholars will survive tranquilly. Those who collect a little will be divested of their earnings, wired to those who collect nothing.
The fat ones levitating on the islands.
In Europe, in America, and in Academia, fear, laziness, and ignorance will spread to intellectuals who had back-brushed the shield of their cowardice.
In the East, rats and flea will share the meat.
In Binissalem, at the foot of the pyramids et at Lilliput's mouroir, geeklers will throw their robots to fill the platforms, but it will end up as a cacophony of ouistitis in bikini. One will see culture plunged into the abysm of brainwashing, knowledge reduced to have-to-know, reality to publicity, encyclopedia to jeanclaudepedia. Uncultivated apes will give their meagre offering to the banana-looter.
The puppets will move about more than usual. Ideological crushing will only give little juice.
Sanctimonious persons, who play cards in the evening and have discussions about the words of muses, will wander alone in the morning and will send mails to the department.
Only those will live who will be able to escape from contamination.

"The change will be so exorbitant, and so sudden that one will ask to several, what they beforehand will press the monarchs to ask, requiring the goods of the orphans, theirs will be asked for &for them soup will be made from such bread. In Rome, Rome will no longer be in Rome." (Nostradamus, Almanachs)

Full Moon of 10 November 2011

H O R O S C O P E  and OCTOTOPE of the Full Moon of 10 November 2011, at 18° in Taurus & in the 2nd (the Bomb / Friendship). Sun in Knowledge, in trine with Ceres. Square Uranus Pluto is kept.

Predictions for this moon, and for a few following and preceding ones :
At this moon bewilderment will make way for sinking : Pluto to the west, guardian of chaos, more awake than ever.
To a few naïve people who think they legislate, the face of their real bosses will be uncovered, but it will be too late.
Puppets, clowns, and buffoons will get onto the stage.
Puppeteers will stay in the shadow, then will come out backwards.
Elected representatives will be sold to the fat ones.
What we thought had been done for the sake of liberty and sovereignty for two centuries will turn out to be only ruin and mystification. One will discover that consumerism has only been a temporary instrument of manipulation and enslavement. Chained people will feel with awe the solidity of their chains. The panoply of rights will uncover the skeleton of tracery and serfdom, all the way to confiscation of land and property swipe in the next moons.
False ferments and chimeric hopes of the masters in movement of the sixties and seventies will be thrown into the fire.
Lobotomy of brains will reach its full effect.
Valuable writings will have little value. Toilet papers will fill the kiosks.
In the book circuits, even in Amazonia, idiotic drafts of inept scribblers will be sold.
Only those who remained sensitive to the eternal inextinguishable signs will escape the orchestrated disasters.

New Moon of 26 October 2011

H O R O S C O P E of the New Moon of 26 October 2011, at 3° in Scorpio & at the beginning of the 7th (the Duration/ the Mystery), opposed to Jupiter in Taurus and in trine with Pluto square Uranus. Mars in Leo in strong square to Mercurius-Venus.

Predictions for this moon, and for a few following and preceding ones :
Authentic researchers will deepen and verify what they already knew intuitively. But their results will lead them to new perplexities. The most stupid among bystanders, wikisurfers and newspaper readers will continue swallowing the consensual watchwords invented for them.
Lobotomy of brains and ideological crushing will leave the most sensitive in inextinguishable distress.
Prestige debates and summit meetings will be held for the crowd kept in powerlessness.
Everything will have been decided in stead of those who will have no other choice than keeping silent, or ranting and undergoing.
Appearances will be taken for real, and reality will vanish, even for those who thought could hold on to it. But lies and embellishments will be belied and caught up by existential misery.
From diversity, a greater uniformity will be born.
Those who know something will be taken for enraged, and those who know nothing will serve and will be engaged.
The irresponsible will be taken for responsible, the most futile will be taken for serious.
Idiots will be elected by more idiot ones. The troublemakers will tread water.
Spiritual vacuity : the most obscene insanity about everything.
The situation will only become serene for those who can master their inner chaos.

"The altercations of sects will proliferate again, everything will be done by ignorant persons : but on whom frivolous words were lavished who will ask & will not know what" (Nostradamus, Almanachs)

first quarter-moon of 11 April 2011

H O R O S C O P E  of the first quarter-moon of 11 April 2011, at 21°13 in Cancer & in the 1st (the Earth/ Communication), in strong square to the triple conjunction Sun Mercurius Jupiter close to the MC opposed to Saturn. Quartered cluster of five planets in Pisces and beginning of Aries in the 4th (Harmony).
Hindered communication ; impossible harmony ; risky repairs ; endless discussions and gesticulations.

""Certainly Mercurius, the Sun & Jupiter in conjunction will clearly make their malicious effects appear, a part concerning moneys, accounts, supputations, not without some devaluation to the popular damage : increase of the Iovialists [politicians], & more of the Mercurialists [advisors], as much for monies, rates. Mercury in a bad configuration with the Sun : the Sun will assemble the council on this one done in year 1561 [2011] & 1562 [2012] some case will indeed come out, & in the last end to the ruin, shame, disgrace, and greatest dishonor of the counsellors, & will Malum consilium consultori pessimum [A bad advice, but even worse for the donor], & firstly will begin in Germany then in Gaul [in Paris, Strasbourg and Brussels], that will almost cause in Christianity a great mutiny & popular sedition conspired by a few solitary chiefs, who want to shake the tree, & there will be only fallen leaves : then it will propagate in Spain and in the whole of Italy." (Nostradamus, Almanachs)
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