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A "true and wonderful" prediction for twenty years : 2010-2030

Every astrologer knows what Pluto means more or less : the unutterable, the unimaginable, Chaos.

With its high latitude, Pluto cannot easily form aspects, especially the conjunction or opposition, with any planet. But when its latitude is lower, these aspects are possible. Within 5-8 degrees, Pluto achieves a latitude equivalent to that of the Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars.

Pluto latitudes 1900-1960 Pluto latitudes 2000-2040

In recent history Pluto had its low latitude phase (within -6° and +6°) between March 1913 and September 1945. We know what happened during this period. It will once again, and has already begun, to return to the inverse low latitude phase (+6°/-6°) between September 2008 and May 2030. It's difficult to imagine exactly what kind of new barbarism the immature human brain and its tools -- organized by inhuman technocracy, financial rapacity and political puppets -- can invent within the media Show during this period. But the astrological fact is here : no less than twenty dark years.

Patrice Guinard
Philosophe, Seiziémiste, Astrophile
PhD, Mensa, CURA

But see my provisos to the true and wonderful prediction for twenty years.

 Patrice Guinard: A "true and wonderful" prediction for twenty years : 2010-2030
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