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Astrology : Placebo knowledge ?

I've noticed for years - as I receive articles and also in personal discussions with astrologers, and among those I'm in relationships with for years, even among friends - that they generally incline to the opinion (doxa) that astrology only works for astrologers and their clients, that it ought to be reduced to what the astrologers are practicing, that with different methods and astrological techniques you can satisfy the same need, that astrology or divination is just a cultural and imaginative projection of practices on the world reality, and so on. Finally the message of the mainstream oldish pseudo-modern discourse.

It appears to me that those astrologers do not believe in astrology, that they just believe in their right to cast charts and interpret them, TO CHART BIRTHS OR MOMENTS, to practice what they call astrology. They believe in the influence of their imagination on students, in the "sympathy" between their practice and the aspirations of their clients.

This is very different from the notion of Sympathy for Renaissance minds ! And today, finally, the astrologers are claiming exactly what antiastrologers have been stating for centuries.

Yesterday, astrology was discounted because it was not considered as a real knowledge, but rather as a placebo form of knowledge. Today, there is a place for these so-called "astrologers" if they agree to participate in "the Show" as representatives of this placebo kind of knowledge : neo-Hellenistic, neo-Arabic, neo-Lillian or Morinian, horary, divinatory, predictive, horoscopic, etc

I would never have opened Cura nor would have had any interest in astrology if I had ever embraced these ideas.

In all cultures and in all areas of a specific culture, there is a time for faith, but then comes the time when faith declines : that is indeed the true moment ... of bigotry and tartufery.

Patrice Guinard
Philosophe, Seiziémiste, Astrophile
PhD, Mensa, CURA


 Patrice Guinard: Astrology : Placebo knowledge ?
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